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    Did you ever wonder how it would feel to keep your Call of War games literally in your back pocket? To command your armies while running errands? To calm diplomatic conflicts while waiting for the train? Or to give your troops that decisive boost during an ongoing battle while mowing the lawn?

    Don’t waste any more thoughts on it. Just do it!

    During the last couple of months our team has put all their heart into developing and designing a completely new user interface for Call of War, which will make playing on your mobile device an entirely new game experience.

    With today’s update we are commencing our Call of War Mobile beta test phase and invite all Frontline Pioneers to try it out now. No download is required, the game can be played directly in your mobile browser. Whether it is sending quick commands to your troops or getting an overview over the current state of the battlefield - accessing Call of War was never more easy and is now quite literally at your fingertips.

    To achieve this we added several usability features especially designed for mobile:
    • We integrated all former website functions right into the game.
    • Switch between your running games with just two clicks.
    • The user interface has been optimized for mobile phone screen sizes.
    • Command your units faster than ever before and have all the action commands close to your armies.
    For the first few weeks the mobile version will be exclusively available to our Frontline Pioneers.

    If you are not part of the Frontline Pioneers yet, apply for the Mobile Frontline Pioneer Task Force now and with luck you will be chosen and notified within the next few days:

    Apply here!

    Please remember to follow our bug report workflow as described in the forum.

    In addition, some of our Frontline Pioneers will also be invited to a top secret Discord channel, where you can report bugs and give feedback. Invites will be sent out within the next few days. For a chance to join the discussion please provide your Discord name in the form above. Please be aware that we can only invite those of you that are able to speak English. This special feedback chat will run until the mobile version is released for everyone, which will be announced beforehand.

    Your Call of War Team
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    Dear Generals,

    fighting for an early advantage on land is just as important as gaining control over the airspace. In the past, your enemies could easily spy on you and damage your buildings and deployed troops without being punished for it. This has been adjusted. As soon as an enemy aircraft operates inside your country’s airspace, war will be declared. But don’t worry: there will be a warning pop-up each time before you send your aircraft into hostile territory. This pop-up is similar to the one you receive when land units are sent into enemy territory. Please keep in mind that the airplanes only trigger war if the center of the patrolling circle is in the country. As soon as both countries are at war with each other damage will be dealt within the patrolling circle.

    Overview over all changes:

    - Airplanes will now trigger war when patrolling in a country that doesn’t have at least Right of Way.
    - Clicking on the espionage action ‘country information’ twice duplicated the spy report, this error has been fixed.
    - AI players were able to join coalition, this error has been fixed as well.
    - Various map bug fixes such as countries being displayed without colors, wrong resource production and wrong names.
    - Further improvements regarding the server connectivity and performance.
    - Links in the newspaper didn’t work properly, this has been fixed.
    - The supply crate reward pop-up will now only be closable by clicking the OK button in order to avoid closing it accidently.
    - Countries didn’t disappear from the diplomacy menu even though they have been defeated. This has been fixed.

    Additionally, we decided to remove the in-game chat room to concentrate chat activity on global or private channels. The newspaper will remain the most important feature for public diplomatic correspondence within a game round.

    Please tell us what you think about this update in the forum.
    Your Call of War Team
  • Dear generals,

    some weeks ago we informed you about our server move. Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 31, another large number of servers will be moved, which requires a downtime of unspecified duration. Please prepare yourselves for the games not being available during that time.

    If you missed our last news and what the whole server move is about, feel free to scroll down and check out the news ‘Armies are marching and servers are moving’.

    Sorry for the inconveniences and thank you for your patience.
    Your Call of War Team
  • Dear Generals,

    we hope you were able to adjust your tactics and strategies to the latest balancing changes, because the dogs of war do not sleep. A new scenario approaches us as fast as the M18 Hellcat, detected by our local spies. They have sent us a notice about the current situation in the field. Your support is needed.

    “Civil War breaks loose! The American States declared their independence and North- and Central America are in disarray. We have to choose now, general: Which of the 50 states shall be the home base of our operation. We await your answer!

    Map Information

    - Fight in 3 different regions: USA, Canada and Latin America
    - 50 player countries with 25 provinces each
    - 5 urban, 12 resource producing provinces, 2 double productions, 50 victory points
    - 32 AI countries with 3-18 provinces of 3-14 victory points each
    - More accurate terrain than on older maps
    - Control 1664 victory points to win

    Start your mission and use your armies to unite America. We hope you like this new addition to the Call of War map pool.

    To unify the Call of War community, too, we started our own mission a while ago, which reaches its next milestone with this update. We will make all 40+ player maps ‘Join Only’. This means: Certain maps will be generated by the system and can’t be created by players.


    Very often certain maps are created multiple times even though copies already exists. Those ghost maps stay on the server, but will never be played. By controlling the creation of maps we aim to increase the overall activity on our maps. The frequency of the map creation can be adjusted accordingly to the upcoming performance of the different maps. So feel free to give us feedback about their availability.

    Which maps does it affect?

    - The World of War 1932 - 100p map is already a Join Only map.
    - Additionally we add the Pacific Conquest - 50 player map into this category as well as the new America 1942: Homefront - 50 player map.
    - Future 40+ player maps will also be Join Only.

    We hope you like this update. Feel free to give us feedback in the forum.
    Your Call of War Team
  • We are currently recruiting new members for the Support Team!

    Which positions are available?
    • Moderators (Mods)

    Which duties may I have?

    Depending on the position you will have one or more tasks:

    • Examination of problems and bugs, as well as helping the players.
    • Collecting and forwarding the problems and suggestions to the developers.
    • Moderating forums and chat.
    • Answering players via P.M and email, via our support software.
    • Working in a team and participating in team meetings.
    • Team building, recruiting and training of new members.
    • Coordinating community events, activities, etc.
    Is there a reward for serving the community?

    • You have the gratitude and respect of the players of our community.
    • You get monthly Gold rewards for your efforts.

    Are there requirements?

    • You must be at least 18 years old.
    • You must have good writing skills.
    • You shall communicate in a clean and diplomatic style.
    • You should be are a reliable team player.
    • You need experience with the game and with the detailed game mechanics.
    • You are active in the game, in the forums, and you can work on your tasks multiple days a week.

    How do I apply?

    Please send an application to WiseOdin via the Forum P.M system or the main Call of War page(Under messages in community).

    Your application should include the following information:
    • Why do you apply for the position?
    • How much experience do you have in the game?
    • Do you already have experience in working with other persons, or even a position related to customer support?
    • Your name and your age?

    Please note that we may not consider all applications. You can also give us more optional information about you so we get an even better first impression. After joining the team you get a detailed briefing so that you are well equipped for your job.

    Due to our review process, it may take time for a response. Please wait at least a month before re-applying for lack of response. Please wait at least six months before re-applying after a denied application.