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    Welcome to the secret forum, General!

    We hope nobody followed you. The fact that you consult us here, surely proves that you completed the general briefing issued for all generals. Let’s talk about some more details on what changes you can expect when facing the enemy in our second test event for Call of War 1.5.

    The following post describes which new features are added to the CoW 1.5 version playable in the second CoW 1.5 Event, coming from the first CoW 1.5 Event. This post does not describe all the changes from the current CoW 1.0 version to CoW 1.5. Those changes were explained in the news for the first CoW 1.5 Event.

    Unit upgrading:

    • Units on the map can now be manually upgraded to the highest level that was already researched.
    • A small icon in the army bar as well as a big “upgrade” action button indicate that an army contains an upgradeable unit.
    • Upgrading can be done everywhere on the map, except for land units which can’t upgrade on water. Upgrading flying units will prompt them to land before starting the upgrade.
    • To upgrade, click on the “upgrade” button, this will open a popup showing the resource costs, upgrade time and which units of the army will be upgraded.
    • Upgrading currently costs as much as the target level is costing to be produced, and is taking 50% of the minimum production time of the target level.
    • When multiple units are upgraded at the same time, the resource costs are summed up, while the time is not - instead the time value of the unit in the selection with the highest upgrade time is used.
    • When confirming the upgrade action, all eligible units in the selected army will split off from their army and start the upgrade process. This process can not be stopped.
    • During upgrading the upgrading units are immobile and can only defend, they can move again once the upgrading process is over.
    Production requirements & minimum production time

    • All unit levels can now be produced again with the first level of their production building.
    • Lower unit levels can not be produced anymore after a higher unit level was researched.
    • Higher unit levels have a vastly increased maximum production time.
    • The production buildings now grant a vast production speed boost to the units they are producing, to lower the long default production times of the higher unit levels.
    • Each unit has a minimum production time - the production time can not be lowered below this value.
    • Production times of lower unit levels can only be reduced slightly, if at all, while production times of higher unit levels can be lowered drastically.
    • In a nutshell: Upgrading production buildings is important when producing stronger units or higher unit levels.
    Interface changes

    • The province list is by default filtered to display only urban provinces, as these are the most important provinces for building an army. This also makes the province list of larger empires much less cluttered.
    • There is a button in the province list which toggles showing all provinces in the list on and off, for the occasional construction in non-urban provinces.
    • An “Ordnance” tab was added to the research and production menu, which includes the units produced in the Ordnance Foundry-
    Map look changes

    • Urban province now have a slightly darker texture and a thicker province border, to stand out from the surrounding provinces.
    • Resource icons and victory points are now displayed directly below provinces, to make it more clear which province they belong to.
    • Resource icons and victory points now have a semi-transparent squared background to make them stand out more.
    • The country flag is now displayed in the name label of the capital, for better visibility and style.
    • The capital label has now a slightly darker tone than the labels of other urban provinces.
    • When zooming out only the capital name will be displayed on the map, for a less cluttered view.
    • These changes only apply to the advanced graphics version (default version, can be toggled on/off in the game settings)
    For the changes on balancing, please visit this forum post
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    Welcome to the secret forum, General!

    We hope nobody followed you. The fact that you consult us here, surely proves that you completed the general briefing issued for all generals. Let’s talk about some more details on what changes you can expect when facing the enemy in our second test event for Call of War 1.5.

    The following list describes what we changed from CoW1.5 Event #1 to CoW1.5 Event #2, it does not describe changes from the current CoW 1.0 version to CoW 1.5. Those changes were explained in the news for the first CoW 1.5 Event.

    General Balancing:

    • Based on the community’s feedback, units and buildings do not require every kind of resource anymore. This is to allow players to fine tune their economic strategy more.
      • Buildings and units now never require more than 3 different main resources, meaning that at least 2 resources are not needed to produce them.
      • Cost and build times were adjusted all over the board
    • In order to improve the general overview, we implemented “Ordnance” as a production and research category.
      • The following units are part of this new category:
      • - Anti Air
      • - Anti Tank
      • - Artillery
      • - SP Artillery
      • - SP Anti Air
      • As part of this rework we changed the name of the Armored category to Tanks, and moved the Mechanized Infantry from the Tank to the Infantry category.
    Map Balancing:

