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  • Attention, Generals!

    Today’s release makes Call of War 1.5 the new standard in the game. We are very excited about this milestone. Fans of the classic Call of War will still be able to join the older versions of several scenarios, which are now marked as Classic scenarios in the game list.

    To make sure that you do not miss a potential uprising in your empire, we added a new feature that highlights a province on the map that could revolt against your rule soon.

    We have good news for our mobile generals as well, as we managed to fix several nasty bugs including the one that showed a connection lost indicator, even when the connection was restored again.

    These are just some highlights of today’s release, please check the following list of changes for a complete overview:

    • The production and research costs of Mechanized Infantry units were slightly increased.
    • The default inactivity time of 5 days was reduced to 2 in user generated game rounds. The default inactive time now matches that of system generated game rounds. This change only applies to game rounds created after today.
    • When a province has a chance for an uprising greater than 0%, pulsating red stripes are displayed in the province on the map, highlighting a potential revolt. The chance of an uprising can be checked when using the info button in the province bar.
    • When a province’s buildings are revealed via spy reports they are now also revealed in the province bar outside of the espionage menu. They stay visible until the next day change. It takes 1-3 minutes for revealed buildings to appear/disappear, just like when scouted by units.
    • We removed older versions (CoW 1.0) of several maps from the map pool. These maps will only be available in one version (the new 1.5 version) from now on. The 100 player World at War map, the 25 player World at War map and 22 player Clash of Nations map remain available in the new 1.5 version and the Classic version (1.0). All currently running 1.0 game rounds can still be played.
    • With the removal of several CoW 1.0 scenarios, scenarios previously marked with 1.5 are now the new standard for all scenarios and had their version indicator (1.5) removed. Scenarios that are still available in two versions have the older version marked as “Classic”.
    • The option to post articles or send messages anonymously in the game was removed to reduce problematic content being shared in game rounds and improve overall game experience for players by not being exposed to such content.
    Bug Fixes:
    • An issue on mobile devices was resolved that caused the offline indicator that informs players of a missing internet connection to stay visible on the display after the connection was restored.
    • A bug on mobile devices was fixed that could prevent selecting multiple provinces from working correctly. When adding additional provinces to a selected province, the newly added provinces are now highlighted correctly and the multi army selection mode is no longer activated.
    • An issue was resolved that could cause hidden buildings to be visible for neutral players during the construction phase of the buildings.
    • A bug on mobile was fixed that caused a wrong icon being displayed in the research panel for the damage/attack indicator.
    • An issue on mobile devices was resolved that prevented switching between a unit's research levels from working correctly. Switching from any research level to another now works flawlessly.
    • An issue was resolved that caused the cloud density at map borders to differ between smaller and bigger maps when zoomed out. The cloud density between all map sizes is the same now.
    We hope you like today’s release and wish you and your troops a victorious day on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team
  • Attention, Generals!

    Due to an unexpected incident on Saturday 2020-11-14 which prevented communication between servers for several hours, players were unable to enter their games. We would like to point out that this was an internal issue, and that there was no security risk at any point during the incident.

    Although Call of War is a real-time grand strategy game where decisions and actions are taken a while in advance, we are fully aware that an outage of this magnitude is a severe inconvenience for our players. We are deeply sorry and would like to once more apologize for this.

    To soften any potential harm this incident may have caused to your strategic plans for last weekend, we are adding 10,000 Gold to the account of any affected player.

    The Gold has been added to your account by now.

    Your Bytro Team

  • Attention, Generals!
    In the last couple of months we introduced with Call of War 1.5 a brand new version of your favorite game. We revamped the balancing of the game, introduced new buildings and features, adjusted numerous maps, reworked the UI and much more. We did all this together with you and your feedback in mind, to keep Call of War as exciting and entertaining for you in the years to come as it has been in the previous five years of its lifetime.

    We are very happy with what we achieved and will continue the journey, as recent changes opened development options for Call of War we couldn’t dare thinking of until now. With this article we would like to share with you the next steps regarding the New Call of War (CoW 1.5) and Call of War Classic (CoW 1.0).

    This is the road ahead of us:

    Maintaining two different versions of Call of War is a lot of work and the team had to realize that maintaining both is not feasible nor healthy in the long run. We thought about this very thoroughly, especially as this is a topic frequently discussed within the community as well. As new players already have exclusive access to the New Call of War, the following section addresses our veteran players, as nothing will change for players that are new to the game.

    We developed the New Call of War together with the community and many of the new features, ideas and solutions implemented include a huge amount of community feedback. We would like to point out that across the board we were extremely happy and impressed about the community's involvement, dedication, and constructiveness along the way. Needless to say, that everyone here at Bytro wishes to continue with this.
    You might have noticed that in the last couple of weeks we continued to update existing maps and events for the New Call of War. Beginning with November 2020 we will start to slowly phase out Call of War Classic by reducing the Classic map pool to only the most popular maps.
    Call of War Classic will not disappear completely! It will be preserved in the state as veterans know it today and most popular Call of War Classic maps will be available, just not all the time anymore. No new features or bug fixes will be added to the Classic version anymore going forward though.
    Eventually, in 2021 that is, the New Call of War will replace Call of War Classic, but we will keep the option to occasionally bring back Call of War Classic as Classic Events.

