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  • Attention, Generals!

    With today’s release names of rural provinces will fade out when you zoom in on the map. This change gives you a better overview when you micromanage your units on the battlefield which is crucial to be victorious over the enemy.

    We are also happy to announce that a considerable number of bugs are a thing from the past now, as the team managed to resolve quite a few of them. Please read the following list for a complete overview of all changes that are introduced to the game with today’s release.

    • The Operation Supremacy Event map was reworked and returned in the event cycle of Call of War again. Prepare yourself to fight extremist movements around the globe very soon!
    • Rural province names fade out now when “show province names” is activated in the settings and you zoom in on the map. Rural province names behave like urban province names which allows for a better overview when zoomed in closer on a battlefield.
    • Players who are currently participating in the Gold Rewarded Ads test on mobile devices, please note that we are currently analyzing the paid out gold rewards. Depending on our findings, reward payouts might change in the future.
    Bug Fixes:
    • A bug on mobile was fixed that caused the army bar information of enemy long-range units being inaccurate when attacking your units while being unknown to you because of it being outside of your unit’s visibility. The army bar will now show that an unknown enemy long-range unit is currently bombarding a unit.
    • The inbox page no longer has a broken layout when the subject line of a message is rather long. To improve the readability of your inbox, subject lines of message now have character requirements of minimum 5 and maximum 50 characters. Replying several times to a message does not add more than one “re” in the subject line anymore either.
    • The prices that are displayed in the tooltip section of the Gold button after purchasing blueprints for elite units now show the correct gold amount.
    • The issue that prevented Control Point graphics from being displayed on Dominion maps when zooming out has been resolved.
    • The bug that caused the chat to jump to the top of all messages when selecting a unit on the map on desktop was fixed. You can communicate in the chat again without scrolling all the time while playing your game round.
    • A bug that sometimes gave planes the ability of teleportation when attacking a close enemy unit was fixed. Planes now fly back to their base after an attack and do not teleport anymore.
    • An issue was resolved that caused graphics to be missing in the info popup that appears when you collect a blueprint from a Supply Drop. While at it, we also fixed the elite icon on that popup which was overlapping with other information displayed on the popup.
    • A bug with the countdown of the rewarded video ads on mobile was fixed that could prevent rewards being paid out at certain times of the day.
    • An issue with the rewarded video ads on mobile was resolved that could prevent the interface from updating due to a connectivity error. You can follow the 5 steps when watching the new rewarded video ads now without any interface issues.
    • While some planes teleported back to their base, some pilots decided to stay above their destroyed target until new orders were given. This bug was fixed as well. All pilots received orders to return to their base once the attack on their target was completed before executing new orders.
    • An issue was fixed that caused the number of displayed projectiles of long-range units to increase when more non-long-range units were grouped in a stack. The number of displayed projectiles now only increases if the number of long-range units in a stack is increased.
    • A bug on mobile was fixed that caused the coalition tab to be displayed in game rounds that had coalitions deactivated.
    • An issue was resolved that triggered an error message for some players when they gave Forced March orders to an army.
    • Several province and country names that were not localized for some languages have there translated names in those languages now.
    We hope that the new fading out names of rural provinces and all those fixed bugs will help your efforts on the battlefield. We wish you and your troops best of luck!

    Your Bytro Team

  • Release Notes - 2021-02-10

    Attention, Generals!

    Today, we have some exciting news for you! Today’s update releases a revamp of the building and morale damage
    in Call of War to newly created game rounds. With this rework, the calculation of building damage in the game gets finally reworked and re-balanced for all units. Additionally we also included damage to province morale as a separate value. This will help to better flesh out the roles of certain strategic units, such as Strategic Bombers as main building destroyers and Rockets as main morale destroyers. We highly recommend you read the detailed explanation in the forums before joining your next game round!

    With today’s release we also extended the number of playable countries on the popular historic map “1939 - Historic World War” to 30 players. Now you can also play as British Egypt, South Africa, The Netherlands, Venezuela or Peru in this scenario. Hand in hand with this, a general rebalancing of the map based on community feedback was done. Additional urban provinces or sea connections to certain countries were added and additional starting units and resource production sites allocated. These changes are only in effect for newly created game rounds.

    Apart from the revamp of the building and morale damage and the rework of the historic “1939 - Historic World War” map, a new sharing function was added on mobile. When tapping on the “Share” button at the top of the overview screen, you can send an invite link to any of your friends via any message application you like. This makes it easier to get your friends to play the next game round on your side, or to challenge them and show them your strategic skills!

