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  • Attention Generals!

    This week’s release brings a lot of new great features to Call of War! We release sound and music, implement a brand new army positioning system and adjust day changes in the game to make sure that no player has a default advantage due to the time zone they play in.

    We already talked about the implementation of sound and music, as well as the adjustment on how day change works in new game rounds last week. Something we would like to highlight today is the new army positioning system we are implementing today.

    This new system displays the images of units on the map slightly more separated from each other with lines marking their exact position on the map. This significantly improves overview on the map and makes it easier to distinguish between different troops, especially on cluttered maps or regions where many different units are positioned close together. The new army positioning system will be available with advanced graphics only.

    See the list below for a complete overview of what we release today.

    New features:
    • We implemented Sound and music in Call of War
      • Sound and music are available with advanced graphic settings only.
      • Sound and music can be activated and deactivated in the settings.
    • We implement a new army positioning system to improve overview on the map.
      • The new army positioning system is available with advanced graphics only.
    • We adjusted when day change happens in new game rounds. Day change now takes place 24 hours after a game was created.
      • Existing game rounds are not affected by this change.
    • We added a day change timer to the game
      • The day change timer can be found in the upper right corner of the screen on PC and at the bottom right corner of the screen in the mobile app.
    Graphical Updates:
    • We implemented new unit interface images, unit skins and added missing faction specific skins for:
      • Artillery
      • Anti Tank
      • Anti Air
      • Railroad Gun
      • Convoy
      • Armored Car
      • Light Tank
      • Medium Tank
      • Heavy Tank
      • Tank Destroyer
      • SP Anti Air
      • SP Artillery
    • We made attack vectors more transparent with bombarding units to improve map overview.
      • Attack vectors are not transparent when the unit is selected or hovered over.
    • We adjusted the relation mode and changed the used color palette.
    • We adjusted the way water and fog of war is displayed on the map. Both are slightly brighter now.
    • We improved existing and added new animations for airplanes and rockets when using enhanced graphics.
    • Rockets update their position in real time and exactly follow the drawn attack path when using enhanced graphics
    AI Modifications:
    • We reduced the popularity penalty for producing units when a player’s popularity is on a low level already.
    • We decreased the popularity penalty for sneak attacks.
    • We removed the popularity penalty for having war declared on you by someone else.
    • Player’s who get attacked by another country received a solidarity/popularity bonus.
    • The AI constructs buildings and units more strategically now.
    • The AI now attacks frontline provinces rather than backline provinces.

    • We fixed a bug that allows the AI to give Right of Way to players on Dominion maps.
    Bug fixes:
    • We fixed an issue that caused sea transports, airplanes or airplane convoys to have negative health and as a result being indestructible sometimes.
    • We resolved an issue that prevented the arrival time of units in the army bar to be updated immediately when the unit was dragged.
    • We fixed an issue that occasionally showed lines on the map when airplanes were airborne.
    • We resolved an issue that occasionally caused the attack timer to be displayed incorrectly.
    • We fixed an issue that caused a wrong image to be displayed in the unit research details for the Russian BT tank.
    • We resolved an issue that caused the wrong text and images being displayed on the reward popup for the winning team/coalition.
    • We fixed an issue that occasionally caused the redirect to the payment provider to fail in the shop.
    • We resolved an issue that prevented translated shop descriptions for high command to be displayed in the shop.
    • We fixed an issue that prevented parts of the game details of non-english games to be translated.
    • We resolved an issue that prevented players from buying blueprints for some units.
    • We resolved an issue that caused attack arrows and certain symbols to be displayed over airplanes when using enhanced graphics.
    • We fixed and issue that caused map borders to cover units and province names when using enhanced graphics.
    We hope you like the new features and updates, and which you best of luck on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team

  • Attention Generals!

    This is not a drill! It has been on our list for some time and you guys have been asking for it for even longer. We are extremely excited to finally bring this to the game as part of our efforts for Call of War 1.5. With Wednesday’s* release we will implement sounds and music in Call of War!

    The new Call of War soundtrack will immerse you more into the game than ever before! You are finally able to hear the action on the map and listen to your troops fight for victory! The sound in Call of War is dynamic and the volume of many sounds changes depending on the source’s distance to your current field of view. Sounds and music only work with the advanced graphics, so we highly recommend to use them to get the full experience. There will be no sound or music when advanced graphics are not activated. Sound and music can be activated and deactivated in the settings menu.

    Besides sound and music we also update graphics of vehicles and towed weaponry in the game. The new models improve the look and feel of the game and bring missing faction specific vehicle skins. This is only the first step, as other units will be updated in future updates.

    Apart from the new vehicle graphics we also improved map colors in the advanced graphics version. This especially enhances the relation view mode, as this mode receives a new color palette. Water and fog of war colors are also adjusted and will appear a bit lighter now.

