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  • New

    Attention, generals!

    Today’s update brings new WebGL shaders to Call of War. The new shaders replace the current ones which will improve map performance and alter the look of our maps slightly. We tried to incorporate some of the feedback our Canvas veterans provided, who used to play with the removed Canvas graphics mode until the very end.

    New gradient effects were added, contrasts were tweaked and distance fog effects and new ways to render coastal waves were implemented. We also adjusted the color balance in the moral view mode to make it less bright, and the color saturation when zooming in on the map was reduced across all view modes. In the low graphics mode, the alternative to the removed Canvas graphics mode, the color saturation was reduced in general.

    Apart from the mentioned changes, we also resolved various bugs in the game. For a complete overview, please see the list below:

    • New WebGL shaders were implemented and replace currently used shaders to improve map performance and user experience.
      • Land masses stand out more now, as a new gradient effect is displayed from the inner land mass towards the coast. This change also makes the map appear a little less bright.
      • According to player feedback, the contrast of non-core province stripes has been reduced in all available view modes.
      • Coastal waves are rendered in a new way.
      • A slight distance fog effect was added that is displayed when you zoom out on a map.
      • The color balance in the morale view mode was adjusted by decreasing the color saturation to make it less bright.
      • The color saturation when zooming in closely on a map was reduced in all view modes, according to player feedback.
      • The color saturation in the low graphics mode was reduced in general.
      • The intensity of the red pulsating stripes for revolting provinces was reduced in the mid and high graphics mode.
    Bug fixes:
    • The Damage Building button used to be displayed for Capital provinces on mobile devices, even when no building was built in the province. This was changed now. The button is only available in case there are buildings in a province (including Capitals).
    • An issue was resolved that could prevent players from deactivating Rally points once set.
    • A bug on mobile devices was fixed that could cause the “treasure found” icon to overlap with the “supply drop” icon. If both icons are displayed, they are shown below each other.
    • A bug was fixed that caused an error message to be displayed when the page was refreshed while the Support Request Form was open.
    • An issue was resolved that could prevent positioning of units to be displayed. Positioning dots are now always displayed for all units to make micromanaging armies on the map more consistent.
    • A bug was fixed that caused submarines to be displayed on top of other certain units. Submarines are now always displayed at the bottom in case several units are displayed at the same location.
    • An issue was resolved that could cause some sections of a unit's movement line to turn invisible unless it was hovered over/highlighted. The complete movement line of units is now visible again.
    • An issue on the Europe - Clash of Nations 22 Player map was resolved, that allowed players to build harbors at the great lakes in Detroit and Toronto, although the lakes have no connection to the ocean. The option to build harbors in those provinces and the sea connection from these cities to the lakes were removed.
      • This change affects newly created game rounds only. Existing game rounds are not affected by this change.
    • Several bugs on various maps have been fixed, including spelling mistakes, incorrect flags and road connections.
    • Some Classic Gamerounds that were not ended with the previous release due to an issue, have been ended now.
    We hope you like the changes made and wish you all the best on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team

  • Release Notes - 2021-04-27

    Attention, generals!

    Today’s update implements a supply drop timer icon and info popups for generals that play on the mobile app in the game. The timer will appear as soon as a supply drop is available to you on the map, while an info popup will provide information on its exact location. Should you conquer it, another info popup will reveal the contents of the supply drop to you.

    We also fixed various bugs this week. One of which happens to be the handy lasso tool, that allows you to easily select multiple units on a map. On some maps the lasso was, although functioning, not visible to players. Luckily this is a thing of the past now, and the tool is displayed correctly on all maps again.

    To learn what else was updated and fixed today, please check the list below for a complete overview on all changes:

