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Provinces and Buildings

Each nation starts with a certain number of provinces, of which some produce resources while other only produce Manpower and Money. Manpower and Money are produced everywhere. The provinces also differ in the number of Victory Points which are needed for winning a map.

If you click on a province on the map you are able to see the daily production on the left of the province bar. Clicking the ( i ) button next to "Productivity per day" will show you details about the production of resources and the factors which are influencing it, like daily consumption, population and procution penalties. Non-core provinces only produce 25% of their total resources.

The resource production of provinces is also affected by their morale. Clicking on the ( i ) button next to "Morale" in the province bar will give you more information. It will show the current morale percentage, the morare trend (the rate the morale increases/decreases in the province), army strength (if theres an army stationed), and factors which influence the morale development, such as distance from capital or neighbouring provinces.


Having low Morale in a province might lead to a revolt - the province declares itself as part of another country and changes ownership. Daily resource consumption is quite important - failing to fulfill it leads to a drop in morale. Running out of food/oil can start a decline in morale, as will being at war with multiple countries.
To raise Morale in a province you might either use Gold, construct buildings which positively influence the morale trend (like Fortifications and Infrastructure) or produce enough resources to fulfill their daily consumption needs. Then the morale will raise slowly at daychange. Also moving your capital close to these provinces can help.

Victory Points, Province type and terrain

In the upper right of the province bar you can see information about the province type. Non-core provinces are occupied and have a -75% resource production penalty. They have a striped backround on the map. The flag in the province bar also shows you which country originally owned that core province.

The star next to the province type indicates the number of Victory Points. You need to conquer provinces with victory points until the sum of all your owned victory points reaches the victory threshold. Check in the newspaper to see how much victory points you need to win in your current game round, as this value may differ for each map. At the end of a game all remaining active players earn gold based on their amount of owned Victory Points, plus additional bonuses based on ranking.

The image on the far right of the province bar shows which terrain the province has. Terrain is a key factor that will affect the outcome of many battles, as certain units are stronger in certain terrain.

Each type of terrain has different features:

  • Plains - Motorized units are faster on plains. Tanks can use their maneuverability to inflict more damage to their opponents. Motorized armoured units gain a +50% strength bonus on plains as well.
  • Hills / Forrests - Varied terrain which both infantry and mechanized units can use to their advantage. Militia gain a +75% strength bonus.
  • Mountains - Rough Mountains reduce the movement speed and combat strength of all units. Only commando units have special training to excel in this terrain (a +100% strength bonus). Motorized/armoured units suffer a -25% strength penalty.
  • Urban - Tanks are slow and easy targets for infantry units in urban combat. All motorized armoured units suffer a -50% strength penalty. Tanks in addition, to the strengh penalty, only have half of their maximum Hitpoints.

Construction, Production, Spies

While the "Construction" button opens the menu to construct buildings, the "Production" button opens the menu to produce units. In it the units are ordered in different tabs according to their armor class. The "Spies" function shows you the number of active spies in this province and lets you recruit or dismiss spies. In your own nation, the last function on the far right of the province bar is the "Rally Point" button, which you can set on the map so that produced units automatically gather at that location.

When you click on a foreign province you will see information about its ruler instead, as well as their relation to you (e.g. Peace or War) and current activity status.