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    Quote from Vigor555: “I have watched unit healing very closely and I am pretty much positive you're wrong about how much healing units do. A moderator asked me to submit my evidence to the forum but I don't have time for that right now. But I will explain it and you can verify I'm right on your own. Units heal approximately 15% of their damage at day change. It is always approximately 15%. Sometimes it is more than 15 percent OF THE DAMAGE. Sometimes it is less and I suspect the variation is due…

  • I've had conquered provinces of enemies producing anti-tank, militia and other good stuff that I hadn't researched continue on with their production after capture. One side note, in these situations I never had to repair any buildings. I don't know if the production would have continued if I had to repair some building first. To produce a cruiser a level 2 naval base and level 1 industrial complex should be sufficiënt, so you only need to repair the industrial complex to level 1.

  • Quote from Christopher d: “ In the red it shows what research is needed before i can produce it unless im not understanding your question. ” Before you can produce something you must research it first (production and research are not synonyms). What you are showing are production requirements (like level 'Y' infrastructure and level 'X' industrial complex in the same province and research 'Z' fullfilled), not research requirements. Kalantigos showed in his screenshot where to f…

  • What a joke, your CoW version is much better than mine. In this rocket interceptor example I don't have the option to scroll down further to see any requirements for research. I just went through all the research tabs and it only shows me this information for nucleair energy and nucleair bombs. research_requirements.jpg

  • What is the link between production requirements and research requirements?

  • And what word is standing above "Requirements (in a single province)"?

  • Well, I figured that out by now... In the past, if I recall correctly, every military sabotage spy was giving you some production at day change, unless they got caught before they could finish their mision. So my question still stands. Is their functioning recently changed? Or are they bugged?

  • No it doesn't. It tells you what stats the unit has that you want research. It doesn't give you the research requirements.

  • I know... Quote from Azkazan: “For some reason the above post only shows half of my message.... ” This is the reason why I posted 3 times. After posting everything below the first image was not visible. That's why I had to post a second time and eventually a third time.

  • Troop shipconvoys dealing damage and no damage depending on the situation. If a troop shipconvoy is attacked by planes or subs they deal a small amount of daage to the attackers. If a shipconvoy tries to disembark and is stopped by a landunit standing on the beach, they will deal 0 damage to the unit stopping the invaders. Any landunit can stop an unlimited force of military units while disembarking. I think this isn't consistend and I suggest that troops debarking should also be able to deal sm…

  • May I suggest to make it easier for players to find out what researches are required to research a certain unit. For example (First go to the research tab). If you move your cursor over the research box of a random unit, it will either say: - Research not yet available. - No free research slot available. - Requirements not yet fullfilled. - Research finished. Requirements not yet fullfilled. This is useless information. It doesn't say what you should have researched. Sometimes it's quite obvious…

  • Wouldn't it also be nice that you can give names to the battleship and other units if you use the construction que (not sure if I use the correct name) as a high command player? Now you can only name units if you don't use the building que.

  • Do you know if Bytro is ever going to buff (useless) units like the rocket interceptor? "Destroyers: Damage area increased from 0.75 to 2" Do you know how big this damage area is that is mentioned in the above sentence? Do you know if every unit has a damage area? Any idea how big or where we can find it?

  • Information missing.

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    I'm quite sure this is mentioned several times before, but it seems like it has either no priority or has been forgotten. In the research tab you can usually see unit information under the "i" button, but sometimes it is simply missing. I use a small screen wenn playing this game. Someone once suggested that might be the problem. Wether or not that is the problem, it's just diffecult to decide if you want to try a certain unit if you can't look up it's stats in the research tab. Here is an examp…

  • This is not a 1 time incident. I have been noticing this since I started to use military sabotage spies in this game like 10 days ago. I play only 1 map at a time so I can't compare to my other maps, but like a month ago every military sabotage spy would damage a building in their province. Is this bugged or have the military sabotage spies been nerfed?

  • For some reason the above post only shows half of my message.... Below is the rest. The following screeshot shows the damage they did upon day change. Only 5 military sabotage spies managed to be effective. Spionnen_2.jpg

  • I've used military sabotage spies for quite some time. Recently I noticed they arn't as effective as they used to be. Is this a bug or have they been nerfed? In this screenshot you can see on the left I have 12 military sabotage spies and 1 economy sabotage spy. On the map you can see the position of all 13 spies. Menaing 12 military sabotage spies in 1 country devided over 12 provinces, all with buildings in them (you can't see it, but just believe me...) Spionnen_1.jpg

  • In the navy♪

    Azkazan - - News


    Quote from freezy: “Generals, it is indeed nothing new that you can sail the seven seas once you join the navy. What is new though is our latest set of balancing improvements which this time mainly concerned the naval warfare in Call of War. These are the changes we made: - Destroyers: Naval / Submarine Defense increased by +25%. - Submarines: Naval Defense reduced by -25%. ” Are you sure this is changed? Looking at my level 4 destroyers the deff stats are still the same as is projected in this …

  • I think this would lead to everyone trying to get as many allies as possible and massive backstabbing them one by one in order to get the desired amount of victory points.

  • Rockets

    Azkazan - - Suggestions / Criticism


    I gess your enemy played smart and decided to attack your planes while refuelling. I use rockets sometimes. I can play with or without them and against them if I have to. Just need to be a little carefull with your planes if your enemy as rockets nearby. As he will also have to be carefull with his rockets since they have no defence value. Despite rockets have been far from perfect in WW2 I think they are ok in this game. They deal a good amount of damage and are unstoppable once flying through …