    • We realized that providing Aircraft Industry right from the start skews player’s early game strategy too much into the air tech branch.
      • As we want players to be free to choose any strategy they like, without the game directing them too much into a certain direction, we decided to remove Aircraft Industries from all countries.
      • All countries are now equipped with one Airstrip and one airplane in a non-urban province at the beginning of a gameround to still allow for early scouting.
    • Based on the community’s feedback we diversified resource allocation among countries.
      • We removed 1 non-urban resource and added 2 different non-urban resources per playable country.
      • Playable countries are now more diverse in terms of available resources.
      • This will make it necessary to adjust strategies according to available resources on the map.
    • Due to player feedback we increased Money and Manpower production in all provinces by 20%.
    Unit Balancing:

    • Based on the community’s feedback we reduced the progression and power gain per unit level. The next unit level is now roughly 30% stronger than the previous one.
      • Researching and upgrading units to the next level will still give you an advantage, but does not create too much of a disadvantage for the opposing player.
      • Having a relative instead of a non-linear increase also makes the progression more consistent.
      • Since all unit values were changed across the board due to this, the following balancing changes listed are meant as being applied after this rebalancing.
    • To make production easier, you are now able to produce units of any level in a level 1 building.
      • There are no building level requirements anymore.
      • Once a new unit level is researched, the previous unit level cannot be produced anymore.
      • The maximum production time of a unit increases significantly per level.
      • From now on leveling up the production buildings greatly reduces the production time of units, at level 5 a building reduces the production time to only 6% of its initial maximum duration.
      • Each unit now has a minimum production time: The production time cannot be decreased below this value.
      • - This was done for balancing reasons: Since buildings now provide a large production speed boost, lower level units would become overpowered if they did not have a minimum production time. Leveling up production buildings therefore grants little to no boost for lower unit levels, but very high boosts for higher unit levels.
    • We took a detailed look at all unit levels and balanced them in context of other unit levels which are available on the same day.
    • We reduced damage and hit points of transport ships as they were perceived as too strong.
    • We adjusted some unit roles to be more in line with their historic background, while still having them fulfill different roles:
      • Tank Destroyers are now defensive focused.
      • Medium Tanks are now offensive focused.
      • Heavy Tanks now have equal defensive and offensive capabilities.
    • According to community feedback we reduced the gap between offensive focused and defensive focused damage values for most ground units by approx. 50%.
      • This makes sure that offensive focused units still have an impact when defending and defensive focused units still have an impact when attacking an opponent, so that they are a bit easier to use.
    • We improved the overall damage of Commando units and changed their role: They now are more effective against light armored targets, using sabotage and explosives.
    • We increased costs and production times for nuclear weapons.
      • This should ensure that usage of nuclear weapons is an extraordinary event in game rounds.
    • We reduced the build time gap and increased the damage gap between build times of Flying Bombs and
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    Attention, generals!

    Enemy troops are closing in and combat is unavoidable. According to reports enemy contact is expected within only a few days. Time for a last briefing on the situation before defining your strategy for our second Call of War 1.5 test event!

    Unit balancing

    Taking your feedback from our first test event into account, we moved away from the rather unorthodox approach to operate units in historically inadequate roles. Although we like the idea, your first hand experience in combat situations and distates of the new roles showed us that we should change it. In order to keep up morale, units operate closer to their adequate roles in combat again.

    In the new test event we also reflected the feedback you gave us on unit progression. Many of you expressed that the progression between unit levels was too steep and the power gap between unit levels was too large. We took a look at it and adjusted the way units progress from level to level. In Friday's test event progression between a unit and the next more sophisticated version of unit will be smaller. The advanced version of the unit will still be much better, but not overpowered. The arms race will be slowed down significantly.

    Another hot topic of last event’s feedback was the ability to upgrade existing units once a higher level version was researched. This was on our wishlist as well, and we are happy to announce that this feature will now be available in the upcoming test event.

    We did also take a look at specialized focuses of units and diversified them. We reduced the defensive/offensive focus of some units, to allow player to utilize them more diversely. These units are now suitable for a wide range of combat situations than before.


