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  • Currently Subs do not need to break stealth to shoot down aircraft. Let alone. The end game subs are AA rating 4 or even 5 (Elites) Which is insane. On average the Subs will shoot more NAVAL BOMBERS in an equal fight. Just think about how stupid this sounds. This should never ever be the case. How the hell does one even justify that subs get that high of rating? They should get their AA defense reduced at least by half if not more. It's common sense.

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    Can aircraft capture undefended cities that they have already landed at? for example, I have a fighter at an ally's base, and they turn AI but it's undefended, if i go to war will I capture it or have I just doomed my aircraft?

  • That might be true but there is still an option for the nations. Just saying that there's alot of potential to the 1 stage only secret weapons (Commandos, Railguns, Rocket interceptors)

  • Any plans on making better railroad trees? Currently (US tech tree) it shows us having the 274mm railroad gun. We all know of the more famous railguns made by the Germans "Schwerer Gustav" which was an 800mm caliber gun. I would love to see this type of unit receive some more attention. - Merlox

  • I am running into the same exact issue! I am effectively 10 aircraft carriers and 50ish aircraft short until this is fixed. =(

  • I am running into the same issue, most of my planes are now locked. I'm fortunate enough not to be in a war right now though...