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  • Tasmine -

    Wrote a comment on Dante Bugler1’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    You dont need to send me that mail.
  • Shaun. -

    Replied to the thread Anyone wishes to join a brand new alliance?.

    I have received your message but i can't seem to get an answer from anyone as to why i can't invite people into my Alliance? Watch this space, lol
  • Shaun. -

    Posted the thread Game Status.

    Can I pull out of a game? I'm sick of waiting for this game to start, can we still pull out of the game and will it cost me anything to do so? Yours Shaun
  • Maximilian Veers -

    Wrote a comment on Arcorian’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    Who should I go to report a small typing error in the Spanish translation?
  • gusv -

    Liked Hipeople1234’s post in the thread Best country?.

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    However, It only works on the 22 player map
  • Maximilian Veers -

    Wrote a comment on petrud’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    ¿A quién debo acudir para notificar un pequeño error de tipeo en la traducción?