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    Economy Balance iterations - Nations at war now need to do a trade offer to change relations - planes on the ground no longer automatically flee when attacked by land units

    Our last update sparked quite the discussion! We enjoyed the passionate discussion and exchange of ideas, especially over on our Discord server in the dedicated balance-discussion channel. Based on your input we are lowering the cost of constructing Industry buildings, to bolster your countries strained economies. We also heard your feedback on the woes of Infantry and militia, and gave them a slight cost reduction across all levels.

    To maintain the integrity of wartime negotiations, we have fixed an issue that allowed players to change to another relation from the Diplomacy menu while at war. Going forward, such changes can only be executed through trade offers, ensuring all diplomatic maneuvers are deliberate and strategic.

    We've resolved an issue where grounded planes were making a hasty retreat to the nearest aerodrome when under attack by land units. They will now engage in melee combat as intended. Also if the aerodrome in that province is damaged by the land units, the plane will now turn into a transport truck for the battle.

    For a closer look at all the changes please check out the detailed Release Notes and share your feedback with us right here on the Forums and on our Discord Server.

    Your Bytro Team

  • Economic rebalance! Changed production costs for ALL units.

    In this update we’re going to have a look at one of the most fundamental aspects of Call of War: The Economy! More specifically, we are going to change production costs for all units in the game.

    We are aiming for multiple effects with our changes:
    • Economic choices, and what units are prioritized in production, matter more in the early game
    • We want to shine a spotlight on higher level units, so we are simplifying the access to them
    • Bigger focus on preserving and upgrading already existing units, rewarding long term strategic planning.
    To that end, we are slightly raising resource requirements for production in the early game, while lowering costs a bit in the late game. Compared to the current balancing, prices rise the most for Lvl. 1. Each following level is seeing a smaller increase. The overall tipping point happens at gameday 10, after which unit levels become progressively less and less expensive.

    For a detailed, by the numbers breakdown of the changes, please head to the detailed Release Notes.

    All balancing changes are now available on newly created maps, so go test them out!

    We are going to deploy more frequent balance changes so that our best and brightest commanders can show off their skills, coming up with new strategies as the battlefield evolves. To make these balancing iterations a success, we are relying on your feedback. We have set up a dedicated feedback channel on Discord for everything balance related, so that you can make your voice be heard.

    We are looking forward to hearing your stories from the battlefield, your thoughts on the changes or what your vision for future updates is!

    Your Bytro Team

  • Reworked how trade offers are displayed in the diplomacy window - Fixed critical bugs that prevented armies from engaging in combat

    We've got a new update with some important tweaks and fixes to enhance your gameplay.

    Now you can easily see what's being given and received in trades with a single glance, reducing errors and helping you spot scam trades more easily. This brings the desktop experience up to speed with what mobile players have been enjoying already.

    We fixed an issue where armies couldn't engage in battles in another player's province if they had Right of Way. Now, the idle army must be defeated first before you can capture the province. No more sneaky bypasses! And we also corrected an annoying bug that prevented attack orders from being issued against neutral armies close to a border.

    For a closer look at all the changes please check out the detailed Release Notes and share your feedback with us right here on the Forums and on our Discord Server.

    Your Bytro Team

  • A new update has been deployed! The Spy Action Rebalance is now live, we are speeding up the early game and fixed bugs!

    Attention, General!

    The previously announced changes to Spy Actions are live now. Go launch a new map and try it out! We are eager for your feedback, so make your voice heard in the dedicated feedback channel on the official Call of War Discord Server.

    Spies are not the only gameplay that is being rebalanced. We’ve noticed that the early game can be rather slow paced, making it not very engaging to play. That’s why we are speeding up construction and research times on a number of buildings and defensive units in the early game. Refer to the detailed Release Notes for a complete list of the changes.

    And finally some bug fixes. The flooding of two French provinces on the Operation Supremacy map has been brought under control. We’ve also fixed missing confirmation popups, tooltips, and non-functioning info buttons to enhance the overall gameplay.

    Your Bytro Team

  • Next week we’ll be rebalancing how intelligence is gathered in Call of War. Read this news article for a preview of the upcoming changes.

    Attention, General!

    We’ll be rolling out some significant changes to the spy functions in Call of War. After listening to your feedback and carefully analyzing gameplay data, we are looking to improve the experience of spying and being spied upon!

    Spy actions are among the most powerful tool’s at a General’s disposal. After all, knowing your enemy’s weak points is more powerful than the most advanced technology or biggest army stack. But this also means they can become a big source of frustration for the player on the receiving end. Therefore we’ll be implementing the following changes on tuesday:

      • Disabling "Disrupt Economy"
          • Rationale: This action sees minimal use and doesn't significantly impact gameplay dynamics.
      • Disabling "Decrease Morale"
          • Rationale: Experienced players choose "Sabotage Building" for consistent results, making this action redundant.
          • Gameplay Impact: This function disrupts gameplay in a non-engaging way, as it shifts control of the revolting province randomly, making it less strategic.
      • Disabling "Reveal Country's Armies"
          • Rationale: This feature is too powerful, allowing players to allocate resources and units too efficiently along their entire frontline.
          • Gameplay Impact: We want to avoid unsatisfactory gameplay where one player is being “farmed” as their opponent has perfect knowledge of their armies movements.
      • Technical Impact: This feature can cause performance issues on larger maps.

    We also understand that these changes will affect your strategies. As this is a crucial change to one of the core mechanics of the game, we’ll be closely monitoring the impact. This is an initial test phase, and we will implement additional changes as needed. We encourage you to share your thoughts with us on our Discord server. Your insights are invaluable in making Espionage more enjoyable!

    We are eagerly looking forward to your tales from the battlefield, and how the new rebalanced spy actions have changed your experience. Happy Sabotaging!

    Your Bytro Team