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  • Dear Generals,

    Today we are bringing you more game improvements to lift our WebGL fueled rendering engine to the next level. Not only is it looking better than ever, it also feels smoother and more performant. Because we are confident in it’s quality, the WebGL renderer is now made the default renderer for our desktop and mobile version. We want to thank everyone for your initiative to give feedback and report bugs. You can look forward to even more improvements in the future!

    We are also happy to announce that the 25 player historical world map is playable again! The creation of this map was disabled in the last 2 weeks due to a bug. While the bug is not yet fixed, we decided that we don’t want you to wait much longer. For that reason we enabled a previous bug free map version, while the newest version is still in repair.
    With this release we are also tackling an important activity issue of the 25 player map. Our data shows that in the past it was hardly ever getting full, resulting in early abandoned games. For that reason this map will now be regularly created by our automated system instead of being creatable by players. New rounds will be automatically opened once an existing one is full or when enough time has passed. We think that this change will result in higher activity and exciting long lasting battles on this map. We will monitor the results of this change and make a final decision once we fixed the new map version. You can look forward to an historically even more accurate version, and a special historical event coming early next year.

    Finally, here is a detailed list of this week’s improvements:

    • The construction and production menus now don’t occasionally jump back to the top anymore.
    • WebGL: We improved the visuals of province names, capital names and victory points. This will give you a better overview and additionally improve the performance.
    • WebGL: We improved the visuals of the water and coasts.
    • WebGL: The attack timers are not hiding behind the war indicators at the province borders anymore.
    • WebGL: A new embarking/disembarking symbol is shown, similar to the attack timer.
    • WebGL: The projectiles of ranged fire were sometimes not visible anymore, we fixed this bug.
    • WebGL: When zooming the camera far out the ranged projectiles, resource icons, province borders and urban province names are not displayed anymore for better overview.
    • WebGL: Unit images on the map have been increased when zooming out to make them more visible.
    • WebGL: Rocket images now show properly after launching them.
    • WebGL: Results of some spy actions were not visible instantly, this problem has been fixed. Also the spy symbols have improved visibility and are no longer rendered behind province names.
    • WebGL: The preview flight area for airplanes is back.
    • WebGL: The dashed attack range preview when dragging units has been added.
    • WebGL: We adjusted the coloring of the unit paths for moving and attacking to give a better indication of units’ current tasks and directions.
    • WebGL: Force march path colors are properly displayed again on the map.

    We hope you enjoy today’s update and keep all the feedback coming.

    Your Call of War team.
  • Dear generals,

    today we not only have a new update with some bug fixes and an exciting new feature, but also some shop related information to share. In the upcoming weeks some you will notice that the payment providers we offered will change. After looking into new and better options to provide a fast and secure way to process shop transactions we joined forces with Goodgame Studios. The shop will still look the same, but you will see some new payment methods while old ones have been removed. We are confident that there is still a wide range of different payment providers, which every player is able to choose from. Please keep in mind that if you selected fast check-out options (for example for Paypal) you may have to enter your details again. If you encounter any problems feel free to send a support ticket. This change will take some time until it is going to be available for every single player.

    With our last update we implemented auto generated usernames for mobile users to make it easier for new players to take a look at our game. At the same time we do not want to force a name upon our players, which they do not like, therefore every user in our Call of War community will be able to change their name for free. Keep in mind, this option is only available once. The option to change the username can be found in the account settings. It also may take up to one hour until the name is updated in all games, rankings etc.

    Further improvements and bug fixes:

    • The newspaper no longer shows the same coalition flag for every player in the game round.
    • All mountains are now displayed correctly on the 100 player world map while using the WebGL renderer.
    • Victory points will be displayed correctly while using WebGL.
    • We had cases where units could not be selected on the world map. This should not happen anymore.
    • We added some map improvements regarding historical correctness on the historical world map, which will apply for new game rounds
    • mobile: The alliance details menu is scrollable again.
    • mobile: The text won’t automatically resize anymore on some Android devices.
    • mobile: Joining back into a game round that was already loaded works again without problems.
    We hope you like this update! Feel free to give us feedback in the forums.

    Your Call of War team.

  • Dear generals,

    it has already been some days since WebGL has become available for everyone in Call of War. Now we would like to share some YouTube content with you, produced by two players who were invited by us to an internal tournament with game designers and developers. The purpose was to intensively test the new engine with us on our Beta servers and record the battle heat into some awesome YouTube content.

    As the tournament has ended now, we would like to share their experiences and videos with you. A big thank you to everyone participating in this game and do not forget to check out their channels:

    Sky Badger (EN):

    Herr Sajan (DE):

    Your Call of War Team

  • Dear generals,

    Music, laughter, food and beer: The Oktoberfest is here.
    To celebrate this German Volksfest we will host speed maps over several days. We may not be able to offer you liters of beer, but we can surely provide you with a lot of fun, awesome action and sleepless nights. Put on some Volksmusik and try your best to earn double winning rewards for solo and coalition victories. Additionally the event does not have any minimum rank restriction, all players are welcome to join!
    • sign-up period: (2018/09/28, 11 AM CEST - 2018/10/08, 11 AM CEST)
    • 4x speed
    • starts-when-full
    • random country selection
    • players flagged as inactive after 48 real-life hours
    • AI & human player peace period of 24 real-life hours
    • fixed runtime of 14 real life days after the game started (if not won earlier)

    Also, we will have a special offer for you on one of the event days to add some Gold to your belongings during the event, so don’t forget to log in daily to not miss out.

    You Call of War team

  • Welcoming new players and making the Call of War community grow is one of our main concerns. Having an active community results into active and enjoyable game rounds, but especially for new players it can be quite challenging to grasp all the aspects and the strategic depth that Call of War has to offer. Diplomacy and managing your economy, for example, is a core element of the game, but new players barely get in touch with these features in their first session. Therefore we decided to adjust the current tutorial to make it easier for new players to understand and interact with the game.
    The new tutorial map will be available for all players. We also encourage experienced players to take initiative and help new players by sharing some tips and tricks. Furthermore, tutorial maps will not only be played with two times speed but also with a 50% reduced attack timer which will allow new players to use all core features of the game and interact more with the game in the beginning to discover different core functionalities and strategies. To make use of these faster timers additional units have been added to the already existing stacks for each general.

    Please keep in mind that we are currently testing this new tutorial and that there is a chance that this map will not be available anymore at some point, this means running game rounds will continue until a winner has been determined, but there won’t be new rounds created.

    Details about the new tutorial map:

    • The map size has been reduced by 25%.
    • The map is being played on two times speed.
    • Start resources are increased by 25% for all players and a minor resource production boost has been applied.
    • All players have equally balanced resource production.
    • Two out of the five urban provinces have double production of a random resource.
    • Every player has the following armies available at start: 30x Infantry, 2x Interceptor, 6x Armored Car, 3x Artillery, 3x Light Tank, 2x Submarine, 1 Tactical Bomber, 2x Destroyer, 5x Anti-Air, 5x Anti-Tank.

    Your Call of War Team