    Last but not least, we start to test the new Gold Rewarded Ads feature on mobile devices starting today. This feature allows you to watch video ads and receive free gold. In this first phase of the test we start with players who play on the Android app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. We might even bring this to desktop generals at a later stage.

    This new feature might not be available to you immediately, as it requires the latest App version to be functional on your device and will be rolled out in several phases to all Android players. If you don’t see it yet, don’t panic. It will be available to all mobile players soon.

    For a complete overview on today’s update and all its new features, balancing changes and bug fixes, please see the list below.

    New features:
    • You can now receive free Gold as a reward for watching ads in the game on Android and iOS.
      • The “Free Gold” tab is now available in the shop on Android and iOS.
      • An information icon on the right side of the map screen informs you when Free Gold is available.
      • The “Free Gold” reward ads require your device to run the latest version of the Call of War app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
      • The new “Free Gold” reward ads will be rolled out in several phases to mobile users, so don’t worry if they are not available to you immediately. They will be available soon.
      • Future updates on this feature might add more functionality and updated reward amounts.
    • An easy sharing function was added to the game on mobile devices.
      • When clicking on the sharing button on the home screen of the game you can send an invite link to a friend. This makes it easier for you and your friends to play Call of War together.
    • 5 additional nations are now playable on the popular map “1939 - Historic World War”.
      • You can now also play as British Egypt, South Africa, The Netherlands, Venezuela or Peru on this map.
      • The player count was consequently increased from 25 to 30
      • A wide range of balancing changes was implemented on this map, including additional urban provinces and sea connections, resource production sites and starting units.
    • Building and Morale damage balancing was revamped.
      • The calculation of building damage was changed so that units deal as much damage to buildings as shown in the unit details panel.
      • The calculation of the damage to province morale is now decoupled from the building damage and can vary from unit to unit.
        • You can find the new morale damage value in the unit details panel.
      • All unit’s building & morale damage values as well as all building hit points were rebalanced.
      • Please check the"Building and Damage Revamp Details" thread on the forum for more detailed information on these changes (English only).
    • Several balancing adjustments were made to the “All Countries: All In” event map and “1939 Historic World War” map, including but not limited to improved starting conditions and unit deployment at the beginning of a game round.
    • The production time of Anti Air and Anti Tank units were slightly decreased.
    • The production and research costs of Anti Tank units were slightly decreased.
    • The production time of Infantry units was slightly reduced.
    • Please note that these changes only affect newly created game rounds. Games that were created before today's release are not affected.
  • 2021-02-09 - Building and Damage Revamp Details

    This is a detailed overview of the building and morale damage balancing changes of the 2021-02-09 Release. Please check the Release Notes for all changes not related to the building and morale damage revamp. You can find the English version here of the Release Notes here:

    • Building and Morale damage balancing was revamped.
      • The calculation of building damage was fixed so that units deal as much damage to buildings as shown in the unit details panel.
      • The calculation of the damage to province morale is now decoupled from the building damage and can vary from unit to unit.
        • You can find the new morale damage value in the unit details panel.
    • All unit’s building & morale damage values as well as all building hitpoints were rebalanced.

    Building damage calculation

    • Each time a unit is attacking an enemy province center or attacking or defending against an army located in an enemy province center, building damage is calculated
      • Attacking or defending a target within a province but outside a province center (radius of 5) is not resulting in any building damage anymore.
      • Damage to buildings is not applied to own or allied provinces.
      • Harbors (naval bases) now also get damaged when the province center is attacked (previously they only took damage when a fight was close to their real map location), to make it easier to strategically destroy harbors.
    • To determine the building damage the attacking & defending damage of a unit vs. the structure armor class is used.
    • Similar to normal combat, the damage value is altered by a chance value of +/-20% to slightly randomize results.
    • The damage values are limited in the same way by the stack limit of 10 units as normal damage values are limited.
    • The Capitol building is ignored in the calculation as it cannot be destroyed.
    • Attacking/defending does not result in building damage when it comes from the province owner or the owner’s allies.
    • Building damage is only applied if the amount of incoming damage is equal or greater than 1 hitpoint. Summed up damage values of below 1 hitpoint are ignored. Similarly hitpoints of buildings can only be removed in full numbers, not in decimals.
    • Damage from espionage actions now works differently: Instead of always reducing one building by 25% of its current level, the damage dealt is now an absolute amount (30). This means that lower building levels will be damaged relatively more, while higher building levels will be damaged relatively less.

