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  • Dear generals,

    it is time again for our Arms Race event and the challenge to manage and coordinate the massive amounts of units and resources that are provided on this map on day 1. Five light tanks, four medium tanks, three artillery units, two mechanized infantries, two anti-tank units, one commando and one anti-air unit will be stationed in all urban provinces protecting your already fully upgraded buildings, ready to receive orders. In all non-urban provinces you will find three infantry units.

    • Sign-up period: April 13, 11 AM CEST - April 16, 11 am CEST
    • 2x speed
    • 1st place (solo victory) receives 10,000 Gold + VP as reward
    • starts-when-full
    • random country selection
    • players flagged as inactive after 2 real-life days
    • AI & human player peace period of 1 real-life day

    Additional improvements and bug fixes with today’s release:

    • We improved the new statistics window even further (e.g. added tooltips)
    • You will now be able to see human/inactive/AI icons next to the capital at the minimum zoom level.
    • The game information would not show whether a game had Elite-AI and/or coalitions. This has been fixed.
    • You are now able to invite other players into your alliance by accessing their user profile.
    • In some cases, changing diplomatic relations with coalition members was not possible via the Diplomacy panel. This has been fixed.
    • The in-game newspaper was affected by a number of bugs which led to articles not being displayed or filters being reset when switching pages. These have been fixed. In addition, filters now also remain applied after closing and reopening the newspaper.
    • In the alliance administration, we renamed the "Moderator" rank to "Officer" to better reflect military ranks.
    • In some cases the supply crate icon was not clickable on the map, we fixed this issue.

    Your Call of War team
  • Dear generals,

    sadly we had a database issue tonight which resulted into a loss of game information and games not being available. For this reason we reinstated the affected games to their state from 2:41 AM CEST. Gold that has been spent after 2:41 AM CEST in those games will be refunded and as a compensation all affected players will receive additional 5.000 Gold within the next 24h. We are sorry for the inconveniences.

    Your Call of War team
  • Greetings Generals,

    During war it is important to gain the upper hand on your enemy. This is the time when the War office has to come up with new technologies to give your military the upper hand, however to do this you will need money to invest in new research.

    New Units:
    • Paratroopers: light infantry supported by transport helicopters for rapid intervention, especially effective deep behind enemy lines.
    • Attack helicopter: Heavily armed rotary wing attack aircraft, focusing hard or ehavily on armourd targets.
    New Buildings:
    • Field Hospital: Increases healing rates of units stationed in a newly occupied non-core province, can be deactivated.
    • Bank: Increases tax (money) income in province also adds 15% province morale increase, can be deactivated.
    Other Changes and improvements:
    • You will soon be able to independently select the flag of your nation and leader’s name.
    • Nuclear subs will now have the ability to transport and launch nuclear rockets.
    • Armies received the same army number, which is fixed.
    • Units that had 0% morale, 0 hitpoints and could not move shouldn’t appear in the game anymore.
    • On the Anatartica map, some flags in the province bar were missing, is fixed.
    • Map drag experience in Chrome has been improved.
    • Path randomizer, routes that you plan will be automatically adjusted for safer travels.
    • You will now have the ability to rename all unit groups to a name of your choosing to replace standard Identifier number (e.g. IF 3 could be Alpha Squad)
    • Diplomacy messages notifications remained when read and the game refreshed, is fixed.
    • Some map bugs in the worldmap (100 player) have been fixed.
    We hope you like the changes. Tell us your feedback in the forum.

    Have fun playing!

    Your Call of War Team
  • Generals!

    In this event you will not know friends nor family: In a 100p map with the ‘anonymous round’ feature enabled and no coalitions you will be pitted against 99 other players in a struggle for survival.

    The event maps will have the starts-when-full option and random country selection enabled and will run at normal speed. Players are flagged as inactive after 2 days. There is also an AI & human player peace period of 1 real-life day. We also enabled the Elite AI but will not charge any entry fee for this exclusive event.
    Additional option this time: 6 week time-box. The game will end after 6 weeks, the player with the highest victory points wins and receives a large gold price.

    If you want to participate in this event simply go to the game list: Within the sign-up period (Friday, March 30, 1pm UTC until Monday, April 2, 1pm UTC) new event rounds will be created on demand and shown on top of the list of new games.

    Your Call of War team