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  • Dear Generals,

    Did you ever want to take the reigns of the smaller nations that participated in World War 2? Now is the time, because according to the motto ‘all countries, all-in’ you can choose any historical nation that existed in 1939 in this Event. Try to grow a small country into a big empire or pick an established superpower and surround yourself with allies. Recreate history or conquer the whole world in this historical battle scenario!

    Event Details:
    • Sign-up period: 2019/02/08, 11 AM CET - 2019/02/12, 11 AM CET
    • Historical world map with borders of 1939
    • 73 players: Every nation of 1939 playable
    • No AI countries
    • Random country selection
    • Starts-when-full
    • Starting conditions are balanced historically
    • AI & human player peace period of 24 real-life hours
    • 2x speed
    During the sign-up period the event maps can be found at the top of the games list. Join these event map to participate. We wish you good luck and much fun!

    Please give us feedback! :)

    Your Bytro team

  • Dear Generals,

    With this release we are bringing you some hot and new improvements which are much needed in this cold season! Now you are finally able to experience all of our convenient coalition features in team games as well, including a shared chat for all team members. We even added some additional features to make playing in teams or coalitions a better experience.
    We also fulfilled another big request: You can now use the handy Event log in the PC version of Call of War. In it you can see a list of what happened in your game round, even while you were offline!
    But that is not all, we released even more improvements, including a graphics update in the WebGL renderer, new loading screens and a new language option in the mobile version, as well as many bug fixes. Be sure to check out the detailed summary of all features and fixes below!

    See below a detailed list of all changes and improvements:

    Team & coalition games:

    • Enabled shared team chat and diplomatic team conversation in team games.
    • Enabled automatic transferal of re-conquered allied core provinces to the original owner in team games.
    • Enabled shared team victory rewards and achievements in team games.
    • Anti betrayal measures: Players of a team or a coalition can no longer change their relation to members of other teams or coalitions to anything better than peace (e.g. shared map is not possible).
    • Team players who become inactive no longer degrade their relation to Right of Way but stay at Shared map at all times.
    • Removed team balancer: Players can now choose their team freely and don’t need to even out teams in the selection process.
    • In team games solo victory points and solo rewards are no longer displayed in the Newspaper, as they are not used.
    Graphics improvements:

    • Implemented awesome new loading screen layout and pictures.
    • Finally! Province names are now displayed again for all provinces in the WebGL renderer (you may need to toggle them on in the game settings).
    • Implemented 3D relief for map terrain in WebGL renderer for more immersion.
    • Improved color palette of the morale view option in the WebGL renderer. Look at this lush green map!
    General improvements:

    • Implemented the ingame event log in the PC version, which lists all events, including those that happen while players are not online.
    • Upcoming and current Event maps are now advertised at the top of the main website in the PC version, including a timer which shows the sign-up period. Click on the new event tiles to get more details on each event, as event details will no longer be posted in the general news. Brand new event maps are coming very soon!
    • Players can now switch their language in the settings menu in the mobile app of Call of War.
    • Players now drop out of games within 10 minutes instead of 60 minutes when not choosing a country, to prevent blocking game starts for too long.
    • Added line breaks for long button texts in the mobile interface to make them readable.
    • Added support button on the website in the mobile version so that mobile users can write tickets outside of their game rounds.
    • Added a flag and info popup for beta games (frontline pioneer games) to make it more clear that these are test games.
    • Improved unit positioning and selection in WebGL renderer.
    Bug fixes:

    • There was a common issue where players could seemingly buy something from the stock market but did not receive the resources. This could happen when someone else bought the offer faster than the player, before the market interface was refreshed. In that case the money was deducted by a “buy offer” which was placed in the market instead of buying the resource. The market now refreshes much more often to prevent this issue.
    • Fixed a case where push notifications could not be sent in the iOS version.
    • Players of anonymous rounds are no longer revealed in push notification texts.
    • Fixed incorrect timestamps in the event log on speed maps or when speeding up constructions.
    • Research times are now displayed correctly again on speed maps in the mobile version.
    • Trade offers are now using the correct real timestamp instead of the ingame time in Speed maps.
    • Fixed an issue for some players where the toggle option for the WebGL renderer was not visible in the game settings.
    Since this was a big release, there can be some hiccups, which will be fixed swiftly afterwards. We hope you all like the changes in this huge update! Tell us your favourite part in the forum comments!

    Your Call of War team

  • Dear Call of War players,

    The year 2018 is coming to an end. For us it was a year of change, with big challenges and many technological innovations. The introduction of such changes does not always go smoothly and takes some time to get used to. Therefore we want to give a big THANK YOU to you, our players, for your endurance, your feedback and your support! We will continue to strive for bringing you the best strategy game experience possible.

    We also want to thank our loyal support team for pouring countless hours into helping our community. Your work is very appreciated and makes our community a better place!

    We hope you are all in good spirits and enjoy one of our Christmas event games. In 2019 we will improve the game in many different aspects and develop even more content and features, with the help of you! With that in mind all of us at Bytro wish everyone of you happy holidays and a successful new year 2019!