    Last but not least, day change in game rounds will now happen 24 hours after a game round starts. This means that day change no longer happens at midnight CET. This will affect new game rounds only, so nothing changes in your current games. To make sure that you are always able to tell when day change occurs in a game round you will find a day change timer in the upper right corner in the PC version and in the bottom right corner in the mobile version of Call of War. We decided to do this for two major reasons: to substantially decrease server load and to remove disadvantages from players in certain time zones who happened to have day change at very unpopular times.

    Let us know in the forums how you like the new sounds, the updated graphics and the new day change times. All changes will be live with next Wednesday's release.

    Your Bytro Team

    *A previous version of this announcement stated Tuesday as release date. The release will happen on Wednesday instead.

  • Attention Generals!

    Two weeks ago our very first test event for Call of War 1.5 started and we asked for your feedback on the changes we introduced in this event. We were extremely happy and grateful to see how many of you followed the call and provided first-hand game experiences throughout the duration of your game rounds.

    We are currently working through over 50 pages of feedback that we collected over the last two weeks across all languages and channels, addressing all kinds of aspects of the test event. We are determined to take as much of it into account as we can. Your feedback is very important for us at this stage and helps to shape and tweak Call of War 1.5 in a way that is to the likes of the majority of players.

    We originally planned to start the next test event very soon, but decided to postpone it. We think it is important to address the large amount of feedback regarding the event and recent changes made to the game before starting the next test event for Call of War 1.5.

    One thing we want to change is the Elite AI. With a future update players will no longer lose popularity with the Elite AI when a country declares war on them. We also decided to remove the extra popularity penalty for surprise attacks. It might be more realistic to lose more popularity with a surprise attack than with a declaration of war, but we think the detriment to user experience is too high. We will also reduce the popularity penalty for producing units, when the popularity with the AI is low already and adjust build priorities of the AI to make sure that buildings and units built by the AI make more sense.

    Aside from the AI you also gave us a lot of feedback on the recent changes made to the fire control setting and resource trading over the past few months. We are currently discussing adjustments to these features too. We will keep you updated on the topic and hope that you will continue to help us on our road to Call of War 1.5.

    Your Bytro Team
  • Attention Generals!

    In the last news we communicated the changes to urban provinces and new buildings. Now the first test event for Call of War 1.5 is about to start. To be fully prepared, please read up on more changes in this brand new version!

    Mechanics changes

    Let’s start with the changes regarding game mechanics. As the title of the game says, this game is about war. Therefore we don’t want to punish players anymore for waging wars and conquering provinces. That is why in CoW 1.5 the morale penalty for being at war will be removed, as well as the province resource upkeep. To balance this out the morale penalty for distance to capital will be slightly increased.

    Another aspect are changes to how combat is resolved. A new combat calculation will be at play, resulting in more predictable results, while still retaining a small intended variance. To give more chances to retreat and heal up, units in armies will only start to get destroyed when the condition of the army drops below 50%. When units drop below a condition of 50% they will also face movement speed penalties. Additionally ground combat will be updated every 30 minutes instead of every 60 minutes. Finally, damage limits will no longer be determined by the amount of each individual unit level. Instead, a damage limit exists for the whole army, with damage being reduced at 10 and more units and being capped at 20 and more units.

    Furthermore, in Call of War 1.5 units on the field will no longer automatically upgrade when a higher level is researched. Instead, the new unit level has to be produced. Higher unit levels can only be produced in higher building levels, while lower building levels still support producing lower unit levels even if higher levels are already researched.

    Last but not least we updated some unit functionalities: Commandos will be stealth units that ignore defence bonuses, while Motorized Infantry, Armored Cars and Interceptors will receive the scout ability. Rockets will not ignore the defense bonus anymore and deal friendly fire upon impact. For more details, please check the forum post linked below.

    New Balancing

    With Call of War 1.5 we will also introduce a lot of changes to the balancing, which you will experience during the test events. These changes are so countless that we cannot list them all, but we want to highlight a few changes:

    There will be a clear progression in power and costs for all buildings, units and researches. All unit values, including damage, speed, health, production time, cost and upkeep will start low but rise from level to level. The same holds true for researches and buildings, which have their cost but , if applicable, also their effects increased per level.

    To create a true Rock-Paper-Scissors style balancing which still acknowledges the realities of the war, we will split the armor class ‘armored’ into ‘light armor’ and ‘heavy armor’. This will create more opportunities to counter enemy army compositions. Additionally all unit roles will be reviewed, making sure every single one has its use. As a result of this nuclear powered sea units will be removed from the game. Also, some units will be much stronger in defensive or offensive positions and will be much more effective against certain armor classes, making tactical maneuvering more important.

    Resource and gold costs also will be revised and vary depending on type and level. Going forward, all units and buildings will require each resource to be built. Depending on the unit you might not need a lot of them, but they will be required. This way resource demand reflects the need of workforce, materials and energy more realistically. As a contrast, researches will require only money and manpower. These resource philosophies may be still subject to change.

