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    Are you running low on coins but still want to get that decisive edge in combat? Are you ready to give your production a well-timed boost to turn the tides of battle in your favor? Then make sure you check out our upcoming “Speed-Up Madness” event!

    Plunder your reserves and put them to good use: From Friday to Monday we will offer a 50% discount on all building and unit speed-up actions in the game. Don’t hesitate, General, and be smart about what production to accelerate - before your enemies can outsmart you.

    Active: 2017-10-20 (11 am CEST) - 2017-10-23 (11 am CEST)
  • Dear generals,

    Hopefully many of you joined our recent XP Event, because the day has finally come: We are happy to release the minimum ranks for Call of War with today’s update. The goal is to introduce another barrier for multi-accounts and to reward our active and loyal generals.

    Here is a list with the maps and their respective level requirements:
    • The English Channel (2p) - Level 0
    • Europe - Road to War (10p) - Level 0
    • Europe - Clash of Nations (22p) - Level 0
    • 1939 - Blitzkrieg (10p) - Level 5
    • Mediterranean Theater (4p) - Level 7
    • World at War (100p) - Level 8
    • America - Homefront (50p) - Level 11
    • All event maps - Level 11
    • Pacific Conquest (50p) - Level 13
    • 1939 - Historic World War (25p) - Level 17
    • Dominion - Antarctica (40p) - Level 19
    • Tournament Island (10p) - Level 25
    In addition, we made further changes to the game information according to your feedback. Instead of showing the last login time, you will now be able to see how long it has been since you last logged into the game. The peace period information now also shows the duration, if you click on the info icon.

    More changes and bug fixes:
    • We added a button that clears all entries from the build queue (High Command feature).
    • Event games will be displayed on top of the new games list to make it easier for everyone to join.
    • We are introducing a new game creation option which makes it possible to disable coalitions. A matching filter has been added to the advanced search.
    • We fixed a bug that resulted into the map not being displayed when users received a rank notification.
    • Sorting in the coalition menu was not possible. We fixed this issue.
    • Some spelling and translation errors have been corrected.
    We are also happy to release the player stats for Call of War mobile. If you still have not checked it out, then you really should. Simply access via your mobile browser.

    Your Call of War Team

  • Generals!

    Do you envy your rivals who keep surpassing you in the ranking? Are you trying to get those last missing ranking points to join the most competitive maps? Then make sure you check out our upcoming Double XP Event!

    Gather your strongest allies and mobilize your troops. From Friday to Monday we will award your military prowess by making all military ranking points count double towards your global ranking. Rise to the occasion, general, and crush your foes - before they crush you!

    Active: 2017-10-06 (11 am CEST) - 2017-10-09 (11 am CEST)

    ‘What do you mean i need ranking points to join competitive maps?’

    Exactly! With one of the next updates (either in 1 or 3 weeks) certain maps will only be available at a certain rank. But don’t worry, they won’t be too high. We are making those changes to introduce another barrier for multi-accounts and to reward our active and loyal generals. More details about how high those ranks are going to be and which maps are affected will be coming soon.

  • Generals!

    The race is on. Rumors have it that the 1939 German expedition to Antarctica had not been solely about establishing whaling stations, as the Nazis tried to make us believe. We have gained intel about a German submarine arriving at an Argentine naval base two months after the Nazis surrendered - with the crew telling a different tale. A tale about several fully operational research facilities scattered across the Antarctica, stuffed with advanced technology and well fortified. Mobilize your armies, General, and do it fast. Cause you are not the only party ready to seize the technological treasures Antarctica might hold…

    With today’s update we are happy to release the “[Dominion] Antarctica - 40 players” map. Dominion is an all new game mode, which will change the way you play Call of War. In Dominion your goal is no longer to conquer countries, but to conquer and hold special points of interest (research facilities) on the map. The starting area of each player is protected and cannot be conquered or damaged. Use this safe zone to plan your attack. The first player to hold 4 research facilities for 3 continuous days will be declared winner. Coalitions and withdrawals are disabled. You may still form temporary pacts with other players to advance to your goal, but remember: In the end there can only be one winner who takes it all! 15,000 Gold will be the reward. The Antarctica map is inspired by the conspiracy theories around the German Antarctic Expedition (1938-1939) and the post-war US Navy Antarctic Developments Program (1946–1947), code-named "Operation Highjump".

    The complete list of changes:
    • A new map/game mode has been released: Dominion. Antarctica - 40p.
    • The rank icons have been polished and received more details and texture.
    • In the "My Games" list we added the last login time of each round to the game information.
    • Members of the High Command are now allowed to create up to 5 games per months.
    • CoW Mobile: The achievements overview was implemented together with several small improvements and bug fixes.

    As announced last week, we have also taken first steps to rework coalitions in CoW:
    • Coalitions now have a size limit (depending on map size). Check out last week’s announcement to learn about the implications for existing coalitions.
    • Added bigger coalition flags.
    • Fixed coalition member list and application list layout for coalition leaders by implementing smaller buttons with new icons.

    Finally, we fixed a number of bugs, including the following:
    • Fixed missing ranked/unranked info in game details.
    • Fixed supply crates not being enabled in Pacific War maps.
    • Fixed empty team selection menu when certain maps were created as a team game (fixed for new games only)
    • Fixed shop layout for 1024x768 resolutions.
    • Sometimes, the needed amount of players to click the “retire” button was not updated correctly when one of the 3 remaining players got inactive. This has been fixed.

    We hope you like the new game mode as well as all of the other changes and look forward to hearing your feedback.

    Your Call of War team
  • Dear Generals,

    while you check out our new Arms Race event maps, we would like to direct your attention to some planned changes to the way coalitions work in Call of War. Coalitions are an integral part of the game and we love to see you use diplomatic cunning and secret plots to make those temporary but decisive pacts. However, we receive mixed feedback on the way coalitions currently work and will address this with a series of upcoming changes. These will be introduced successively over the next couple of weeks.

    The first important change will be introduced on Tuesday, September 26:
    • Coalitions will have a member limit depending on map size: 0-21p = 2 members, 22-31p = 3 members, 32-50p = 4 members, 51-100p = 5 members.
    • Coalitions currently having more members than the limit allows will keep their members but cannot take in new members until they drop below the allowed limit.
    • Also, coalition flags are now displayed in a bigger size.
    Following later in October we will enable shared win for the now downsized coalitions:
    • Coalitions can win the game together if all members of the coalition combined have 90% of the victory points in the game.
    • Once the coalition victory is released, coalitions have to downsize until they are equal or below the allowed limit to be able to win.
    • Players can still obtain a solo win by reaching the currently required victory points (~60% depending on map).

    Gold and medal rewards for winning a map will be affected as follows:
    • Map victory achievements are still handed out for the 1st place in a map. There will be special achievements for coalition wins.
    • All coalition members will receive the same gold amount based on map size, all other non-winning players in the map receive the old payouts depending on their map rank and victory points.

    Last, but not least we will address a common concern of our players by making coalitions itself optional during game creation:
    • Coalitions can be disabled during game creation, a new search option to filter for those games is also added.

    More details and possible additional features will be disclosed at a later time. We will keep you updated on the release schedule and look forward to your feedback on the forum.

    Your Call of War team