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  • Not Gaining Levels

    jojofebreeze - - Bug Reports and Issues


    Game Number:2323962 I made an alternate account (username: febrizzle) as my main has been banned in a case where I was playing on school wi-fi with friends (though I can assure that I won't use this alt. account to cheat; this irks me because my main account was almost level 11, so I would have been able to make a game). On this account, despite playing in a game where I have captured several cities worth several points, I have not gained any XP at all. I'm only playing this one game on this acc…

  • She teaches English, and we just play it when we're done with work on the laptops.

  • My account, febreeze, was banned, presumably because I was playing on a server with other people from my school. When I logged on earlier this morning, I was told to select one account, and all the others would be banned. I neglected to choose one because I didn't want my friends to get banned, but I assume someone went in to choose their own account and got like 6 other people banned. The server we got banned on is Ms. Poulakis' Class; I don't have the list of the other banned players, however.

  • Earlier, I had tried closing and restarting the game, and that had no effect. I did it again just now, and it works, so thanks.

  • I'm fairly new to this game, however, I don't think this is supposed to happen- I am not able to construct or produce anything new, even though I have the required resources, and nothing is already being built or produced. When i try to make something, it adds it to "next in queue", but doesn't actually start building it, and when I open up the production menu again, it is gone from the queue. What should I do about this?