    Your Call of War team
  • Dear Generals,

    With today’s update we are excited to release the speedy Tutorial Mode as default starting scenario for new users! This will give new players the opportunity to learn all aspects of the game in a faster and action packed game round. Experienced players are still allowed to join these maps as well - please be nice to our newest community members and help them out where you can!

    Additionally we release the following bug fixes and improvements:
    • Alliance ranking: The profiles of all alliances can now be opened again without workarounds.
    • Tutorial: An overhauled and improved Tutorial will make it easier for new PC and mobile players to enter the game.
    • Speed maps: The combat icon timers now show a correct progression from unfilled to filled instead of starting half way through.
    • Speed maps: The correct time values are shown again for speeding up production.
    • Speed maps: Real life dates and times are now displayed for diplomacy messages and newspaper articles instead of the sped-up ingame dates.
    • Speed maps: We fixed a bug that led to strange flickering of the production time preview while a production was ongoing.
    • Speed maps: The production menu now shows the correct build times after a production is started.
    • Tutorial mode speed map: The air patrol timer now correctly takes a fourth of the time of the regular combat timer.
    • WebGL: We made further improvements regarding WebGL to reduce the memory usage and crashes.
    • WebGL: The attack timer icon is now also displayed for ranged units for a better combat overview.
    • WebGL: We improved the rendering size of ranged attack arrows on different zoom levels.
    • WebGL: We removed the faulty ranged attack arrow artifacts that sometimes remained when combat was already over.
    • WebGL: The province colors when selecting non-core provinces are now displayed correctly.

    Pack your warmest clothes and fastest sleds for our new ‘Call of Christmas’ event! In this exclusively available event map remnants of the ‘Third Reich’ have kidnapped the world’s biggest industrialist (Codename: Santa) in Antarctica to capitalize on his skills.

    Your mission: Conquer and hold two of three Control Points for four ingame days to free Santa and win all his riches (50000 gold!).

    To spice things up, we removed a lot of AI provinces and made all player countries completely conquerable. Additionally most resources on the map are now concentrated in several resource hotspots.
    What will be your strategy? Will you secure the Control Points for an early victory or will you fight over the valuable resource hotspots to sustain your army? Decide wisely and strike fast to save Christmas!

    Event details:

    - sign-up period: 2018/12/14 11.00 AM CET - 2018/12/28 11.00 AM CET
    - 2x speed
    - All provinces conquerable
    - No coalitions
    - Winner receives 50000 Gold
    - random country selection
    - starts-when-full
    - AI & human player peace period of 24 real-life hours

    Your Call of War team
  • Dear Generals,

    Today we are bringing you more game improvements to lift our WebGL fueled rendering engine to the next level. Not only is it looking better than ever, it also feels smoother and more performant. Because we are confident in it’s quality, the WebGL renderer is now made the default renderer for our desktop and mobile version. We want to thank everyone for your initiative to give feedback and report bugs. You can look forward to even more improvements in the future!

    We are also happy to announce that the 25 player historical world map is playable again! The creation of this map was disabled in the last 2 weeks due to a bug. While the bug is not yet fixed, we decided that we don’t want you to wait much longer. For that reason we enabled a previous bug free map version, while the newest version is still in repair.
    With this release we are also tackling an important activity issue of the 25 player map. Our data shows that in the past it was hardly ever getting full, resulting in early abandoned games. For that reason this map will now be regularly created by our automated system instead of being creatable by players. New rounds will be automatically opened once an existing one is full or when enough time has passed. We think that this change will result in higher activity and exciting long lasting battles on this map. We will monitor the results of this change and make a final decision once we fixed the new map version. You can look forward to an historically even more accurate version, and a special historical event coming early next year.

    Finally, here is a detailed list of this week’s improvements:

    • The construction and production menus now don’t occasionally jump back to the top anymore.
    • WebGL: We improved the visuals of province names, capital names and victory points. This will give you a better overview and additionally improve the performance.
    • WebGL: We improved the visuals of the water and coasts.
    • WebGL: The attack timers are not hiding behind the war indicators at the province borders anymore.
    • WebGL: A new embarking/disembarking symbol is shown, similar to the attack timer.
    • WebGL: The projectiles of ranged fire were sometimes not visible anymore, we fixed this bug.
    • WebGL: When zooming the camera far out the ranged projectiles, resource icons, province borders and urban province names are not displayed anymore for better overview.
    • WebGL: Unit images on the map have been increased when zooming out to make them more visible.
    • WebGL: Rocket images now show properly after launching them.
    • WebGL: Results of some spy actions were not visible instantly, this problem has been fixed. Also the spy symbols have improved visibility and are no longer rendered behind province names.
    • WebGL: The preview flight area for airplanes is back.
    • WebGL: The dashed attack range preview when dragging units has been added.
    • WebGL: We adjusted the coloring of the unit paths for moving and attacking to give a better indication of units’ current tasks and directions.
    • WebGL: Force march path colors are properly displayed again on the map.

    We hope you enjoy today’s update and keep all the feedback coming.

    Your Call of War team.