    • When hitting the back button on your mobile device while inside a game round or on the overview screen a popup will open that lets you exit the app.
    • All Call of War Classic game rounds that were still running have been ended and Classic games have been removed as an option when creating a game round.
    • A supply drop timer icon is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen on mobile devices now, should a supply drop be available on the map.
    • An info popup now informs you on mobile devices, when a supply drop is available in a province.
    • Another info popup was added in the app, that informs you about the contents of a supply drop once you secured it.
    • Players on desktop can now test an early development version of the new beta client.
      • The beta client allows for faster and easier implementation of improvements, functions and display options that are not feasible with the current client once fully fleshed out.
      • Please note that this is an early beta stage of the client and that aspects, features, functionalities, and appearance might change with future updates.
      • You find a button to switch to the new beta client in the account settings. Once switched, closing the tab and reopening it will open the last chosen setting. To switch back to the old client, re-visit the account settings in the new beta client.
    Bug fixes:
    • An issue was resolved that prevented the lasso tool, which allows for the selection of multiple units at once, to be displayed on certain maps.
    • A bug was resolved that caused the user interface to become unresponsive, when the forgotten password popup was closed on desktop.
    • The autocompletion of usernames in the name dropdown menu when writing a message is working correctly again.
    • An issue in the mobile app was resolved that caused the link to the Call of War Wiki on the Country Chooser in some game rounds to open a blank page. When clicking the link, the Wiki is opened correctly now.
    • A bug on desktop was fixed, that caused airplanes in convoy mode to display the speed value of the airplane mode in the army bar. Airplanes in convoy mode now display the speed value of the convoy in the army bar.
    • An issue on mobile was resolved that caused submarines to be displayed on top of certain units.
    • A bug was fixed that prevented the input in the password field to be hidden by **** when trying to change the password in the account settings.
    We hope you like the new supply drop time on mobile, and that the bug fixes help you to be victorious in all the battles to come.

    Your Bytro Team
  • General:
    • When a player loses all provinces, the player is now marked as defeated even when still being active, and loses any possibility to make a comeback in the game round.
      • This change streamlines our victory and loss conditions and removes frustrating moments like dealing with leftover armies.
    • The access detection for Android devices was improved. This prevents the app to inform you about a connection loss, although your device is connected to the internet.
    • Several info texts were added on mobile to inform you that no messages are in your in- or outbox and in case no conversations are available in messages or trades.
    • When tapping the back button on mobile devices a popup appears that asks you whether you would like to close the app.
    • Country names on the map now allow for more characters in the same line of a country’s name. This change prevents unwanted line breaks in a country's name.
    • Country names on the map allow for an even bigger font size now, allowing the country name to be displayed even larger on the map, if the occupied area supports it.
    • Country names and flags are now displayed in diplomatic messages on mobile devices instead of the leader's name. This makes it easier to identify which country you are currently communicating with.
      • With this change we also reworked the country flags and names displayed in several communication areas on desktop.
    • The minimum requirements for Android devices were slightly increased to avoid negative user experiences on older devices.
    • Please note, that all still-running Call of War Classic game rounds will be ended on April 27th 2021. Should you be currently playing a Call of War Classic game round, please keep this date in mind, to avoid any inconvenience.

    Bug Fixes:

    • A bug was fixed that allowed planes without scouting abilities to reveal stealth units when they were part of a stack of mixed units.
    • A bug on mobile devices was fixed that prevented connection points at sea to be displayed on the map.
    • An issue on desktop was resolved that caused you to see the stats and values of your own transport ship's doctrine and research level when selecting the transport ship of another player. Now the correct unit stats of that player's unit, including doctrine and research level, are displayed.
    • A bug on mobile devices was fixed that prioritized the "bombarded by" status over the Travel location & Travel time in the army bar. This could have caused theTravel time & Travel location to not be visible.

    • An issue was resolved that prevented the logout button on desktop to work if you used Firefox or Safari browsers to play the game.
    • A bug was fixed that could cause the number of units of an army being displayed below the army image, if the image extended a certain size.
    • An issue was resolved that prevented the refueling time that was displayed in tooltips in speed rounds to be adjusted with the speed factor of the game round. The timers in the tooltip when hovering over an army are adjusted with the speed factor of the game round now.
    • A desktop bug was fixed that prevented the right number of current blueprints to be displayed in the popup that was shown when a new blueprint was acquired by capturing a supply drop.
    • An issue on mobile devices was resolved that could cause selected enemy, neutral or allied units to disappear when scrolling or zooming the map.
  • General:

    • When you join an event in Call of War you do not have to wait until all available player slots are filled. Event maps now start immediately when they are created by the system.
    • Rockets, Flying Bombs, Battleships and Strategic Bombers now deal an increased amount of morale damage.
    • The Green Devil achievement description for Paratroopers was adjusted to hint that only Paratroopers produced in airplane mode count towards this achievement.
    • When zooming out on the map, the army labels no longer disappear anymore, but change their appearance to smaller versions of the labels again
      • The smaller version does not show icon nor numbers, but retains their colors to give you the ability to identify where your own, allied or enemy units are stationed when zoomed out far.
    • A gold confirmation popup is now available on desktop, to avoid spending it by mistake.
      • The confirmation popup can be activated in the game settings.
    • The old “Canvas” graphic mode was disabled.
      • Players who still used the old “Canvas” graphic mode can switch to the available “Low Graphics Mode” as an alternative in the account settings on desktop and mobile devices.

    Bug Fixes:
    • A bug was fixed that caused the army label of a defending army to display the status “Bombarded by”, although the army was in close combat.
    • An issue was resolved that caused the gold icon of the gold production/construction speedup to be positioned incorrectly on the screen.
    • A bug was fixed that could trigger an error message, when the research of the Atomic Bomb was skipped.
    • An issue was resolved that could turn planes on carriers at sea into convoy trucks when sending on patrol. In some cases the planes did not fly directly to their patrol area, but took a detour to an airfield to refuel.
    • A bug on mobile devices was fixed, that prevented the confirmation screen from being displayed when purchasing a blueprint for any elite unit with gold.
    • An issue on mobile devices was resolved, that prevented the title for scenarios from being centered when the title was too long to be displayed in just one line.
    • A bug was fixed that prevented the standard moving animations from being displayed when moving units

  • Attention, Generals!

    Today’s update brings some quality of life improvements and bug fixes. The building details of provinces now inform you about the hitpoints of the selected building on mobile devices. Country names are displayed more centralized, making them true eye candy. Last but not least, game rounds now have their own chats, allowing communication with players within your game round without having to rely on global chat.

    For a complete overview of all changes, please check the list below:

    • Building hitpoints are now displayed in the building details of selected provinces on mobile devices.
    • Country names are now displayed near the center of a country, instead of close to the capitol. This change avoids issues with skewed country names on certain maps.
    • Country names are now only displayed in the 3 biggest areas of a country, if a country happens to have several separated areas on the map.
    • The “ingame” chat channel was re-introduced to the game. Only players of the game round you are currently playing have access to this chat.
    • The 1-3 dots indicating the army size were removed from the army bar. The 1-3 dot indicator in the army labels was replaced with actual numbers in a previous update, making the corresponding dots in the army bar obsolete.
    • On desktop, when hovering over a unit’s image in the split army dialog the unit’s name is displayed in a tooltip, making it easier to differentiate the units.
    • Information about morale penalties for being at war were removed from the tooltip of the war icon in the diplomacy menu, as the morale penalty for being at war was removed with a previous update.
    • A Huawei AppGallery button was added to the Call of War website.
    • Mobile users do not get a floating tooltip anymore stating “Not yet accepted” for games they cannot join due to a minimum rank requirement. Instead, players are now informed about the rank requirement when tapping on the greyed out “Join” button.
    • Information of day and month were added to the newspaper. Additionally to the ingame day of the game round, the newspaper now also informs you about the real life date, making it easier for you to find certain information if needed.
      • On maps with a higher speed factor the real life date does not change for several in game days.
    Bug Fixes:
    • A bug was fixed that caused rewarded units and additional tutorial units not being adjusted to the doctrine of a player.
    • The floating tooltip of an army now shows the correct travel time when moving it between own and enemy territory. Travel times displayed in the army bar and in the floating tooltip are now identical.
    • Missing damage icons were added in the unit details in the production menu.
    • An issue was resolved that prevented the confirmation screen from being displayed on mobile devices, when Blueprints were purchased.
    • A bug was fixed that caused the health bar of buildings in espionage reports on mobile devices to be displayed too dark.
    • An issue was resolved that caused a line break in the names of some rural provinces that had names longer than 10 characters.
    • A bug was fixed that could cause an error message with some players when those players tried to collect an achievement.
    • A bug was fixed that prevented the army health from being reflected in the damage efficiency and damage potential displayed in the army bar and army info popup.
    We hope all these changes and bug fixes improve your game experience even more!

    Your Bytro Team