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  • Not sure if this has been addressed, but especially after coalition flags under national flags were removed from the map view, it is somewhat cumbersome to determine which nations fall under which coalition. I am aware that you can select provinces to see the flag, but I have a possible idea. Something like the relation map mode, there should be a map mode that colors each coalition's territory differently.

  • There is a way you can deal with this with a sort of band aid strategy. Surround a small AI or weaken a large AI, then proceed to farm its capitals every time a new one appears, and/or as needed. Unfortunately, the AI can take a long time to adjust to peace, which is why I only farm its capitals in wars with 5 or more people. This makes it especially optimal for large maps, such as the 25p or the 100p.

  • Sorry, I misspoke, meant that both alliances had agreed to not use gold and that I thought the breaking of the agreement had been due to a language barrier. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

  • My alliance had a challenge go wrong, with some illegal gold use involved, and it happened to be with an alliance of a different language. Now, this language barrier may only be an isolated issue, but it's only one reason why the text in Call of War should have the potential to be copied and pasted. Google Translate could be used to traverse language gaps more easily, and diplomacy messages can be posted through the newspaper. I realize that spam is an issue with this, but perhaps an article lim…

  • Home Decorations

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    When are we gonna get the winter decorations? Its getting real close to Christmas here...

  • Same here. 502 Bad Gateway.

  • Quote from NukeRaider33: “Quote from m1tanker632: “Yes the hardest part is anticipating where to build the next airfields and of course you have to wait 9 hours before you can get AF into the distant fight ” I prefer to alphabetise the province list and then select the first 15 or so at a time ” Yet more useless wasting of resources! I personally have no idea why they put alphabetical order into the selection of search queries.

  • Send messages in bits and pieces, so that if they see one of the broken up messages, it is impossible to tell what's going on.

  • Quote from Komandant_Stane: “I am just playing for about 3 weeks actively and I gotten to like the game. Figured out most of the things by playing some "trail runs" and I would add one thing. Jeeps are fast and if you want to expand the territory fast to create a buffer zone and to conquer small countries at the start of the game it is great to use them in the combination with those few planes you got. You bomb the shit out of the enemy and follow up with jeeps. This way you can get small countr…

  • Quote from NukeRaider33: “Quote from NovaTopaz: “You do it AS REQUIRED, not AT THE START ” The problem is that you don't know where an airbase is required, and when you do, you it is too late and you have to wait 8 hours, which can cause you to lose the game.Quote from NovaTopaz: “It means your economy gets going slower, you have less resources, and arguably more important, money to spend on other buildings, which are far more vital at the start of the game ” I also said that build the air bases…

  • Thank you! If you have any suggestions then PM me on CoW.

  • Modern Combat

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    Yes, but there aren't going to be nukes until like day 8 unless you gold spam. You still need to build nuke reactors, and the airbase. Same thing for heavy tanks and other secret units.

  • Hey guys, started a YouTube channel dedicated to mobile. Its trash right now, but its getting better. Link to Recognizing a Backstab here. Also check out the No Tank Challenge.

  • I fully agree with a lot of these, but are commandos worthless? Granted, they may only be produced in one province at a time, but it can build up after a while, and besides which, they have some of the best ground attack values, have no speed deduction in mountains, and double their already excellent fighting abilities there! As long as you have air cover, few units can rival commandos one to one.

  • See tags at the bottom

  • Quote from King Draza Mihajlovic: “ Adolf Hitler? Military genius? REALLY?! tell me ONE battle which he led himself, and not his generals...also, USA declared war on germany, not the other way around, Japan is the one to be blamed for that for operation Barbarossa? that's germany's fault” Actually, sorry Draza, but CharlieSheen's right. Germany did declare war first.…-war-on-the-united-states

  • Keep it right where it is. Unless you have max forts on all your core resources then the morale deduction will outweigh any benefits of keeping newly captured provinces.

  • Android phones

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    Oh boy. Unfortunately I can't afford a PC so I have very limited on-computer use, most of the time I HAVE to play from my samsung. They have actually made it wayyy better in the past months, but espionage still doesn't work, diplomacy is nearly impossible, and worst of all the only way I can bombard units, rockets or otherwise, is when they are sitting still in a province center. App sounds like the best idea possible, hate to disagree with Bytro but it seems as though we are heading toward a ph…

  • He would do well until like Day 20 and then he would start to send 2 militia against 4 med tanks on plains and crap like that because he was a God so he could never lose. Yeah, he would probably use the secret tab a lot, and since it seems a lot easier to buy nukes, he would spam them and maybe win at like 1944 or something.

  • Coring Provinces

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    Quote from kingjames244: “I think the mid to late game could profit from having a coring part added in after a certain day point, You can start coring provinces to make them count more like your starting provinces in which will help with your production. Could help mid to late game to help boost production of goods if you have a bad starting nation for certain production types. ” Already been mentioned several times, I still think it's a great idea. The slow assimilation sounds awesome. And take…