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  • Release Notes - 2022-05-10

    Attention, Generals!

    Spring brings extra Gold rewards for victorious Generals and Coalitions on the battlefield! We increased the Gold victory rewards for most scenarios in the game. With this adjustment the rewards reflect your achievements in the round much better.

    To avoid you spending your hard earned Gold reward by mistake, we added a confirmation pop-up for buying Blueprints, similar to the one that is already in the game for other Gold transactions.

    You will also notice some visual updates on the map, like shadow effects in the medium/high graphics mode or adjustments made to country names which are now changing dynamically based on the zoom level for better visibility.

    These are just some of today's updates, there are more, including bug fixes. For a complete overview please check our detailed Release Notes and share your feedback here on the Forums and our Discord server.<br><br>

    Best of luck General!

    Your Bytro team

  • Attention, General!

    Today's release brings additional Province and Army Detail screens for the Beta client on desktop, fixes some timers in the game and re-establishes access to some helpful information about the capital building in your construction menu.

    For a complete overview of this update, please check our detailed Release Notes and share your feedback with us here on the forums and our Discord server.

    We hope this helps to time your next attack perfectly! We wish you best of luck on the battlefield.

    Your Bytro Team

  • Attention, Generals!

    We have unbelievable news! The upcoming week marks the 7th anniversary of Call of War and will be one of celebrations!
    While it is a remarkable achievement for the game in itself, we’re even more proud to see that the community is thriving and numerous as it ever was. We celebrate this occasion properly and thank every single one of you for the loyalty you showed over the years with an entire week of event maps and the opportunity to win grand prizes to top things off!

    Starting Monday 2022-04-25 at 11am, you’ll be able to join event maps for 24 hours until the next event starts. In order for you to better plan ahead in case you’re already eagerly waiting for your favorite scenario to return, here is the schedule for all involved maps:
    • Monday April 25: Team Up!
    • Tuesday April 26: Free for All
    • Wednesday April 27: Speed Round!
    • Thursday April 28: All Countries All in
    • Friday April 29: Swift Strike!
    In addition to the event maps we will hold daily raffles giving you an opportunity to win a grand prize every day of the week. You won’t need to sign up to participate in the raffle as every player that is logging in to the game on each of the respective days will automatically be added to the pool of potential winners for that day. From monday to sunday a lucky winner will be awarded a grand prize of 77.777 Gold and 7 months of Premium Account. Each day's grand prize winner will be contacted via in-game message within a few days after.

    On top of that every player will be able to benefit from a one-time 77% Gold Bonus when making a purchase, which will become available when first logging in after the celebrations started and which will then be valid for 2 hours after that. Regardless of the amount, anyone who makes use of this offer will enter a separate raffle with an additional 7 grand prizes of 77.777 Gold and 7 months of Premium Account. In short you’ll be guaranteed to gain more value for your money but also get an additional chance to increase it even further! These prizes will be paid out once the celebrations conclude.

    We want to once again express our tremendous gratitude and give a giant thank you to everyone for playing our game and being a part of this community. Without you we wouldn’t be able to celebrate this fantastic occasion. Not only is it amazing to be able to celebrate a game's 7th anniversary, but to have a vibrant player base that is as big as it ever was at this point truly makes us proud and eager to continue developing the game for years to come.

    Make sure to log in daily in order to participate in all of the events and to maximize your chances of winning one of the grand prizes. Most importantly though, make sure to celebrate and wish a Happy Birthday to Call of War!

    Your Bytro Team

  • Attention, Generals!

    Today's update brings various bug fixes for Call of War in general, and the Beta client on desktop in particular.

    We changed the default sorting order of pinned provinces in the Betaclient on desktop, to make it more user friendly. By clicking the "pin"icon on the left of a province in the province overview, you can pinprovinces that are of high interest to you.
    As you are most likely interested in finding these provinces right away, these provinces are now listed on top of the overview by default, instead of at the bottom. Should you wish to have the pinned provinces listed at the bottom though, you can still do that, by clicking on the column header to change the order.

    Among the bugs that were fixed today are the missing "Add Target" button in the army bar of several units, a rounding error when displaying certain numbers in several languages, and several issues where too many icons were displayed, icons were missing, or error messages got triggered.

    For a complete overview of all changes, please check our detailed Release Notes. Please do not hesitate to share your feedback here on the forums or on our Discord server.

    Best of luck on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team

  • Attention, General!

    Today's update marks the reintroduction of the Country Chooser feature, which was temporarily disabled in the game a few weeks ago. Maps that are not supposed to have randomized country selection allow you to pick your favorite Nation from the pool of available countries again.

    We also fixed several issues, like a bug that could cause an accidental declaration of war to an allied nation, or the ability of AI controlled planes to teleport to an enemy unit under certain circumstances.

    For a complete overview of all changes that were implemented with this update, please check our detailed Release Notes and share your feedback here on the forums or Discord with us.

    We hope you enjoy being able to pick your favorite nations again. Choose wisely.

    Best of luck General,

    Your Bytro Team