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  • Release Notes - 2020-06-30

    Attention, Generals!

    Today’s update brings several bug fixes to Call of War and Call of War 1.5 game rounds.

    We minimized the chance of revolting provinces joining a nation that is located on the other side of the map, we made sure that players get their rewards after they conquered their supply drops in CoW 1.5 and we resolved an issue that highlighted the wrong unit on the map, when players were searching for a unit ID!

    For a complete overview of all bug fixes in today’s release, please check the list below:

    Call of War 1.5:
    • We resolved an issue that prevented the Patras province on the CoW 1.5 22 player map from having the rare material production the map icon indicates.
      This change will affect newly created game rounds only. Game rounds created before this update are not affected.
    • We resolved an issue that caused an error message being displayed when a player conquered a supply drop.
    • We fixed an issue that caused an icon of a tank being displayed in the army bar of SP anti-air. SP anti-air units now have the correct icon in their army bar.
    • We drastically lowered the possibility that a province joins a faraway country after it revolted.
      Note: This change does not affect the possibility of province revolts in general.
    • We resolved an issue that could prevent several orders from being executed by units when not followed by a movement command.
    • We fixed an issue that caused the wrong unit ID being highlighted on the map, when a unit ID was searched using ctrl + f.
    • We resolved an issue on mobile, that prevented the correct number of daily costs for a unit type being displayed, when the amount was a four digit number or higher.
    • We adjusted the German flag to make it more distinguishable from the Yugoslavian flag.
    • We fixed an issue that prevented players from scrolling the settings tab in the alliance menu on mobile devices.
    We hope you like these updates and wish you best of luck on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team
  • Attention, Generals!

    Reviewing the situation with our Rush for Europe event last weekend, we decided to re-schedule our events in general, to allow the team to have more time to react on potential issues with an event before the weekend starts.

    Please be informed that events from now on will run from Thursdays 11:00 am CET to Mondays 11:00 am CET, instead of Fridays to Tuesdays.

    When you setup your personal event schedules, please keep in mind that the sign-up phases now start and end 24 hours earlier than previously.

    Best of luck on the battlefield!
  • Attention, Generals!

    We noticed an issue with our “Rush for Europe” event that is preventing players from joining several game rounds. Instead of opening the country chooser, a message is displayed informing the player that the map is already full, although this is not the case. This prevents several maps from starting right now.
    We decided to postpone the event until this problem is resolved.
    • Event rounds that already started are not affected, and players in those rounds will be able to continue to play.
    • Players currently waiting for their game round to start, unfortunately will not be able to play the event this weekend. These games will shortly disappear from your “My Games” section.
    We are deeply sorry about the issue, as we know how popular the “Rush for Europe” event is with many of you. We will fix this as soon as possible and run the event on another weekend in the future.

    Your Bytro Team

  • Release Notes - 2020-06-16

    Attention Generals!

    With today’s release we are adding more late game unit skins (we are focusing on Ordnance units this time), adjusting historical unit names in CoW 1.5 and we are also fixing several bugs. In Addition, CoW 1.5 will receive a balancing update, which you can read more about by going here. These balancing changes will only apply to game rounds that are created after the update and will not affect existing game rounds.

    Please find a complete list of today’s new features and bug fixes below.

    New Features:
    • We added new early and late game skins for Ordnance units. Units with different skins are:
      • Anti Tank
      • Artillery
      • Anti Air
      • SP Anti Air
      • SP Artillery

    • We changed the floating tooltip text of the patrol command to more accurately reflect its function.
    • We added the current refueling time of a unit to the army bar and the floating tooltip.
    • The time it takes for a plane to refuel is now displayed in the building details panel of buildings that allow refueling.
    • We adjusted historical names for some Allies, Comintern and Axis units according to community feedback.
    • The game end timer will now start appearing 7 days before the round ends. Until now it was visible for the entire round duration. In Addition, the “game information”- tab in the newspaper now displays the time until the round ends.
    • We made balancing changes to Call of War 1.5.
    Bug Fixes:
    • We fixed a bug that caused the Fire Control icon on the map to be displayed in the wrong spot.
    • We fixed a bug that caused the image for the Dominion end game timer to be displayed in non-dominion maps.
    • We fixed a bug that prevented the ranged attack arrow from being displayed consistently.
    • We fixed a bug on mobile that prevented players from scrolling down when reading a message that exceeded the initial message space.
    • We fixed a bug on mobile that caused the small plus icons to be missing when using the “add army” functionality.
    We hope you will enjoy the new unit skins and other additions and we wish you good luck on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team
  • CoW 1.5 balancing changelog - 2020-06-16

    The following changes are available in new game rounds of Call of War 1.5, which are created after the update. This is to not influence any ongoing military operations or strategies in older rounds.