    We are happy to inform you that we increased manpower, money and resources across the board for the next test. Your recruitment offices and industries will report record numbers, which will give you more manpower and overall resources in this battle.

    We significantly reduced costs of construction and production at the same time. We achieved this by removing certain materials needed for production completely! This means you will not need all available resources for each unit or building.

    This might allow you to fight the biggest battle the world has ever seen! Mind, that the enemy has similar means at hand.


    Another adjustment you will notice in this event is that you are able to produce any level of a unit in a level 1 building. However, producing a high level unit in a level 1 building will take quite some time and should only be seen as a measure of last resort. You should upgrade buildings whenever possible to reduce production time, but when the enemy is closing in and all your upgraded industries are occupied you are now able to produce high end equipment in the tiniest shack if needed.

    We did what we could! Now it is up to you to win the battle! We are very interested in any intel you may gain during the battle.

    Please also check the following forum posts for more details on the balancing overhaul and detailed feature descriptions. Please use this and those forum threads to provide your related feedback during the event. The Call of War Team will keep an eye on all of these threads.<br><br>
    We hope your like these changes and wish you all the best and lots of fun in our second test event for Call of War 1.5!

    Your Bytro team
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    Attention, generals!

    After our first test event for Call of War 1.5 you shared so much feedback with us, that we decided to withdraw to our bunkers and postpone the next offensive. We analyzed the battlefield and tweaked and improved our equipment for the next battle.

    Finally, the time has come to have the community test Call of War 1.5 once again.

    What changed? Well, what didn’t change?

    We added the unit upgrading feature, vehemently requested by the community after the first test! Check your army bars for the shiny button that says “Upgrade” once your research has progressed. Upgrading existing units will cost additional resources and time, though.

    We made major balancing changes covering all aspects of the game, including resource costs, unit stats, resource production and much more. We will share more details on this in a few days. Rest assured, these changes reflect a lot of your feedback!

    Another change you will notice is that you are able to produce units of any level in a building again, no matter of the building’s level. However, a building with a higher level will drastically decrease the long production times of high-level units.

    Apart from all of this, we made adjustments to the user interface like filtering the province list for urban provinces or adding an “Ordnance” tab to the research & production menu.

    We also updated the look of urban provinces to have them stand out more and changed the layout of province names and resource icons to improve the overall game experience. We could keep on going with this list of updates and changes, but we figure it’s best you take a look at it yourself.

    The second test event for Call of War 1.5 will start on Friday, February 28th 2020 at 11:00 am CET until Tuesday March 3rd, 2020 at 11:00 am CET. Don’t miss it!

    NOTE: Mentioned changes affect event games only.

    We are looking forward to your feedback! The Call of War team will keep a close eye on the forums and our Facebook and Twitter channels to answer your questions and gather your feedback.

    See you on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team

  • Attention mobile Generals!

    I would like to get some first hand feedback on our Call of War app. So in case you are a heavy user of our app and like to dominate the battleground from wherever you are, this is for you.

    On Saturday, February 29th 2020 at 18:00/6 pm CET I would like to invite some of you to our first Bytro Mobile Feedback Talk, a voice chat discussion on Discord with mobile players from Call of War and Supremacy 1914. The goal of the discussion is to talk about your experiences with our apps, what you like, what you do not like, what you miss, what we could do better.

    NOTE: This is not the place for bug reports!

    As mentioned above, this will be a voice chat discussion on Discord. You will need a Discord account and a headset in order to participate. The discussion will be held in English.

    In case you don’t speak English or not well enough or you simply have no time, feel free to share your feedback in this thread.

    How to join?

    Unfortunately, participation is limited to make sure that a discussion is possible and doesn’t end in chaos. You can apply to participate as a representative of the mobile community by filling out the following google form:

    Please only apply if you have time on Saturday, February 29th 2020!

    The form will ask you some game related questions and most importantly ask for your top three topics you would like to discuss.

    You can apply to participate until Wednesday, February 26th at 23:59 / 11:59 pm CET.

    Participants will then receive an invitation message in the game including all the details on how to join the discord server, topics to discuss (according to form results and forum feedback), etc.

    For those who are interested, but couldn’t join in I will share a summary of what was discussed shortly after the discussion took place (Please be patient, this might take a few days to wrap up).

    Looking forward to talk with you!