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  • Greetings Generals,

    Do you YOU have what it takes to make a real difference to the CoWmunity?

    As the CoWmunity grows so too does the community support team need to grow so as to offer the best support and advice on a daily basis we NEED YOU!

    We are currently looking for Chat/Forum moderators.

    A position on the support team requires you to be professional in all decisions you make, and for you to be dedicated on making this game a better place for every player.

    You must be effective and fair (we are not judge, jury and executioner but a support tool for the CoWmunity).

    What we Need?
    We need players who have the time and knowledge of the game to provide a friendly player support service to our growing community.

    Open roles:
    We have open positions on our CoWmunity Moderation team and have plenty of places on the team for those who apply and meet our requirements.

    Our Moderation Team consists of;
    • Chat Moderator
    • Forum Moderators
    As a Moderator, your main focus will be on the chat and forums. If a question is asked in chat or in the forum, you should be there to help the user.

    You would also be expected to enforce our chat rules, forum rules and terms of use where needed.

    You will inevitably make mistakes in the course of your Moderation career. We use a skype group to communicate and to help each other (Dont worry we ue the IM tool). The chatroom will help you improve your work, only through open criticism from the team itself. From that you can then adjust accordingly.

    There are no pure Chat Moderators, because all Moderators must be active on both means of communication from the community (Chat and Forum).

    What responsibilities come with the job?
    • Communicating with players in a friendly and civil way
    • Correspondence with players when they contact you (and no doubt they will
    • Enforcing our Chat/forum rules and ToS
    • Participation in team meetings
    This a volunteer role however some basic requirements are asked of you;
    • At least 18 years old.
    • You are active in game chat
    • You will be active on Forum
    • You have a skype account (don’t worry we only use the IM function to keep you in touch with the support team )
    • Ability to communicate with users in a professional and mature manner
    • You are a friendly person not driven by ego or titles
    • You have game experience and have a fairly good understanding of gameplay and mechanics (you do not need to be perfect we are all still learning)
    • Ability to work well in a team.
    • Knowledgeable about game mechanic
    • Willingness to lear
    • Ability to work efficiently and be reliable.
    How to Apply:
    • Please send your applications to @Aeblemost @Stormbringer50 or contact @Dr. Leipreachan Your application should be sent through either the Call of War's website private message system, or through a private message in the Forum (conversation).
    Your application should contain the following:
    • Why do you want to join the support staff team
    • Have you previous experience in Support/Moderation from another game
    • How well do you know the game mechanics
    • Why should you be selected
    • Age?
    • Your skype name (as you will be contacted here VIA IM ONLY).
    NOTE: Of course any other information that you think will help you stand out and increase our consideration of you is welcome (maybe you are a secret Taylor Swift fan or like to throw cookies all over the place)!
    What to expect upon being hired?

    • Learning the job from an experienced staff member before you are expected to face the wrath of the community and their swords
    • Getting to know the rest of the support staff and learning how to enforce chat/forum rules
    • You will be given additional rights for the forum, the chat
    • You will have the chance for promotion to senior support staff (in time depending on performance)
    • The respect of the support team and the community for offering your free time to assist the community.
    We look forward to your application!

  • Dear generals,

    some battles are not meant to be fought alone and our next event is one of them. Join the 100 player map and choose which of the two sides will benefit from your knowledge as a leader and tactician. Prepare for the biggest team fight in the history of Call of War.
    • Sign-up period: 2018/06/22, 11 AM CEST - 2018/06/25, 11 AM CEST
    • starts-when-full
    • random country selection & free selection among 2 teams
    • TOP 10 in terms of VP will receive a reward
    • players flagged as inactive after 2 real-life days
    • AI & human player peace period of 1 real-life day
    Please keep in mind that we are testing this event mode and further adjustments may be made in the future. Therefore feel free to give us your input and feedback in the forum about this event.

    Your Call of War team
  • Dear generals,

    with today’s update we introduce an important change to the way the peace period works. In the past, the peace period always ended at day change - no matter when the map was started. Thus, a 2 days peace period could last for either exactly 48 hours or anything down to 24h 1 min (if the map was started 1 min before day change). That’s why we decided to change that behavior to something more consistent: A 2 days peace period will now last exactly 48 hours, no matter when the map started. (This behavior has actually been around for some time.) In addition, we will now also display the remaining time prominently in the main view of a game round.

