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Supply Crates

Supply drops are a collectible meta feature in Call of War. For each player every 2-3 days a supply crate will be dropped in neutral or enemy territory. You have to secure it before the timer runs out in order to receive the rewards within the crate.

The following conditions have to be met for supply drops to appear for a players:
- The map has to have more than 10 players.
- The game has to be ranked.
- The supply drop feature has to be enabled by the game host.
- There have to be less than 4 active supply drops in the running game rounds of a player.

Once a supply crate is dropped a timer appears in the top right corner showing you how much time is left for you to secure it.
Inside the crate you will either find a random amount of resources or a random blueprint. The amount of resources in a crate also depends on the strength of the enemy country. Securing supply drops in stronger countries grants you more resources.

When you have collected all blueprints of the same unit type you will permanently unlock the possibility to research the highest level of that unit in all of your game rounds. These elite levels grant you a crucial advantage over enemies who have not unlocked them!

The amount of blueprints needed varies per unit. Your unlocking progress is visible in your user profile. You can also see how far other players are with collecting blueprints by checking their profiles!

If you want to unlock the elite levels faster, you can also acquire additional blueprints by spending gold.