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  • If the patrol circle of aircraft overlaps multiple targets (i.e. ground units, structures, naval units) how does it pick it's target at it's 15 minute interval? Or if there are 3 or 4 different unit stacks to choose from?

  • When a player is inactive for a set time (usually 48 hours I think) the AI takes over running the country. Can a player then rejoin later, like a few days or even weeks later?

  • When you click on the diplomacy button you see a list of countries which can be sorted by country name, coalition, player name, number of provinces, their relation, number of victory points, activity, your relation, and devices. There is also an information button for each country to drill down into player profiles. In the player profiles one can see additional information such as the player's experience level, Kill/Destroy ratio, # of known units, who they are at war with, etc. It would be real…

  • In my game a player was eliminated several days ago - his country no longer appears in the diplomacy tab list of countries, all his territories are gone, all of his units are gone (landlocked, never had sea units, all his territories are captured). Today he send diplomatic messages to several people and posted in the world news. How can this happen?

  • I strongly support this idea

  • Strategic bombers are mainly used as a deterrent or a very heavy bombardment option, not for ‘tank plinking,’ close air support, or rapid response. It takes a lot more time and resources to arm and prepare them, and requires longer runways, which impacts turnaround time and makes them impractical and expensive for missions that require a small amount of precision ordnance. In general, strategy is overall in concept - more about long range and longer goals than tactics, which is geared towards im…

  • A paratrooper unit doesn't just represent a few men; I'm not sure of the scale for Call of War, but I would guess it represents a battalion (300 to 800 soldiers). In any event it represents far more than could logically be staged from a carrier - not to mention that aircraft large enough to carry more than a handful of men would be too large and heavy to be launched. Remember we are talking about WWII era - the Doolittle raid was barely possible and far more valuable for morale reasons than tact…

  • won't load

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    Same for 3099783

  • Russia didn't go to war with Japan until a few weeks before it was all over. This is for those quoting WWI and WWII as examples of how coalitions all declared war together.

  • Yes I treated both AI and human players the same.

  • Terminating Units

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    Well I fail to see how disbanding units has any negative effect on the game whatsoever. The ability to undo some mistakes is beside the point; it is not unheard of that units outlive their usefulness - once they were needed, now they are not. In real life they would be disbanded. It has the positive effect of allowing more flexibility. And what's more, many players want to be able to do it. Those that don't can simply not use it....ohhh they don't want anyone ELSE to be able to do it. Quite simp…

  • Playing 100 player map, now in day 27. On first day set relations to RoW with all AI countries. My starting day one popularity rating was 73% - before doing anything at all. I have consistently kept the rating in the 70's and is now 83% - always embargoing first, then declaring war, then attacking. At his point none, NONE, of the AI countries have ever changed their relations with me. So if as I saw in an earlier posting on this thread that is an aberration well it is aberrating (is that a word?…

  • In the case of an enemy province that has no military units, if a unit is ordered to attack it, as opposed to being ordered to move to it, is there any difference?

  • It seems every province I take, whether with minimal forces or greater, most of the infrastructure is destroyed. How can I best ensure the least damage possible?

  • I am in a coalition and offered right of way to a player who was not affiliated with any coalition. A day passed and the player joined a different coalition, then tried to accept my trade offer. It seemed to accept but didn't actually change relations. Now neither he nor I can offer any relations other than peace, embargo, or war. Is this something new with the changes to coalitions?

  • Declaring War

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    So far I have not seen anyone able to explain in detail the mechanics of how world popularity is determined. I have experimented by embargoing 24 hours in advance of declaring, embargoing just before day change and then declaring shortly after day change, ignoring day change and just embargoing a few hours before declaring, etc. and can't tell any difference but then again there is not enough data to even know what normal is. My popularity has stayed in the 70-80% range no matter what method I u…

  • With all due respect, the technology of the era was quite sufficient to know where a battle occurred and what the losses were. Even reading the newspaper doesn't give the information that it should. It can't be THAT hard to add some details to the event notification.

  • Kamikaze Planes

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    In real life, kamikazes were, as someone said, a last resort. Two key reasons for the desperation was a shortage of experienced pilots at that stage of the war and hindrances to production caused by strategic bombing (both problems also faced by Germany). One other factor was the cultural disposition to suicide rather than lose honor. Although some experienced pilots were involved, the majority of kamikaze pilots were inexperienced. Some were wired into the cockpits so they couldn't bail out. Th…

  • You can already share information with anyone you wish, just message them. Of course, whether it is genuine or not.....:) who knows? An in game verification to the truth of the report would be a good idea, and sellable.

  • I think it's a good idea - yes some of those anonymous posts are just annoying but some of them have strategic purpose, and discovering who made them could be important information.