    Here's the complete list of today's changes:
    • Peace period now lasts exactly X days (and thus does not necessarily end at day change). An active peace period is indicated by a timer icon.
    • In our speed round event maps the build queue timers were not adjusted to the accelerated game speed. This has been fixed.
    • Some achievements were shown as completed, but didn’t offer to collect the reward. This has been fixed.
    • You will now see a small notification next to the achievement icon whenever a reward is waiting to be collected.
    • Games that are restricted by a minimum rank display the level that is needed to join if not reached yet.
    • The newspaper will display ‘control X points for victory’ depending on which ranking the player is looking at (index of nations vs. index of coalitions).
    • When clicking on the alliance of a player in their statistics within a game you will be redirected to the alliance page in a new tab.

    Your Call of War team

  • The achievement reward system is finally live! Check out your profile, collect your rewards and enjoy the profile rework improvements that came alongside other changes and fixes. More details about the achievement reward system can be found in the news post from last week. Please keep in mind that it may take a few minutes until an achievement will be marked as completed.

    Update News:

    Profile rework improvements:
    • We implemented a button in the top middle of your profile which allows you to switch between human and AI for your killed and lost unit statistics.
    • Clicking near the the score and ranking in the profile will open the ranking of that player, this can also be used in your own profile.
    • The arrow to show individual unit statistics will now open the information for all units at the same time, which allows you to get a better overview and compare their statics more easily.
    • Global popularity is now again shown in the ingame profile for Elite-AI rounds.
    Additional changes and improvements:
    • You are now able to find the map-specific winning reward for your game round in the newspaper.
    • The ‘report player’ button is also available for anonymous rounds.
    • In the research menu as well as the production menu you will now find Anti Air, Artillery and Anti Tank units in the Infantry tab. Mechanized Infantry can be found in the Armor tab. These units now count towards their new category for certain achievements.
    • The small icon next to each unit on the map will always display their current armor class. This was not always the case. Previously it was showing the easiest target class for some units.
    • ‘Earn Premium Currency’ options (also called ‘Offer Wall’) have been deactivated.
    • The newspaper filter for politics and economics works properly again.
    • Level 2+ damaged buildings with upkeep could not be disabled in the building description. This has been fixed.
    • Users that are invited to an alliance should now be able to see a message instead of the default alliance text.
    • Anonymous rounds do not show player details anymore.
    • The report form has been fixed.
    • You can now also compare your profile with other players.
    • Users were not able to trade less than 5,000 resources, we fixed this problem.
    • Gold rounds falsely showed 0 Gold entry fee, this has been fixed.
    We hope you enjoy the update,
    your Call of War team

  • Dear generals,

    with next week’s update we are happy to announce a new feature which will change the way you engage with Call of War: achievement rewards! As soon as the update is live you will be able to collect Gold rewards for completing any of the over 40 achievements you did not complete so far. We also rebalanced the existing achievements and lowered the requirements for certain levels (some of them have never been unlocked by any player). This also means that some players will automatically gain certain achievement levels with the update which they didn’t reach before. Rewards can not only be collected for achievement levels gained after the update, but also for any that have been completed since April 1.Additionally we added 2 new achievements. The Fly Swatter (kill 25/150/1000 units with anti-air) and Artillery Aficionado (kill 100/500/2500 units with artillery).

    The full details on which achievements have been changed and how much gold you will be able to collect can be found in this Google Sheet

    In addition, next week’s update will bring another change: Some of you may be familiar with the 'Earn Premium Currency’' tab in our shop and maybe have also used it. However, we often received complaints that those offers didn’t work as intended. Sadly, we also didn’t have control over the kind of offers that were displayed and were therefore limited in resolving offer-related problems. We discussed the option to remove the offers many times, but our investigation showed that there were still quite many successfully completed offers and gave several people the opportunity to receive some gold. Now the day has finally arrived to say goodbye to those gold offers. We are currently exploring better ways to allow players to earn free Gold in the future.

    We hope you are as excited about the achievement feature as we are and won’t miss the Earn Gold offers too much while reaping those rewards.

    Your Call of War team