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    Attention, Generals!

    Due to an unexpected incident on Friday morning 2021-10-21 players were unable to enter their game rounds for two and a half hours (02:00 am CEST until 04:30 CEST).

    Although Call of War is a real-time grand strategy game where decisions and actions are taken a while in advance, an outage like this can have an impact on a match. We are very sorry for this and the inconveniences this downtime might have caused in your war efforts.

    To soften any potential harm this incident may have caused to your strategic plans for last night, we are adding 5,000 Gold to the account of any affected player.

    The Gold will be added to the accounts of affected players shortly.

    Your Bytro Team
  • General:
    • AI nations focus more on military buildings in the early stages of a game round and are less likely to construct buildings that are less useful at the beginning of game rounds, like propaganda offices.
    • The popup inviting players to a new game round, once a match has ended, was tweaked to show game rounds that are more relevant to players.
    • Front reports are now visible for 48 hours, no matter how many reports are waiting for you. Before this change, only a maximum of 20 reports were listed, which can be a disadvantage if a lot happened while you were not available and you need to follow up on.

    Bug Fixes:
    • Several bugs with planes were fixed.
      • Planes patrolling from an aircraft carrier no longer get destroyed if the carrier is upgraded and no alternative air base is within the planes range. Patrolling planes are never destroyed once the aircraft carrier is upgraded.
      • Patrolling planes now deal damage to buildings if enemy units are stationed in the province center. Before this update patrolling planes did not deal any damage to buildings.
      • Patrolling planes now also deal damage to the morale of an enemy province.
    • An issue was resolved that gave defending units an advantage over attacking units, when they were split up. This problem has been fixed now. Damage output, size factors and stack limits are now applied as intended to defending units.
    • An issue was resolved that could put players in the unsatisfying situation where they could not pay the trade fee to sell resources for money on the stock market. Sell offers can now be set up even if the trade fee cannot be paid in advance. The fee is deducted once a trade has been completed.
    • A bug was fixed which caused the second attack countdown of air planes to immediately start after the first attack, even if the plane returned to its home airstrip to refuel first. The second countdown starts after the refueling is completed and the plane is ready for the next attack.
    • An issue was resolved that prevented the Building and Morale damage to be calculated correctly, which resulted in lower than intended damage to be dealt. Building and Morale damage applied is now similar with other damages.
    • A bug with the Opera browser was fixed, that prevented the lasso tool that allows you to select several units on the map at once from working when holding the right mouse button.
    • A bug was fixed that caused the “Apply” button to be displayed in the coalition details, although the player already was a member of a coalition. This button is only visible now, if the player can apply for a coalition, and is not a member of another coalition already.
    • A bug was fixed that prevented the “Withdraw Application” button from being displayed on mobile devices when an application for membership in a coalition was issued.
    • Several bugs regarding missing connections, typos, flags, etc. were fixed on various maps in the game.

  • Attention, Generals!

    Our Design Team came up with some amazing images lately, and instead of keeping them somewhere in the cloud we
    decided to put them on some t-shirts and sweaters instead.

    We thought some of you might want to have some CoW Swag for yourself as well.

    We are very excited to present to you the very first Call of War t-shirts and sweaters available on Amazon to fans in the US, UK, France, Germany and Spain.

    Always wanted to wear your “Destroyer of Worlds'' achievement on your chest? Now you can!

    Call of War: Destroyer of Worlds achievement T-Shirt

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    Call of War: Destroyer of Worlds achievement Sweatshirt

    Call of War: Tactician achievement Sweatshirt

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  • General:

    • On mobile devices, the timer is now updated in real time while dragging the delay slider, when giving an army Delay March order.
    • The hints and quotes on the loading screen are now displayed in the language you play the game in.

    Bug fixes:

    • A bug was fixed that prevented the player who triggered the victory timer in Capital Rush Event game rounds first from winning, if another player conquered more Control Points after the timer was triggered.
      • If player A conquers enough Control Points to trigger the victory timer and player B conquers more than A - then Player A wins the round now.
      • The player (A) that triggers the victory timer first receives 1st place and the Gold payout in that game round.
    • An issue was resolved that could cause the construction info for buildings which are being constructed or are in the construction queue to display wrong values. The construction info panel shows the correct values now.
    • A bug was fixed that could cause the building details panel to show incorrect values when the building was damaged or halfway through an upgrade. The panel now displayed the correct value for the fully built level of a building even during construction.
    • An issue was resolved that showed incorrect images in the newspaper when using the beta client.
    • Historical images were added to the newspaper in the beta client.
  • General:
    • When a province revolts and joins the nation of another player, a Front Report is issued informing both players.

    Bug Fixes:
    • An issue was resolved that caused rockets to count towards players casualty statistics when they hit units. The event also incorrectly triggered a newspaper article informing of the rocket's destruction.
    • A bug was fixed that caused another player than the one who triggered the Victory Timer to win a Control Point game round, when a player managed to gain more victory points after a player triggered the victory timer.
      • If player A conquers enough Control Points to trigger the victory timer and player B conquers more than A - then Player A wins.
      • The player that triggers the victory timer first receives 1st place.