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  • VorlonFCW -

    Replied to the thread que.

    If you are on desktop you use the hourglass button next the the construct or produce button. On mobile the construct/produce button turns into the hourglass button when something is already in progress in that province. See more in this thread:
  • Marshall Utku -

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  • VorlonFCW -

    Replied to the thread Game Status.

    once you have selected a country it is not possible to leave a game.
  • masayokato -

    Replied to the thread Game Admin Info Needed.

    thanks for the quick response!
  • sheltieman -

    Posted the thread que.

    since you all gave us high command( which i do thank you) i cannot put buildings or units in the que
  • miguel79 -

    Replied to a comment by Khabarovsk krai on miguel79’s wall.

    Wall Reply
    Hola dime
  • AdmiralEloc -

    Replied to the thread All Countries All In Roleplay Map (73 player map).

    of course! We need a bunch of players to make this possible. If you know anyone else who would be interested please let them know!
  • pjrobbo -

    Replied to the thread Call of War 1.5 round 2!.

    One more thing. I was very surprised to receive a visit from 30 level 1 tactical bombers on day 10.
  • unpredictabl -

    Replied to the thread Players League April 2019 Sign UP.

    hope it means April 2020 I m in user name unpredictabl Agree to all rules
  • TCKartalMapper -

    Replied to the thread If I don’t have a capital, why is my moral going down?.

    Well, when you lose your capitol, don't you need to build a new one, even if you take that city back ? When you don't have the capitol, the morale on every province goes down~ So, you need to build a new one lol
  • Khabarovsk krai -

    Posted the thread If I don’t have a capital, why is my moral going down?.

    After a huge war between be and someone else (I won) he got my capital, but I got it back buf I still haven’t build my capital as a real capital yet I decided to not build capital But then bu moral went down, why???
  • General cdub -

    Liked pjrobbo’s post in the thread Call of War 1.5 round 2!.

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    My thoughts on 1.5. Played 28 days, Egypt. I wonder how many players jumped right in building infrastructure in all double resource producing provinces. Many if not all in my game. Luckily I noticed my mistake after 15 mins or so( I know, I should have…
  • General cdub -

    Replied to the thread Rally Point Flags not showing up.

    Quote from Ryan04px2025: “@General cdub Don't know if you were here before, a long time ago, either the entire server is down or something else happened and people were given gold as apologies. Keep scrolling in the COW homepage updates. :) By the way, I…
  • Marching in Place -

    Liked BattleIvan’s post in the thread Ideas pt 3.

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    I like the idea of a research queue for high command. We are allowed a production and construction queue, why not a research queue. I dare say it will be a wait and see thing.
  • PrinceofHonor -

    Liked Nightmare_60’s post in the thread Help I can’t get into games.

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    i found out how to fix it I just got the app
  • Srdrake -

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