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  • New

    Attention Generals!

    This update features various in-game bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements. We reworked the army details panel, so you can better see HP of your armies and resolved several issues related to ‘at war’ state. When attacking a province center you and the player under attack will be automatically switched from ‘at peace’ to ‘at war’ which wasn’t always the case in the past.

    We also implemented a "speed icon" that is displayed on the preview image of event maps with a higher speed factor than the normal speed. Especially for events that have different versions with different speed factors, this will be handy to distinguish them.
    Finally, we improved the text display in the marketplace menu for some languages and enabled previously turned-off notifications for diplomacy messages <br><br>
    For a complete overview of all changes, please check our detailed list of updates and share your feedback with us here on the forums and on our Discord server.

    Best of luck General,
    Your Bytro Team

  • Attention, General!

    The game has become more beautiful. We have updated the background art on the landing page. It now shows the current CoW 2.0 map visuals and UI design.

    Once again, our bug hunters were busy over the last two weeks. It is no longer possible to queue two of the same building simultaneously. Instead, an error message will be displayed.<br>
    We also re-added the missing countdown timer in the pop-up tooltip for patrolling planes.

    For a closer look at all of the changes please check out the detailed Release Notes and share your feedback with us here on the Forums and on our Discord Server.

    We wish you best of luck on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team

  • Release Notes - 2023-01-10

    Attention, General!

    We hope you all arrived in the new year safely and joyful! For the first release of this year we will continue where we left off. This release brings many bug fixes, and a small but impactful quality of life change to the army details window. Let’s get started!

    We got a lot of feedback concerning the unclear HP levels of armies. You can now go to the Army details: there you will find a list of the units in your army, and their exact current HP value. This will help you make better judgments on whether your army is fit for battle, or whether it needs to return to the barracks for reinforcements!

    We fixed the broken Spectator Mode. Use it to scout out map layouts and strategize before joining the map yourself!
    Additionally, the split army dialogue no longer accepts decimal values. Units that were being split off via decimal value got stuck in place. We also changed the behavior of setting rally points at Sea. The rally point will now path along sea routes as intended, instead of drawing a direct line to the target.

    For a closer look at all the changes please check out the detailed Release Notes and share your feedback with us right here on the Forums and on our Discord Server.

    We wish you best of luck on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team

  • Jingle bells, Generals!

    As the holidays are coming and warming up our lives with joy, we would like to take some time to say how much we love bringing the very joy of gaming to all of you. This year we were able to share many memorable moments. Let’s have a look at what we accomplished together:
    • We released CoW 2.0! Updating the visuals for the entire game, this change sets up Call of War for a bright future!
    • 25,000 players responded to the call to arms when conflict broke out between Red and Blue on the Call of War Discord Server. After weeks of hard-fought battles, Red emerged victorious!
    • We launched the official Merch store. Gear up with quality products featuring official Call of War designs!
    • In Spring we were able to celebrate 7 years of Call of War!
    • As a Premium account user you can now create 1939 Historic World War maps. So go out there and set up your very own, custom roleplay scenario!
    • While CoW 2.0 certainly takes the spotlight, there were tons of other changes that make Call of War better than ever: the new map ending screen, updates to the map filters, the alliance logo creator, custom flag, and profile picture upload.
    • To keep things fresh and engaging we fine-tuned the game: winning became more rewarding when the Gold payout for victorious Generals was buffed, and several small balance adjustments were deployed.
    • And let’s not forget the countless quality-of-life changes and bug fixes. This wouldn’t have been possible without you: a big thank you to all the tireless bug reporters, feedback fountains, and idea sharers!

    We would like to say thank you to all of you who have been with us during the last 7+ years of Call of War: from the creative roleplayers to the hardened tournament veterans, from chat stars to helpful moderators, from careful planners to raging combatants - and to all who helped develop and operate the game.

    2023 is promising more heated battles and new challenges. To keep sharp you can join the fight for Antarctica in the new, improved Call of Christmas event.
    In the spirit of holiday cheer and goodwill our players can now team up in coalitions of up to three players, and the game is no longer played under Domination rules!

    And from 12 AM CET on December 24th until 12 AM CET on December 26th a small holiday present is waiting for you in the mobile app!
    Just download the app on your mobile device, and log in with your existing account. Tap on the "Daily Gift" icon displayed in the top left corner of your display and have fun with it.

    We once again want to wish you warm, wonderful holidays and hope you spend a good time with your loved ones.

    The Call of Christmas is waiting for you, Generals!
    Your Bytro Team

  • Release Notes - 2022-12-13

    Attention, Generals!

    This release brings you a number of bug fixes!
    We fixed UI issues such as faulty translations being displayed in the Diplomacy window, as well as production buildings being shown as buildable in non-urban provinces. Additionally, you will now get an error message when the username you are trying to switch to has too many characters.

    On the gameplay side of things, we fixed a bug that caused embarked land units that were in a stack with naval units to also get upgraded when the naval unit was upgraded to a higher research level. Upgrading a naval unit stacked with a land unit now causes the land unit to get split off for the duration of the upgrade.

    For a closer look at all the changes please check out the detailed Release Notes and share your feedback with us right here on the Forums and on our Discord Server.

    Best of luck General!

    Your Bytro Team