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  • jeccsica -

    Replied to the thread What do you think about "rappers" attempting to sing?.

    oh rap songs are my hobby and i often listen to rap music on Beltonen Rap - Hip Hop Gratis Voor
  • airlinesservice -

    Posted the thread Best price Southwest Airlines Reservations +1-855-695-0028.

    Southwest airline is the best and major airline in America. Its headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. The airlines are also known as the world's largest domestic airlines and low-cost airlines as their main aim is to provide high-quality services to…
  • Romble -

    Wrote a comment on Romble’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    Invaded Turkey as Russia in Historical World War, and these Turks have revolted and captured my light tank unit.
  • z00mz00m -

    Replied to the thread How to split unit stacks?.

    It's hidden under the hamburger menu on mobile, but only sometimes, other times it's on the main action strip while other things move under the menu. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to what's where AFAIK.
  • z00mz00m -

    Replied to the thread Units Worth Producing in COW 1.5.

    +1 to check your doctrine, adjust production accordingly, in addition to adjusting for starting location which you probably know already being a 1.0 veteran. +1 to leaving some units at level 1 because with every upgrade units get more expensive AND…
  • jeckjohn56 -

    Posted the thread 20 Mil Vapor Barrier Home Depot.

    Searching for a 20 mil vapor barrier? Look no further, visit USACrawlSpace. The 20 mil crawl space vapor barrier offers high durability and can be used for applications with heavy-duty requirements. It also maintains a healthy environment around the…
  • z00mz00m -

    Replied to the thread Aircraft carriers..

    Quote from whowh: “On that note what do you guys normally put on your carriers? I tend to aim for 4% tactical bombers, 20% attack bombers, 20% naval bombers and 20% interceptors. ” According to your math, there is 36% of unused space on your carriers ;)
  • z00mz00m -

    Liked Edepedable’s post in the thread Build then upgrade or upgrade then build... which is cheaper?.

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    Quote from Last Warrior: “Quote from Edepedable: “I have no idea what this means? ” exactly, you said it... And sorry, but im out of here. ” You are more than welcome to offer an explanation, or at least quote me in full. What I mean is that I…
  • wizdavid33 -

    Posted the thread Flange Management Software.

    Cenosco is a unique software company and has been so for the last twenty years. We develop products in close cooperation with the engineering disciplines that use them. We do this by engaging in partnerships with large engineering companies, so we can…
  • tomnick00 -


    Technology has become so advanced that it has made it possible to get the desired degree, diploma, or high school certificate for those who always wished for one but were not able to get due to several reasons. Education has become so costly that it’s…
  • carolthomas42 -

    Posted the thread Top Gaming Company in India.

    Meet HashByte studio - top Gaming Company in India that has an enthusiastic team of game developers who enjoy creating interesting and challenging games. Using technical advancements, we develop exuberant games for different platforms. We always target…
  • DeltaHorseRescue -

    Replied to the thread (Revamped) Operation Retribution Is Open!.

  • GrandEmpire -

    Replied to the thread EPIC CoW moments!.

  • Weids -

    Liked JesterTheSheep’s post in the thread I hope I am wrong... about 1.5 and Classic Maps.

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    *sigh* ...OK. Here's my take on all this. 1.5 is not better or worse than 1.0. It's a good game, for different reasons than 1.0. 1.0 Clearly favors long, protracted battles, which require strategy and patience. 1.5 does not. 1.5 requires a lot of…
  • Habo778 -

    Replied to the thread Intercepted messages.

    Your spies can intercept coalition messages but only ones SENT from the country their in. They do not intercept RECEIVED messages.
  • BladeFisher -

    Posted the thread Intercepted messages.

    Is it only messages between individual players that can be intercepted or does it apply to coalition messages too? i.e are coalition messages secure?