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  • Dear generals,

    For some time already Call of War is available cross-platform and connects players not only from all over the world, but also from all kinds of different devices. To support our cross device presence even further we have been working on some improvements for the community, which we want to present to you today.

    • We added two new achievements. Play on mobile and PC (on 3/20/90 days) in order to retrieve our latest addition to the achievements.
    • The statistics page now shows a mobile vs. PC ratio of each player’s playtime on the different devices.
    • We reworked the icons for active and inactive players in the diplomacy list and on the map. Also the diplomacy list shows on which device the user was active within the game.

    Additionally the balancing changes announced on August 14 will go live today. Running games will be affected by these changes. We also reorganized and renamed the unit type names in the unit details panel for all factions, including elite units, for more historical accuracy and exchanged the unit portrait pictures in the same panel to match their new type names.

    Furthermore frontline pioneers will be able to test our new map rendering technology WebGL on beta starting today. If you experience any problems, please let us know in the forum or open a bug report ticket and add ‘WebGL’ in your subject title.

    All other bug fixes and improvements can be found below:

    • We fixed some issues with the alliance leader promotion not working properly on mobile.
    • Sometimes players were not able to join suggested games, we fixed that.
    • Some events resulted into multiple push notification appearing on mobile. This should not happen anymore.
    • We fixed another bug regarding map victory achievements.

    Your Call of War team
  • Greetings Generals,

    To echo the words echo of a wise Statesman;

    Today we come with only one song to sing. These are days of action rather than of speech and we need to show our real sources of strength.

    :!: With this said we hereby announce a recruitment drive for the CoWmunity Volunteer Support team :!:

    We need you to come forth from the darkness and help to maintain our command of the seas and provide a light to the Community in their hour of need.

    :!: We are currently looking for Chat/Forum moderators.

    A position on the support team requires you to be professional in all decisions you make, and for you to be dedicated on making this game a better place for every player.

    You must be effective and fair (we are not judge, jury and executioner but a support tool for the CoWmunity).

    What we Need?
    We need players who have the time and knowledge of the game to provide a friendly player support service to our growing community.

    Open roles:
    We have open positions on our CoWmunity Moderation team and have plenty of places on the team for those who apply and meet our requirements.

    Our Moderation Team consists of;
    1. Chat/Forum Moderator
    As a Moderator, your main focus will be on the chat and forums. If a question is asked in chat or in the forum, you should be there to help the user.

    You would also be expected to enforce our chat rules, forum rules and terms of use where needed.

    You will inevitably make mistakes in the course of your Moderation career. We use a skype group to communicate and to help each other (Dont worry we ue the IM tool). The chatroom will help you improve your work, only through open criticism from the team itself. From that you can then adjust accordingly.

    There are no pure Chat Moderators, because all Moderators must be active on both means of communication from the community (Chat and Forum).

    What responsibilities come with the job?
    • Communicating with players in a friendly and civil way
    • Correspondence with players when they contact you (and no doubt they will
    • Enforcing our Chat/forum rules and ToS
    • Participation in team meetings

    :!: This a volunteer role however some basic requirements are asked of you;
    • At least 18 years old.
    • You are active in game chat
    • You will be active on Forum
    • You have a skype account (don’t worry we only use the IM function to keep you in touch with the support team )
    • Ability to communicate with users in a professional and mature manner
    • You are a friendly person not driven by ego or titles
    • You have game experience and have a fairly good understanding of gameplay and mechanics (you do not need to be perfect we are all still learning)
    • Ability to work well in a team.
    • Knowledgeable about game mechanic
    • Willingness to lear
    • Ability to work efficiently and be reliable.

    How to Apply:
    :!: Please send your applications to @Dr. Leipreachán or @Stormbringer50 Your application should be sent through either the Call of War's website private message system, or through a private message in the Forum (conversation).

    Your application should contain the following:
    • Why do you want to join the support staff team
    • Have you previous experience in Support/Moderation from another game
    • How well do you know the game mechanics
    • Why should you be selected
    • Age?
    • Your skype name (as you will be contacted here VIA IM ONLY).
    NOTE: Of course any other information that you think will help you stand out and increase our consideration of you is welcome (maybe you are a secret Taylor Swift fan or like to throw cookies all over the place)!

    What to expect upon being hired?

    1. Learning the job from an experienced staff member before you are expected to face the wrath of the community and their swords
    2. Getting to know the rest of the support staff and learning how to enforce chat/forum rules
    3. You will be given additional rights for the forum, the chat
    4. You will have the chance for promotion to senior support staff (in time depending on performance)
    5. The respect of the support team and the community for offering your free time to assist the community.
    We stand ready for you to come forward with your application to join the team :thumbsup:
  • Dear generals,

    a new technology, which will revolutionize how you fight your battles in Call of War, is approaching. What is this modern technology you may ask. We are talking about WebGL. A state-of-the-art rendering technology which allows us to work with very fine graphical details on the map as well as provide a better performance. In the following gif you will get a first impression of what WebGL can do, but keep in mind this is not the final version, which means evenl more improvements are to come.

    As you can see scrolling the map becomes more smooth and easy. We are also able to give the map and therefore the whole game a more realistic appearance by adding movement to the water, for example.

    While you eagerly wait for the release, feel free to check out the following website in order to guarantee that your device is WebGL ready:

    WebGL will be testable on beta games before we have our official release to make sure that everything works smoothly.
    If you have any questions, do not hesitate and ask in our forum.

    Your Call of War team
  • Dear generals,

    today we are happy to present to you the upcoming balancing changes, which will be on beta upcoming Wednesday, August 15. After a two week test phase the changes will go live on August 28. We collected a lot of feedback including what we read in the forums and on other platforms and we felt the need to make some change to provide a balanced and interesting game experience. Please keep in mind that these changes will then also affect running games. If you have beta status you will be able to test the changes in frontline pioneer games after the beta release. Feel free to give us feedback in the forums, adjustments can still be made if necessary.

  • Dear generals,

    some battles are not meant to be fought alone and our next event is one of them. Join the 100 player map and choose which of the two sides will benefit from your knowledge as a leader and tactician. Prepare for the biggest team fight in the history of Call of War.
    • Sign-up period: 2018/06/22, 11 AM CEST - 2018/06/25, 11 AM CEST
    • starts-when-full
    • random country selection & free selection among 2 teams
    • TOP 10 in terms of VP will receive a reward
    • players flagged as inactive after 2 real-life days
    • AI & human player peace period of 1 real-life day
    Please keep in mind that we are testing this event mode and further adjustments may be made in the future. Therefore feel free to give us your input and feedback in the forum about this event.

    Your Call of War team