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Market and Trading

There are 7 different resources in Call of War, and each of it has a different purpose. Resources are being produced and consumed throughout the game, just not each resource is produced in each province, and not every province can produce resources. The Resource bar displays how much resources you have and the amount you make per hour.

Each province does also produce tax revenue in pound, the amount of income (just like resources) can vary depending on the morale of your provinces and whether they have upgrades or not. Production and consumption values are updated once per day (day change). Production and consumption values change depending on a positive or negative value, which will affect the production of resources. If you take a moment to watch your resource bar, your resources are constantly increasing/decreasing.

If you hover over a resource, you can see how much you have in stock, the amount you produce per day and the total amounts used for consumption.

Keep an eye out if any of your resources hour rates go negative, that means you are using up more than you can produce. You can prevent this, or turn the unbalance by upgrading your province and doing things such as shutting down unused barracks/naval docks/nuclear reactors.

Resources: Functions

Grain is being needed for troops and citizens, the higher your population and unit count, the higher the consumption of grain will be. You also need Grains for a variety of buildings, such as for example barracks. Disabling the barracks does however drastically lower the consumption of Grain.

Goods is mainly a building material but is also consumed by the population.

Manpower is necessary to recruit and build anything in the infantry section of unit construction. It does also vary on the land you own, as each province creates manpower which can improve with higher morale. Manpower can be raised with barracks, but only enabled barracks will increase the manpower production - and production as well as consumption is only updated with the day change.

Metal is a resource used to build main upgrades and buildings.

Oil is used for most types of mechanical units such as tanks and planes. Those units also raise the oil consumption, as well as a little oil might be necessary for certain upgrades.

Rare materials is a resource that's mainly used for researching and for nuclear units/weapons. Nuclear reactor's are the only upgrade to consume rare materials but it can be disabled.

Money is used for everything you build, and it’s increased by land, morale and upgrades. Spies consume money which is only charged at day change.

Shortages of any resource may lead to morale loss and even units effectiveness may be affected when they go into battle.

Stock market

Apart from naturally collecting resources and trading, the stock market is a great way to buy or sell resources that you need/don't need.
Open the stock market from the menu below your resource bar. You can sell or buy any kind of resources here, the most important thing you have to watch out for is the @: it serves as a quotient when you calculate the price of an item. If for example 5000 grain are for sale and the quotient is @0.5 in Gold, the price would be 2500g (as 5000*0.5 is 2500).

You can take advantage of the stock market by buying resources for a low price and selling it for a higher price. Embargoing another country or being at war, will prevent them from buying from your offers, or you buying from theirs.

Top Offers: Shows the best offers selling/buying.
All Offers: Shows every offer available for you to choose from.
My Trades: Shows your current sell offers. Also shows a history of what you have bought/sold in the market.

You can buy or sell any resource here except for manpower, unless you spend gold to buy it.

When you click on it once, it will subtract from your gold count automatically and add your resource total.