    Building damage distribution

    • If 1 building exists in a province, it receives the full calculated damage.
    • If more than 1 building exists in a province, there is a chance roll to determine which buildings in the province receive damage with this combat tick:
      • The probability of each building to be hit depends on its inherent hit chance. All buildings except bunkers and fortifications share the same chance, while the chance for bunkers and fortifications to receive damage is 50% higher. This allows bunkers and fortifications to also shield other buildings from receiving damage. .
      • At minimum one building has to receive the damage.
      • Example 1: If 2 buildings are in the province, both buildings have a 50% chance to receive damage during the attack, but if one of the two is not selected, the other one has to receive the damage.
      • Example 2: If 3 buildings are in the province, all 3 have a 33,33% chance to be selected. If perchance 2 of them are selected, they evenly split the damage among them.
    • If the damage value that a building receives exceeds the remaining hitpoints of a building, the remaining damage will be used to simulate another attack loop on the province buildings so that also the remaining damage is distributed.

    Morale damage feature

    • The damage value vs. structure is not used to determine morale damage anymore.
    • A new morale damage value is added which is the sole determiner of the amount of damage a unit deals to the province morale.
    • The morale damage is calculated similarly to the building damage, by using the morale damage value of all units in an attacking army, applying the stack limit of 10 units and adjusting the values with a +/-20% chance.
      • Similarly to building damage the morale damage is only calculated when attacking or defending in an enemy province center not outside of it
    • The calculated morale damage is applied 1:1 to the province’s morale.
    • Attacking/defending does not result in morale damage when it comes from the province owner or the owner’s allies.
    • Morale damage is only applied if the amount of incoming damage is equal or greater than 1%. Summed up damage values of below 1% are ignored. Similarly percentage points of province morale can only be removed in full numbers, not in decimals.

    Damage values & hitpoints rebalancing

    • Before this update units only dealt 5-10% of their listed building & morale damage values to provinces. Since this got fixed and units now deal the same building & morale damage as shown in their unit details panel, the damage values of units

  • Release Notes - 2021-01-26

    Attention, Generals!

    With today's update for Call of War we readdress the new army labels and adapt them according to your feedback. We also adjust the cost of multiple buildings. With Dawn of the Patriot and Dominion: Antarctica two popular scenarios make a return in the new Call of War version and will be available in upcoming event and scenario rotations.
    Last but not least we would like to announce that the time has come to fade out the creation of Call of War Classic game rounds soon. With the next release in two weeks (2021-02-09) players will not be able to create Classic games anymore. You will be able to play ongoing rounds until the beginning of April 2021. But don’t dread, this is not a goodbye but a “see you soon” as we plan to bring Classic back in the form of Events!

    Please read the list below for a complete overview of today’s changes.

    Army Labels:
    • The 1-3 dots in the bottom corner of the army labels when zoomed out on the map were replaced with the concrete number of units.
    • The diamond shaped icons of the army labels when zoomed out on the map now have drop shadows to stand out better from the map background.
    • A bug was fixed that made aircraft icons jump to their patrol destination immediately. The icon is now displayed on their actual position.
    • City names, Victory Points and resource icons now fade out when you are more than 80% zoomed in to improve visibility of troops. On close zoom levels only the province names of selected provinces are displayed.
    • The armor class icon is now visible on the diamond of the new army labels when playing with an Opera browser.
    • After the cost decrease with the previous update, the costs of Infrastructure buildings were slightly decreased even further.
    • The cost progression for Local Ports and Infrastructure level 2 and 3 were slightly flattened, to give you an additional incentive to upgrade those buildings.
    • The construction costs and times for Propaganda Offices were slightly lowered. This makes the construction of these vital buildings in provinces with low morale easier.
    • The maximum expansion penalty was lowered from -40 to -35. With this change the penalty steps between max and min penalty were gradually lowered accordingly as well.
    • Please note that these changes only affect newly created game rounds. Existing game rounds and Classic games are not affected by these balancing changes.
    • The graphic settings on mobile devices can now be set to “low”, “mid”, “high” or “auto”.
      • The default setting is “auto”, which automatically adjusts the graphic details according to the capabilities of the used device.
      • Players who were automatically forced to use the “low” mode can now switch to higher settings at their own risk.
      • Please be aware that choosing a more demanding setting than the automatically applied one may cause performance issues.
    • The Dominion Antarctica map will be available in upcoming Scenario rotations.
    • The Dawn of the Patriot map will be available in upcoming Event rotations.
    • The ocean textures in the game were improved to be more crisp and look more realistic.
    • A new task was added to the advisor, which introduces new players to the Call of War Wiki.
    Bug fixes:
    • The chat on mobile devices no longer automatically scrolls back down to the newest messages when scrolling up to check previous chat responses.
      • The chat now only jumps back to the newest message during a gamestate update or after a certain period of time.
    • An issue was resolved that prevented the attack vector of ranged unit attacks (red arrow) to be displayed.
    • A bug was fixed that prevented units to be displayed for some users on certain maps.
    • In case a production building was partially damaged during an ongoing production the remaining production time was still displayed along with the option to speed up the process. While the production was stopped and the speed up was not clickable, this still caused some confusion and has been fixed.
    • A rare bug was fixed, that caused naval/embarked units to be able to traverse the borders of the map and be displayed slightly outside of the actual map.
    • An issue was resolved that caused black spots to be displayed on terrain textures when using the political view or morale view mode.
    • A bug was fixed that prevented impact craters to be displayed after a ranged unit attacked.
    • Various minor bugs on several maps have been fixed and the map geometry improved.
    • Some wrong task descriptions in the Adviser were corrected.
    We hope you like the additional changes we made to the new army labels according to your feedback and all the other changes that were implemented with today’s update. We wish you best of luck on the battlefield.

