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The "World Herald" will keep you in the loop when it comes to current developments in the game, but it is also a quite potent tool for all the nations' leaders (meaning players): read the latest headlines and propaganda posts to be up to date about friend and foe. You can also check details about wars, including as casualties and the total number of troops killed on both sides.

Writing an article

Access the newspaper through the newspaper button below your profile bar.

Once you have opened the newspaper, you will see 4 important things in the header: upper left above the header the game ID, upper right date and current day of the specific game. Lower left the newspaper page number with an option to skip through the pages and lower right the "write article" function". Click "write article" to publish a message in the World Herald. You might select a title that fits your shocking revelations and enter the text.
However, if you feel like your article might cause diplomatic troubles, you can check the "Anonymous" checkbox to have your article published incognito. Otherwise it will be published as an official government communiqué of your nation. Member of the High Command might also upload a picture.

Other functions

The first striking feature might be the map, which is depending on the game you chose. It will be updated once per day. Skipping to older issues of the World Herald will always show the map as it was on the day you select. That way, you can get an impression of the current developments in Europe, for example, the spread of nations.
The red flame-like icons show where rebellions are happening (province below 30% morale) or where war is possibly going on.

The Index of Nations is sorted by victory points:

In the Game Info you can find valuable information such as how many victory points you need to win the game, or to even see how much time there is until your next day change. If there are any rules for that game, you can see them here.

Stats will show you 1 of 4 game details (depending on the day) such as: Countries with the largest economy, the most technologically advanced countries, the world's mightiest armies, and the wealthiest nations.