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  • crazedude523 -

    Posted the thread Premium Game w/friends.

    Hello, I would like to be able to create a game using high command, and have all my friends join it so we can all play together. They have never played call of war before, so for games created by users, is there a way to remove the minimum level limit…
  • K.Rokossovski -

    Replied to the thread Increasing cost for gold usage (map based) or gold cap.

    Hey Freezy, first, let me thank you for the response. But I must say, it seems as though you haven't listened to the many suggestion threads which have popped up over the years. I can't recall a SINGLE one that suggested you should try making money on…
  • Erichvonmanstein1940 -

    Liked Edepedable’s post in the thread New Unit suggestion: Mortars (My second try).

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    Quote from gablgorthegreat: “<p>So, I made a suggestion about mortars I think a few months ago. I have looked at my criticism and have now come up with a way better unit. Instead, it would be a 50 person group that has 5 hitpoints. they are (obviously)…
  • joseph123 -

    Posted the thread How do I set up an account if Facebook hacked account?.

    You can’t set up an account if Facebook hacked account. But, if you created another account, then you can set up it through its profile. Once, you move into the profile section, then you will get the option of security where you can make any changes. You…
  • Krazonykraken -

    Wrote a comment on Krazonykraken’s wall.

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  • Edepedable -

    Replied to the thread Version 1.5 and Armored Cars.

    Quote from freezy: “On the offense Light Tanks are as good as Armored Cars vs. Infantry, but are much better vs. Light Armor and also moderately better against heavy armor. ” At the moment this does not hold true, armoured cars are in fact better…
  • Erichvonmanstein1940 -

    Replied to the thread Are you a Mobile App warrior?.

    Disabling Production Buildings I find it a hassle to click on every province just to disable the production buildings. Would be nice to be able to turn them off using the province list just like in the desktop.
  • Shag01 -

    Posted the thread Supply- Unit Speed.

    Just found my way to the game, and so far its been pretty fun. Just one thing that i've had happen. A guy who had lost all of his major cities, had one unit left (armoured car). While i was away from the pc he just when a attack spree, got way behind…
  • Jeff Starbucks -

    Wrote a comment on Genghis Khanson’s wall.

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    I changed my avatar

    Replied to a comment by _Sylvester_Stallone_ on -LUFTWAFFEN-’s wall.

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    saludos compañero jaja
  • Zidni Bilga -

    Liked qwertupo’s post in the thread Name your own units..

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    I been playing call of war for over 2 years. During my time with CoW, I noticed a frustrating aspect of labeling units. Whenever a unit is defeated, I would always have trouble finding out which unit is destroyed because they were labeled with a letter…
  • Salgueiroj -

    Now follows JhonataDias.

  • Nicc99 -

    Replied to the thread Province list.

    Um, nevermind. Apparently I've had my display settings set to 125%. I don't recall setting that on purpose, but I changed it to 100% and everything shows now. Thanks.
  • OysterT -

    Posted the thread Production levels.

    I am in day 2 of a 1.5 game. I am Turkey. I have built a level 1 Industry in each of my five Urban Provinces. Their production levels are around 5,300 per day. My next door neighbor, Caucasus has built one level one industrial park in one urban…
  • EdelweissEins -

    Posted the thread Possible Ideology and Political Decisions.

    I came back from not playing this game for a while to see many new changes I love! New units, features, and especially doctrines. I think another step in this direction could be to build off of doctrines and add decisions, different ideologies that…
  • zecevi123 -

    Posted the thread Battleships not destroying airfields.

    So my Battleships were maxed out and i sent one of my battleships to destroy a lone airfield he bombed it TWO TIMES FOR TWO HOURS! and the airfield which has 5 hitpoints wasnt destroyed??!?!?!? My battleships has 7 damage against buildings there were no…
  • Papa Cass -

    Replied to the thread New Unit Suggestion: Engineers.

    Quote from ShoeBob: “These units should be able to build buildings faster. Like the marine engineers at guadacanal during the Second World War ” These Engineers could build fortifications at less cost of building and less time. Another build that…
  • DoctorDR1 -

    Liked freezy’s post in the thread Increasing cost for gold usage (map based) or gold cap.

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    Well let me care to respond to this thread then. Usually we don't respond to these threads because there were indeed too many over the years and it becomes tiresome to answer them nearly every week. I will answer both on the suggestion to put in a gold…