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  • merge two accounts

    patriota75 - - Questions and Answers


    I played for 3 or 4 years on account patriota75, then one day I thought it is enough and I deleted account to prevent myself of returning here. I wanted to permanently stop playing, but when Covid-19 situation started, I had extra time so I remembered that my son wanted to play with me and he opened some account he used for a short period and left. I asked him for password and entered here to see changes. As you can see, I am still looking. I entered alliance, but I see leader or some of the off…

  • Good news, game is updated, reload... I reloaded and I can not enter in game. If I enter if i give command to units, connection with server is slow, very slow....

  • I entered in FML too, thanks for other offers, they are all good, some of them maybe even better, but I made my decision. If situation changes I will consider your offer first. Thanks all.

  • The best troops in 1.0 are tactical bombers. no question about it. Of course you have to have interceptors to defend them.

  • That is how it is, trade. Sell what you have and by what you need.

  • I think in 1.0 it has 5 HP and in 1.5 it has 10 HP

  • Plane Disappearance

    patriota75 - - Questions and Answers


    Devs relocated Bermuda triangle near Alaska.

  • x factor, it goes from 0 to 100%

  • I was level 90 +, I saw almost everything in this game except alliance match. Somehow all alliances I was in were inactive or could not organize match. I got bored and deleted my account. I play now on my sons account who wanted to play with me but he did not like the game. My profile is Damjan7. I am interested in joining in any alliance who can organize some alliance game in few days. If I can not find any I will make pause again, got very bored with this game .

  • I played 1.5 on 4 speed map. I wanted to see how it looks like, and somehow I am not impressed. I do not know nothing about doctrines, to many buildings, different units and different stats and penalties. I did not have enough time to look at it. But I played it and it looks the same. It also have the same bugs For example when you send some units in one direction they go to end of province, come back and then go to direction you wanted them to go... I am just curious, what version you like more…

  • Quote from freezy: “All I can say is that this revolt mechanic existed in Call of War since it was launched 5 years ago. ” It exited, but then you made some mistake and it did not work. Then you fixed and sad that is how is supposed to be, and at the end you admit that it still have two bugs. I still did not get answer how 6 SP arty is not enough to suppress rebellion after conquering a province, how did 4 killed, one stay in my possesion and 1 gone to ally together with province. And when will …

  • I just wonder if we can have a list of knowing bugs, and some advice how to avoid them ? I think it can be useful.

  • fastest win contest

    patriota75 - - General Discussions


    I had coalition win in 15 days on 100 players map. It was 3 years ago. On day one I was attacked by Finland, and I was leading Sweden. He had enormous casualties and then he sent a group of light tanks on me. In that time research tree was different also time to build infrastructure. So when I saw that he is using a lot of gold, I offered a peace and cooperation. He made coalition and I went left and he went to the right. When I was in problem I gave him a province and he made factories, infrast…

  • Quote from freezy: “There are currently 2 bugs though: ” Finally. Someone of devs to say that bugs exist. Two bugs in rebellions, how much of bugs are in whole game? Did second of these two cause rebellion of province with 6 SP arty I mention earlier? Quote from Tasmine: “This is a knowing issue. Not bug. If you encounter this situation. You need to split them out. And SP artillery anti air bonus not high. Suggest you to mix with other type units. ” This is knowing bug. Game mehanics does not wo…

  • It was like I wrote in previous post, I could not believe too, but it happened. I also loosed 19 SP arty while they were going under 2 level 2 interceptors who were in patrol and 50% of morale. Killed in one tick... Send report and they say it is a known bug. I stopped to send reports, waste of time too.

  • Quote from AK140: “Also about your SP Artillery rebellion thing, can you give more details such as the terrains, the morale, the health of the units, and the levels? ” I do not remember all details. I know it was in event all in, I was leading Haiti and I took province with hills and forest, I usually keep army out of province center so if it rebels I can take it back, but this time I had 6 SP arty and I though that it will be enough to keep them in province center and that they will prevent reb…

  • Quote from Tasmine: “Quote from patriota75: “Quote from VorlonFCW: “As I have said before, the rebellion mechanic is operating as designed now, and this is one of the parts of the game that make it so much more than a simple video game. Proper management of morale is a fundamental approach to refined gameplay. You do not need gold or luck, simply a well formed plan and knowledge of the way the system works. ” Ok, I can say I have a lot experience in playing this game. To much time wasted Rebelli…

  • Upgrade building needed for making units, for example you will make tanks faster if you upgrade tank plant.

  • they increase resource and manpower production

  • If I saw right, factories raise manpower, so you need to make factories and upgrade them in provinces that have high manpower.