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  • New Community Coordinator

    MACKMITTENZ - - Support Team


    Can't think of anyone better!

  • Finishing up a round of "ALL COUNTRIES: ALL IN" and must give props where they are due. ~ 2 x Speed - Perfect instead of the x4. I'd like to see other rounds with this pace. ~ Map was almost identical to 100 pp ~ Saw quite a few trailblazers fizzle out early due to the extra countries in play ~ Speed-up feature also kept gold rushers in check, but made skilled players maintain economies closely. - It was fun to ally with a mini-nation and support them on a flank from incoming hostilities. Will d…

  • Hey Acrorian! I'm just trying to get some clarity here... Do you fall under the CoW banner, Bytro, or a third party "representative" or liaison between the two? Besides that; what else do you do for fun? What's your favorite color/movie/song, etc? TtyL!

  • I couldn't tell you the last time I had an issue with food... I see people who build behemoth armies to quickly take provinces; only to have them go into rebellion and default to me = easy VPs

  • The New Call of Gold

    MACKMITTENZ - - Suggestions / Criticism


    Quote from enochen: “has the idea of cap games been brought up? you know, unlike gold free games you have a game where you have a gold cap spending limit for each in game day. this way, if you want to spend you can spend, but you have to be more strategic about it. this way you can't just endlessly spam. i hate the gold warriors too, but it is a part of the game. it would be nice to have different tiered games though based on different spending habits. just a thought, but probably not an origina…

  • I have been a loyal COW player for quite some time now... I am at the point of retiring due to the pay-to-win system that has been introduced over that last six months. In the last three months I have played and successfully maintained top 5 standing in every game. However, there is now a new element; Leprechauns. How are we to play honest rounds when jimmynoob is spending $300/day? Something needs to be done or I, as well as a lot of us loyal players, are going to walk...

  • In-game name: mackmittenz Discord name & number: mack 6267 Have you read the game info (Y/N) Yes Do you understand and accept all rules? (Y/N) Yes Top 3 Nations Requested: Colorado Rep, Pacific States, Dakotas Your sample article: The votes have been counted and the people have chosen! With a landslide victory, the new president of ____ will be mackmittenz! As the new top representative of ____ mackmittenz has declared he will "Keep the people of ___ safe from any threats and shuffle in a new er…

  • Yes, we all need sleep... But let's be real; it's been extremely rare throughout the course of history that warring armies sat down and discussed "down time" so they could catch some Zzz's. If you want a "me-centered" schedule then this is not the game for you, try CoD.

  • mackmittenz I accept...

  • Please add me!

  • Open Markets

    MACKMITTENZ - - Suggestions / Criticism


    Ok, I'm not sure if I made my initial suggestion clear enough so I'll elaborate... Say I am on day 30 of a 100pp round. My coalition (based in the Americas) is on the brink of out-right control of both continents and we are looking towards future conquests. We see there is a particular coalition in Asia which we feel will inevitably become our rival. We also notice that a couple of their members have grown way too fast and half of their provinces are on fire (intel shows looming shortages). To p…

  • Speaking of gold... Somehow half of my gold coffers went missing overnight...

  • IMO effective use of a Navy can be a game changer. Though perhaps the most difficult military branch to master, can be extremely dangerous to unsuspecting or unprepared enemies. I.e. I'm currently in a 100/pp round and one stack of 5d/3c/2bb, has taken out almost 60 (90% land) enemy units in three days. Yes, they are very needy with maintenance and resource allocation; but they have proven time and time again how valuable they are. However, it takes time to figure out the best mix and for what p…

  • Open Markets

    MACKMITTENZ - - Suggestions / Criticism


    I ran into a situation where one of my (soon to be) opponents was running out of food for his massive army... Since he wasn't yet "at war" with me; I was afraid to sell any of my massive food reserves. Aside from embargoing everyone... Is there a way to know who I'm buying/selling from? I think this would be a great feature considering it mimics real-world economics,,

  • The NEW webGL - Bravo, the intricate detail was what we were missing. As I'm sure Bytro Labs drank champagne from golden chalices we players continue to criticize and send bugs, reports, and ideas. We the Generals dedicate a lot of time and effort into this game. So this is one we can celebrate together... Cheers to all! NEW Balancing - a step in the right direction; but a work in process. NEW Tutorial - Was there one to begin with? However I will be checking it out. NEW Ranking/Points/Bravado -…

  • Yes, I know all of what you just told me.... I messaged them and they found it was a bug and credited me.

  • Team Up!

    MACKMITTENZ - - News


    Not sure if someone posted this idea or not yet but; Group Chat... I am in a situation where it's the entire Western US vs the Eastern and it is quite difficult to communicate.

  • I have noticed an inconsistency with the way Victory Points are tallied. For example: I am playing a FFA round and captured a 20 VP province (which would have pushed me into fifth place), however there has been no change to my current point total. I also gave it a full day and still hasn't updated. Has anyone else run across this problem?