    Your Bytro Team

  • Release Notes - 2021-01-12

    Attention, Generals!

    With our first update of the year, we rework the way armies are displayed on the map by implementing new army labels for all branches. From now on you will be able to gather all relevant information about army compositions, their allegiances and their current status much quicker in order to formulate a battle plan and stay one step ahead of
    your adversaries.

    Today’s update also includes some balancing changes and multiple bug fixes. For a complete overview please take a look at the list below:

    New Features:

    Any ambitious Officer will highly value the ability to gather precise information quickly and without delay. For this exact reason we have completely reworked the army labels for both the zoomed-in and zoomed-out view. From now on you will immediately be able to get all the crucial information about an army by simply looking at the new army label displayed next to it.

    While zoomed-in the new labels will include the respective armies national flag, a health bar, information about its current status represented by unique icons, as well as the overall composition of the army as shown by individual icons for different troop branches.

    While zoomed-out the labels will be more simplistic but still provide all necessary information to analyze the situation on a larger scale. The displayed unit icon will depend on the heaviest armored unit class present while the overall unit count will be represented by 1-3 dots in the lower part of the label depending on the armies size.

    Last but not least a player’s relation with an army will be colour coded in both views. Enemy armies will field a red label, neutral forces will be brown, allies are represented by green labels and own forces will be displayed in white.

    Please note that the new army labels will only be implemented in games of Call of War 1.5 and also not be enabled if low graphics mode has been selected.

    • We took note of your opinions concerning the AI’s behavior and how frequently AI nations declare wars on players whose global popularity had dropped to low levels. From now on AI nations will be slightly more hesitant to go to war with unpopular players. This does not mean they will idly stand by while players conquer the globe but should result in less cases of players receiving multiple new declarations of war every day.
    • The overall hitpoints of Aircraft Carriers have been reduced and are now identical to those of Battleships at all levels. Their damage values have also been slightly lowered.
    • The overall costs to construct Infrastructure have been reduced which will allow players to establish an efficient road network earlier in the game, increasing strategic flexibility should they be willing to invest the resources.
    • Please note that all balance changes will only affect games created after the release and won’t be implemented in classic games.
    Bug fixes:
    • The visual indicator for provinces at risk of triggering a revolt was not displayed for values between 0-1%. We adjusted this so any chance for a revolt taking place will trigger the pulsating, red hatching effect even for very low values.
    • Upgrading units caused their active fire control orders to be reset. This is no longer the case as issued fire control orders will be kept and executed after the upgrading process is done.
    • A bug has been fixed that caused a player’s own coalition icon to be displaced in the diplomacy screen when playing on mobile devices.
    • A bug has been fixed that caused the infantry section of a provinces production list to not be scrollable on mobile devices when all units have been unlocked.
    • On mobile devices the army info popup contained icons of the wrong colour. These have been unified and will now be displayed correctly.
    • When selecting multiple armies at once their information sections for “Activity” and “Status” sometimes displayed text incorrectly. From now on these sections will always contain centered text.
    • A bug that caused the chat window to immediately jump to the newest received message as soon as one has been received has been fixed. You will now be able to read up on older chat messages without having to scroll back up multiple times if you are in an active conversation.
    • For some language settings the email registration popup contained slightly displaced interface buttons, which has been fixed.

    We hope you like the redesigned army labels as much as we do and take advantage of the easily processable information they contain when planning your next move in detail, as well as in hasty situations that call for quick decisions. In addition to that make sure to test the effects of today’s balance changes and adapt your strategies accordingly.

    Best of luck general, now prove yourself on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team