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Province List & Build Queue

A very handy tool to administrate your empire and manage all your productions at the same time is the Province List. You can access the province list on the right side of your screen.

In the province list you see a list of all your owned provinces, their resource production, their buildings, and what is currently produced or constructed. You can order your provinces by certain criteria by clicking on the headers above each column in the list. You can also set rally points for your provinces from here (only for Members of the High Command, purchasable in the Shop).

You can even select multiple provinces and start production in all of them at once! Simply mark the provinces with holding and dragging your mouse, or by using the CTRL or Shift keys on your keyboard, or by clicking on the check boxes on the left side. Once you made your selection, click on the production or construction button of one of the selected provinces in the list. Now start your desired production or construction, and all of your selected provinces will start producing it! This feature is key in managing large empires.

Of course you need enough resources to start a large array of production. In case you do't and you also don't want to pay the missing resources with gold, there is also the option to use the Build Queue.

The Build Queue lets you schedule the production or construction of units ahead of time. You are not online around the clock to wait until you finally have enough resources? Simply click on the hourglass button in the construction menu and the selected items will be added to your build queue.
The system will then automatically go through your build queue and produce one item after another, until your queue is cleared. It will even manage the starting times in a smart way and schedule the items according to their production cost and time to maximize the efficiency while still adhering to the order in which you put it into the queue.

You can visit your Build queue by clicking on the "Build Queue" tab in the Province List. here you can check the production status of all added items and also get a time estimation on when your productions will be finished, or if any missing requirements are blocking the start of production. You can even re-arrange the order of added items or move them to the top or bottom of the list with just one button press. This tool is a must for Generals who do not want to waste any time on their daily schedule.

The Build Queue is a feature only usable by Members of the High Command (purchasable in the Shop).