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Call of War - Manual

The Second World War is a historically important and exciting period - it is also the setting of Call of War. As the proud leader of your people it is in your power to manage all decisions of your country. Your country is separated into several provinces and each one of them produces one of seven different resources. These resources allow you to build up the necessary infrastructure and production capacity to recruit units, research technology and gain even more resources.

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In Call of War you can play multiple games in parallel. You can gain badges and ranks whilst doing so which shows how far along you have gone in your conquests. This is an online strategy game that progresses in real time. You can conquer provinces, build units, research, upgrade provinces, and work together with other players of the community. Your goal is to fulfill the victory conditions of that specific game (look into the news panel called “World Herald” to view the conditions).


Your very first game will be a so-called tutorial game, it is meant to introduce you to the very basic mechanics of Call of War like the creation of units, how to construct buildings, upgrade and research as well as the use of gold (premium currency). At the start of the game you can choose an available country, which you play as in this match. You are able to skip the tutorial if you choose to do so, but completing it will grant you reward. You can play through the tutorial only once.