    As the CoW 1.5 event is about to start, make sure to join an event game during the sign-up period to provide us with first hand feedback! This will only be the first event in a series of events and there is plenty of room for changes and improvements, so please tell us what you like. We are counting on you to change the future of Call of War together with us!

    Your Bytro Team

    - Please understand that the list below is only provided in English for all languages -

    More details:

    Mechanics & formula changes:
    • There is no more war morale penalty on provinces.
    • Removed building upkeep and province upkeep.
    • The distance to capital penalty is increased.
    • Changed combat calculations to reduce outliers in the results and to make results better predictable. A variance of +/-20% is intentionally kept to not make results TOO predictable.
    • Single units of the same unit type within an army begin to die as soon as their unit type is at 50% health or below.
    • Units move slower when at 50% health or below.
    • Units with lower health now deal less damage than in the previous version.
    • There is no damage limiter for each unit level anymore, instead there will be a damage limit for the whole stack limit,
  • Attention Generals!

    We already mentioned that Call of War 1.5 brings major updates and changes to the game, which we will test in events. Today we will present you with the first details on these changes. Let’s start with the changes to buildings and to urban provinces!

    Urban provinces are the industrial hearts of all states and we feel this should be represented in Call of War as well. With Call of War 1.5 urban provinces will be the only places where units and their respective production buildings can be built. Additionally resources and victory points will be concentrated in urban provinces for the most part. This will drastically increase the strategic importance of these provinces. To visualize this new importance urban provinces will occur bigger and more dominant on the map. In the first CoW1.5 event, which will take place on the 22 player map, all nations will also have the same amount of resources of each type, to give all players complete freedom in choosing the strategy they want to employ. This may change later on though.

    But that is not all. Another change concerns the role of buildings in the game. Different unit classes, like tanks or airplanes, will now have their own production building. For that we will change roles of existing buildings and also add new buildings to the game. These buildings need to be upgraded to produce more advanced unit levels of the respective branch. Building effects will also be revised, and some buildings will only be buildable in urban provinces, while some only in rural provinces.

    Although proper opinions can only be formed in a practical test we are already eager to hear your theoretical feedback. When you share your feedback it helps us a lot when you give us details on gameplay scenarios you experienced where you could imagine something works well or not so well. We will keep an eye on this and future forum threads to make Call of War 1.5 a great experience for all of us once the series of tests is over.

    Next time we will give you more details on balancing and mechanics changes in Call of War 1.5.

    Your Bytro Team

    More details:

    Urban province changes:
    • Urbans contain 75% of all main resources.
    • Each urban province of a player contains a different main resource.
    • Urbans contain the same amount of each main resource.
    • All victory points are located in urbans, 10 per province.
    • Increased size of urbans on the map.
    • Rural provinces produce mainly manpower and money.

    Building changes:
    • Removed the existing requirements for the Industrial Complex building, as all units have their very own production buildings.
    • Renamed various buildings and changed their effects (see list below).
    • Added several buildings (see list below).
    • Changed costs of all buildings.
    • Removed building upkeep costs.
    • All buildings in urban provinces have 5 levels, except the Capitol with 1 level.
    • All buildings in rural provinces have 3 levels.
    • The Nuclear Reactor is removed from the game.
    • As we are still testing the building changes, the icons and Art for buildings are not yet finalized and will be reworked later.
    • Upgrading unit production buildings no longer gives a bonus to production speed, instead upgrading is needed to produce higher unit levels and to increase other bonuses.
    • In the first Event all urban provinces start with a Tank Plant level 1, due to programming constraints. In later Events provinces start with no buildings.
    • Production and research categories remain the same in the first Event, but will be expanded in later Events to give each production building its own production and research tab.

    List of Buildings in urbans:
    • Barracks - Produces all Infantry type units. Improves province morale slightly.
    • Tank Plant - Produces all Tank type units. Improves province morale slightly.
    • Ordnance Foundry - Produces all support units with usually bigger calibers, like artillery. Improves province morale slightly.
    • Aircraft Factory - Produces all regular air type units. Improves province morale slightly. Allows aircraft to start or land and improves refueling times.
    • Naval Base - Produces all Ship type units. Improves province morale slightly. Improves embarking and disembarking times.
    • Secret Lab - Produces all Secret type units. Improves province morale slightly.
    • Industry - Increase resource production, manpower production and money production.
    • Bunkers - grants defense bonus to stationed armies.
    • Capitol - Centre of a nation, used to calculate distance to provinces.

    List of Buildings in rurals:
    • Local Industry - Increase resource production, manpower production and money production.
    • Fortifications - grants defense bonus to stationed armies.
    • Infrastructure - Increases movement speed of all units traveling through the province, increases province morale.
    • Airstrip - Allows aircraft to start or land and improves refueling times.

    More details follow in the next Dev Diary.