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  • Mr. Bridger -

    Posted the thread Oil - rarity and use.

    In almost all scenarios, oil is now the least valuable raw material. No one has to think about how to allocate resources anymore. There are games where the oil market costs 1.5 money. It is a pity that the authors have taken this path of simplifying and…
  • VorlonFCW -

    Replied to the thread que.

    If you are on desktop you use the hourglass button next the the construct or produce button. On mobile the construct/produce button turns into the hourglass button when something is already in progress in that province. See more in this thread:
  • Marshall Utku -

    Now follows JiFurry.

  • VorlonFCW -

    Replied to the thread Game Status.

    once you have selected a country it is not possible to leave a game.
  • masayokato -

    Replied to the thread Game Admin Info Needed.

    thanks for the quick response!
  • sheltieman -

    Posted the thread que.

    since you all gave us high command( which i do thank you) i cannot put buildings or units in the que
  • miguel79 -

    Replied to a comment by Khabarovsk krai on miguel79’s wall.

    Wall Reply
    Hola dime
  • AdmiralEloc -

    Replied to the thread All Countries All In Roleplay Map (73 player map).

    of course! We need a bunch of players to make this possible. If you know anyone else who would be interested please let them know!
  • pjrobbo -

    Replied to the thread Call of War 1.5 round 2!.

    One more thing. I was very surprised to receive a visit from 30 level 1 tactical bombers on day 10.
  • unpredictabl -

    Replied to the thread Players League April 2019 Sign UP.

    hope it means April 2020 I m in user name unpredictabl Agree to all rules
  • TCKartalMapper -

    Replied to the thread If I don’t have a capital, why is my moral going down?.

    Well, when you lose your capitol, don't you need to build a new one, even if you take that city back ? When you don't have the capitol, the morale on every province goes down~ So, you need to build a new one lol
  • Khabarovsk krai -

    Posted the thread If I don’t have a capital, why is my moral going down?.

    After a huge war between be and someone else (I won) he got my capital, but I got it back buf I still haven’t build my capital as a real capital yet I decided to not build capital But then bu moral went down, why???
  • General cdub -

    Liked pjrobbo’s post in the thread Call of War 1.5 round 2!.

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    My thoughts on 1.5. Played 28 days, Egypt. I wonder how many players jumped right in building infrastructure in all double resource producing provinces. Many if not all in my game. Luckily I noticed my mistake after 15 mins or so( I know, I should have…
  • General cdub -

    Replied to the thread Rally Point Flags not showing up.

    Quote from Ryan04px2025: “@General cdub Don't know if you were here before, a long time ago, either the entire server is down or something else happened and people were given gold as apologies. Keep scrolling in the COW homepage updates. :) By the way, I…
  • Marching in Place -

    Liked BattleIvan’s post in the thread Ideas pt 3.

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    I like the idea of a research queue for high command. We are allowed a production and construction queue, why not a research queue. I dare say it will be a wait and see thing.
  • PrinceofHonor -

    Liked Nightmare_60’s post in the thread Help I can’t get into games.

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    i found out how to fix it I just got the app