    We know this might be disappointing for a few players, but we want to continue to be as transparent about the further development of the New Call of War as we have been in the last couple of months. We know there are diehard fans of Call of War Classic, but we don’t want to create false hopes nor do we want to make promises we already know we are unlikely to keep.

    The future for Call of War is bright, and the new version of Call of War is just the beginning as we take things even further from here. The road to Call of War 2.0 is just about to start, and we are looking forward to share the exciting and ambitious plans we have for the future of this amazing game!

    Your Bytro Team
  • Greetings Generals,

    As most of you may know that today our servers were taken hostage by some pesky Rogue bugs intent on causing chaos. Their origins are a mystery but rest assured your dev team are already working on exterminating them. This issue currently affects all players.

    This was flagged by a Senior Game Operator @PrinceofHonor on the forums in the Bug & Issues section of the forum Server Issues post

    What happened in this case is that the servers and web servers cannot access the database, fixing this is going to cost time and once things are operational again, it will require some more time for the systems to catch up and propagate.

    Please know the dev team are doing their best to resolve this issue in a timely manner and that you are not alone no one has access to the games. For now I suggest freshening up on your Call of War tactics and mechanics and be ready to resume the fight!

    We would like to apologize for the inconvenience

    Your Call of War Team

  • Attention, Generals!

    Today’s update brings not just one, but two new map versions to Call of War!

    Check out the reworked versions of the “Europe - Road to War” map and the historical “1939 - Blitzkrieg” map that are now available in the game!
    Both maps received a general re-work to adjust them to the new gameplay and to make them better balanced. The new Europe - Road to war map in particular is intended to become the new standard map for competitive matches. Both maps can be created by members of the High Command.

    Today’s update also increases the amount of units that can be displayed on a map drastically, changes which stealth units a scout unit can reveal and fixes a considerable amount of bugs. Please take a look at the list below for a complete overview:

    New Maps:
    • A new version of the “10 player” Europe - Road to War map was released to Call of War.
      • With Algeria and Egypt added as playable nations, the new version is now a map for 12 players.
      • Syria, Tunisia and Morocco were added as small AI nations on the map.
      • Colonial possessions of France, Italy and the United Kingdom were removed and to balance province count, victory point count and resource production.
      • Core provinces were added or removed for several other countries to balance province count, victory point count and resource production.
      • Ocean paths along all coastlines make raiding with ships a possibility now.
      • Connections were reworked and added to reduce unit travel times.
      • The resource production of provinces was altered and a new balancing was implemented.
    • A new version of the historical 10 player 1939 - Blitzkrieg map was released to Call of War.
      • Ocean paths along all coastlines make raiding with ships a possibility now.
      • Reworked and added connections to reduce unit travel times.
      • Size and positions of provinces were adjusted.
      • The resource production of provinces was altered and a new balancing was implemented.
    • Scout units now only reveal stealth units that have the same or a lower level.
      • Stealth units with a higher level than the scout unit stay hidden.
    • The likelihood for the AI to attack a province without a garrisoned army was decreased, to make the gameplay of the AI less evasive when attacking. To balance this change, the likelihood of the AI to attack provinces with certain other characteristics (e.g. core province, province with victory points or buildings, etc.) was slightly increased.
    • The movement speed of Submarines and the damage dealt by them against ships was slightly increased.
    • The damage values, production costs and research costs of Armored Cars were slightly adjusted.
    • Production and research costs for Light Tanks were slightly altered.
    • All units are rewarded with more ranking points for destroying stronger units’ than weaker units.
    • The above changes only affect new game rounds
    • As silence means security, the newspaper no longer reports about new units a nation builds.
    • To allow players to avoid spending gold by mis-tapping on mobile, a confirmation popup can now be enabled in the game settings (“Confirm gold actions”).
    • The maximum number of armies that can be displayed on a map was increased by 50% to avoid more cases with invisible armies.
    Bug Fixes:
    • An issue was fixed that could cause units to move to the next closest intersection and back when sending a unit to a waypoint on a map.
    • A bug was fixed that caused paratroopers to lose their doctrine specific modifiers, when converted to an infantry or plane.
    • An issue was resolved that could cause textures and colors for ocean terrains to be missing on some maps.
    • A bug was fixed that prevented the patrol circle and patrol cone from being displayed for other player’s airplanes.
    • A problem was resolved that caused ships getting stuck at sea for some accounts. In those rare cases, players received an error message when trying to move affected ships.
    • A bug was fixed that caused the opacity of the patrol circle to be too low and made the highlighted area hard to see on the map.
    • A problem was solved that could cause graphical glitches to randomly appear on the World map, that were related to army vision.
    • A bug was fixed that prevented the Army Bar to display the correct travel time of planes when new orders were given to the plane.
    • An issue was resolved that caused the top of the diplomacy list to overlap the top player information in certain languages.
    • A bug was fixed that caused the production list to automatically close when opening the 'Unit info' popup. When closing the ‘Unit info’ popup the player now gets back to the production list again.
    • An issue was resolved on desktop that caused the "Find open alliances" button to overlap with the tabs in the "Ranking" menu, and the search box to be misaligned when a player was browsing in the Alliances sub-menu.
    • A bug on mobile was fixed that could cause the Army Bar icons to overlap the morale boost button after a spy reveal action was done by the player.
    • A problem on Android devices was solved that caused the world map to appear and get stuck