    • Decreased Food cost of Barracks and added Metal cost to Barracks for a more balanced resource distribution.
    • Decreased costs of Capitol building to make relocating capitals more viable.
    • Increased manpower production boost from Industry to 120% at maximum level to alleviate manpower shortages in later stages of the game.
    • Increased manpower production boost from Local Industry to 240% at maximum level to alleviate manpower shortages in later stages of the game.
    • Slightly reduced construction times of Industry and Local Industry to be more on par with other buildings.
    • Reduced building speedup costs, because they were too high on later levels.
    • Aircraft Factory: Reduced refueling time for the first building level to 30 minutes and changed subsequent levels to lower the refueling time by 5 minutes each. This makes Aircraft Factories more consistent with Airstrips.
    • Decreased research times of Mechanized Infantry to incentivize researching it.
    • Decreased day of availability of Mechanized Infantry to make it a more viable alternative in the mid game.
    • Increased research times of Rocket Artillery to account for fewer researchable levels.
    • Increased research times of Attack Bomber to account for fewer researchable levels.
    • Slightly decreased research costs of Attack Bombers to be consistent with its lowered production cost.
    • Decreased research times for technologies which are available on day 2 (in the base balancing) to better smooth out waiting times between early game and mid game.
    • Made research times more consistent for units which unlock earlier or later in different Doctrines to adhere to the bonuses specified in the Doctrine overview table.
    • Reduced damage of Rocket Artillery & SP Rocket Artillery, because it was just too strong.
    • Slightly increased cost of Motorized Infantry to better match its strength.
    • Reduced hitpoints and damage of early levels of Mechanized Infantry to account for its new earlier availability.
    • Decreased manpower costs of Rockets to account for their one-time use.
    • Slightly reduced build time of rockets to make them more viable.
    • Decreased manpower costs of Flying Bomb to account for their one-time use.
    • Increased Commando’s damage vs. unarmored targets and decreased its damage vs. light armored targets to be more realistic.
    • Slightly reduced Medium Tank’s damage to account for its rather early availability.
    • Slightly increased damage of Anti Tank units.
    • Tweaked damage progression of Tank Destroyer and Heavy Tank to be more consistent.
    • Decreased cost of Attack Bomber to account for its lower range and hitpoints compared to other bombers.
    • Increased Attack Bomber’s damage vs. heavy armor to make it more viable.
    • Increased range of Naval bomber to make it more viable.
    • Increased damage of Naval Bomber to account for high hitpoint values of ships and to make it more viable.
    • Enabled Tactical Bomber to land on Aircraft Carriers on level 1, to incentivize carrier usage.
    • Aircraft carrier: Reduced aircraft refueling time to 30min to be consistent with new refueling times for Aircraft Factories and Airstrips.
    • Increased Cruiser’s damage vs. aircrafts to make it more consistent with Anti Air.
    • Increased speed of all ships (including transports) by 25% to make traversal of large oceans faster.
    • Increased Battleship's and Cruiser's damage vs. structures to make them more viable in coastal control operations.
    • Reduced unit speedup costs on later levels, because they were too high.
    • Lowered condition boost costs of select units with higher amounts of hitpoints, in order for their costs to be closer to units with lower amounts of hitpoints.
    • production costs, especially manpower, for higher unit levels now increase less steeply. This addresses resource shortages in later stages of the game.
    • Adjusted ranking factors based on new unit roles and unit strengths, since the old values did not reflect the new balancing. Higher unit levels now also grant higher ranking points than lower unit levels.
    • 100 player World at War map: Increased the range of positive morale influence of the capital, making the morale penalty max out further away from the capital. This is done to help with morale management on this large map size; future maps will have this morale range adjusted as well based on their map size.
    • Several menus: Replaced some historical unit names to make them more accurate, based on community feedback. This change affects also existing CoW 1.5 rounds in contrast to the other changes in this list, which only affect new game rounds.

    We hope you like these changes and are looking forward to more feedback from you!