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    Greetings Generals

    As many of you may have noticed the Headquarters have been stormed by some unexpected Bugs intent on causing havoc.

    However be assured that the Bytro team are currently working hard on resolving the issue and restore game servers.

    We do apologize for the inconvenience caused by this

    Your Call of War Team
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    Attention, generals!

    These are tough times and most of you are likely to be affected by what is currently dominating the news. Many of you are working from home, reducing their social contacts to a minimum or doing a heroic job in a hospital, a supermarket or any other organization helping all of us to keep on going. Whatever you are doing right now to help and protect yourself, your family, your friends and your community, thank you!
    You are our heroes these days!

    The Call of War team, and all Bytro employees, have been working from home for more than a week now. Like many of you, we do this to protect all of our colleagues, our loved ones, and to do our part for society and help to flatten the curve.

    We know that spending time at home, neither being able to meet with family and friends, go to the gym or engage in any other physical social activity right now, means that you spend more time on the phone and online. To communicate, to watch movies and to play Call of War.

    To make social distancing times more bearable for you, we are gifting 14 days of High Command to each and every single Call of War account!

    With High Command you have access to advanced functionality and usability features in Call of War:

    On all platforms:
    • Build queue for units & buildings
    • Province rally points
    • Shared Intelligence with allies
    • Advanced fire control for units
    • Join rounds with Gold features for free
    • Exclusive High Command badge
    Only in Desktop version:
    • Upload pictures in the newspaper
    • Create 1 own game per month (at lvl. 11+)
    On top of this players who purchase any gold pack from the Call of War shop within the next week, no matter the amount of the purchases or the price, will receive 2 months of High Command for free (once per account).

    In case you have a friend who hasn’t logged in for a while and you would like him or her to get free High Command as well, let them know. We will also reach out to those players via email.

    Please note that assigning High Command to such a vast amount of accounts might take a day or two. You will be notified by an ingame message and push notification on mobile as soon as you receive your free days of High Command.

    Please continue helping to flatten the curve. Wash your hands, reduce social contacts to a minimum, follow official updates, don’t spread rumors, and most importantly…

    ...stay safe and sound!

    Your Bytro team!

  • Attention, generals!

    Today we released a big amount of bug fixes, improvements and a new 5th fire control mode - Offensive!

    The new fire control mode “offensive” will make sure that your troops stay on high alert and attack any enemy within range. When you choose this setting for a unit, it will start bombarding enemy armies, even if the execution of other orders have to be deferred. The offensive fire mode will stop movement of your units to attack enemies, but they will not attack neutral units.

    The new offensive fire mode is a great addition to a general’s tool box. While the existing aggressive setting allows you to setup naval blockades and preemptively protect your coastline against “soon to be enemies”, the offensive setting allows you to move your troops where they are needed, knowing that they will protect themselves in case an enemy comes in range, but will not trigger a war by their actions.

    Fire control is available to members of high command only. Membership can be purchased in the Call of War shop.

    Please check the following list for a complete overview on what was released today:

    • We implemented the new “offensive” fire control setting for members of High Command
    Bug fixes:
    • We fixed an issue that prevented regional filters from being visible in the province list.
    • We resolved an issue that caused embargoed commodities being available on the stock market.
    • We fixed an issue that occasionally caused an error message, when a player tried to upgrade units shortly after splitting a stack of units.
    • We resolved an issue that prevented users of the iOS app to enter dots in market offers for the stock market.
    • We fixed an issue that started an infinite loading screen on iOS and Android, when writing a newspaper article and tapping the “return” button.
    • We resolved an issue that displayed the “Washington flag” for the North USA flag on mobile devices instead of the normal USA flag.
    • We fixed an issue that prevented some historic images from being displayed for certain units.
    • We resolved an issue that prevented the “Stop” button from being displayed in the army bar when too many options were available for a unit.
    • We fixed an issue with the “Join an Alliance” pop-up that prevented its redirect from working, when clicking on “Find Alliance” or “Create Alliance” on desktop.
    We hope you will make good use of the new “Offensive” fire control setting and like all those bug fixes. We wish you best of luck on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team

  • Attention, generals!

    A few days ago we asked the community which event you want to play next weekend. The polls are closed and we have a winner!

    Starting on Friday, March 20th at 11:00 CEST you will be able to sign up for our 1944: Endgame event!

    It is 1944: the Axis powers are on retreat and the Allies are preparing their final offensive. But the ending of the war is not decided yet...

    Will the Axis turn the tides of war in a decisive battle? Will Soviets and Allies clash inevitably, turning a looming Cold War into a hot one? In this 3vs3vs3 team scenario you can play as Axis, Soviets or Western Allies and change the course of history!

    Event Details:
    • Historical Europe map with borders of 1944
    • Free selection among 3 teams
    • Random country selection
    • Starts-when-full
    • Starting conditions are balanced historically
    • AI & human player peace period of 24 real-life hours
    • 1x speed
    • fixed runtime of 28 real life days after the game started (if not won earlier)
    You will be able join new game rounds until Tuesday, March 24th at 11:00 CEST.

    During the sign-up period the event maps can be found at the top of the games list. Join these event maps to participate. We wish you good luck and much fun!

    Your Bytro team

  • Attention, generals!

    We all know that with great power comes great responsibility. You proved that you can handle the power, now it is time to take responsibility. On Friday, March 20th at 11:00 AM CET you have the chance to play one of our finest events! Which event that will be is completely up to you!

    For the first time in the history of Call of War the community will decide on what event will run over a weekend.

    Which of the following events is your favorite? We are aware that this is a tough choice, but who if not you should be able to choose?

    What will happen if all states in North America are armed with nuclear weapons? Who will push the button first? In this scenario, all states in North America have unlocked research up to nuclear devices and have equipped their armies with these most deadly weapons.

    Endgame 1944
    Will the Axis turn the tides of war in a decisive battle? Will the Soviets and Allies clash inevitably, turning a looming Cold War into a hot one? In this 3vs3vs3 team scenario, you can play as Axis, Soviets or Western Allies and change the course of history!

    Rush for Europe
    “Rush for Europe” is a special event map that runs on breathtaking 6 times the speed of normal game rounds! Even the tiniest decision could have severe consequences at this pace. Experience the war for Europe in a way you have never seen it before!

    Tournament Island
    Show everyone that you are the greatest strategist out there. Tournament Island faces two fixed and perfectly balanced teams in a fight on a symmetrical island. Who is the better team?

    Follow the link at the end and make your choice. The event that gets the most votes will run from Friday, March 20th at 11 am until Tuesday, March 24th at 11:00 am CET.

    You can vote until we announce the winner on Tuesday, March 17th, 2020!

    Vote now!

    Your Bytro Team