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In Call of War you have the choice between more than 35 different units from 5 different branches: Infantry, Armor, Air, Naval and Secret. Each of these units offers a set of unique features with regards to speed on different territories and strengths or weaknesses in combat against other units and on different terrain. Some units even have special features like ranged attacks or the ability to function as mobile airport.

Units have to be researched and require certain buildings. Without both you will not be able to produce them.

The information button ( i ) in the research tab will open the unit details panel, which tells you more about the specific units. You can also access these details by clicking on an army and then on the unit image in the army bar.

In General

Each unit requires certain resources as daily upkeep, which deducts from your overall resource production. Selecting the unit gives you an overview of their condition and current position. If the unit is marching, it will show the province the unit is relocating to, travel time and arrival time.

To raise the condition of an army you may either use Gold or station it in one of your provinces.

Click on the unit picture in the army bar at the bottom to open the unit details panel. Here you get access to very useful info such as: Amount of enemies destroyed, current condition, the battalion the unit is part of, the unit count and the state-based damage efficiency (SBDE).

SBDE is a metric which tells you how efficient the damage output of your army is. The SBDE lowers when your army gets damaged or when you put too many units of one type into a single army. On the other hand bigger armies can absorb more damage. Finding a balance between the two is important during your conquests.

In the attribute section of this panel you can see how this unit performs against different armor classes as well as its own armor class (the bold value). Below you can see how well this unit performs on different terrain types. At the bottom you see additional bonuses or weaknesses that may apply to this unit, as well as additional special unit features the unit might have.

Some units like artilleries have an attack range - you can see the range of the unit by clicking it. The white circle is as far as it can shoot without moving. For planes it shows how far a plane can fly without rebasing to another airbase.

Home Defense

Armies fighting in their own core provinces receive a home defense bonus of 15%. This grants an army a 15% higher combat strength (damage output) and also reduces incoming damage by 15%.


  • Attack: select a unit and give them the attack command, or just drag them to the province or unit you want to attack. If your army crosses paths with an hostile army, or when its way passes the city in a hostile province, a battle will begin. If your army wins the fight, the remaining troops will execute the previously given command and commence moving into the original direction. If you and your ally attack the same province, the army that fails to get the province first, will cancel their attack.
  • March: moves the unit to a selected point.
  • Split: splits your army up into smaller groups.
  • Delay: delays the unit's movement and makes them reach their target at a certain time. Selecting multiple armies and hitting "delay" will make them reach their target at the same time.
  • Forced March: increases the move speed for 50% but reduces the condition by 5% per hour.
  • Add Target: Selects additional waypoints for your army. After your army reaches the first target it will move towards the second target and so on.
  • Fire Control: Allows you to specify the behaviour of ranged units and submarines. "Aggressive" mode makes the army stop its movement and start fireing whenever an enemy comes into sight, "hold fire" prevents the army from attacking. "Return fire" will let the army only shoot back when it is attacked and "fire at will" is the standard setting, which lets the unit attack automatically when stationary. This feature can only be used by Members of the High Command, which is purchasable in the Shop.