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  • I have responded to your ticket on: 16 Sep 2020 4:19 PM and awaiting a reply from you. If you can't find this ticket to respond in your email or pm's please contact me via a conversation here in the forums.

  • This has been reported to the devs, as it is the weekend I would expect it to be fixed no sooner then Monday.

  • We currently seem to be having some difficulties, the devs have been made aware unfortunately as it is the weekend it may not be fixed until Monday.

  • Quote from mg2018: “I requested to have my account deleted and the game gave me 48 hours. I quit but now I want to play again. Any chance I can reactivate my account? ” Add a support ticket and mention the username you wish to recover and we will get it back for you.

  • Join the support team

    PrinceofHonor - - Support Team


    Quote from Vincent the Furry: “I would like to join so I can be part of the Family I have a lot of support as owner on discord and do I experience being moderator Pretty good I am still somewhat new myself I should be selected because I am able to work as and with a team I am a JROTC Cadet and soon to be a firefighter so I know hoe to work on a team all to well I am 18 ” The process is simple and at the beginning of this thread. Always the first step is following the proper procedures to apply.

  • You need to create another game the past one has ended. Just go to games and join a new game.

  • I am still around and working tickets as the SGO.

  • Quote from Vichy: “hello I've got chat banned. I've asked the senior moderators i think, but no answers. And a guy of the bug reports said he could do nothing. It's a perma ban, just because i had a discussion in a chat and the moderator didn't want to bother himself in reading and thinking. He saw "nazis" -> blablabla you must not apologize nazism -> ban. Well, the thing is, it was just an historical and "political" discussion about the differences between National Socialism and Nazism. I was a…

  • You need High Command to create one game a month, also seeing your account appears to have been deleted by you.

  • Game retirement

    PrinceofHonor - - Suggestions / Criticism


    What is the game number? Also is this an event? If it is an event those don't have the retire feature enabled.

  • Okay, some may use this as a tactic to invade others, while some like myself use it to help keep Global Popularity in check so the AI doesn't attack you as often. Also, this helps with those of us that have fire controls if you are listed by me as having right of way I don't have to worry about my troops especially long range troops firing on your troops. I don't usually ask for right of way in return, and most of the time only use it for real players if I don't want to trigger a war. Also, as s…

  • We can't create a no gold map, we can create a roll play map depending if you meet certain criteria, but will not enforce gold use.

  • We are tying to reproduce this so that the devs can fix it, problem is we are having trouble recreating it. The more information we have the better as once we can reproduce the problem we can then send it to the devs to have it fixed. If you have the steps you took to produce this please let us know as then we can test it and send to the proper people to get it fixed. Otherwise, as it stands we can't find a reason that this happens for some and not others.

  • There is a limit to how many units of each type are most effective per group, called the State Based Damage Efficiency. Forum thread on SBDE The State Based Damage Efficiency is what got you, so let me explain this a bit. So each unit group has a certain number of units that it will allow damage to be dealt at 100% the more units over this amount the less damage they do. Your 11 units aren't attacking at full strength as the enemy units are so you do little to no damage while they …

  • If you are in a player created round you can replace players, if not this function no longer works to replace inactive players. This function was disabled due to repeated abuse of the function. No punishment is usually done these days as it only is useful in player created games.

  • Please do not post further as this isn't appropriate for the forums, if you have a problem with Game Operators please contact me as I am the Senior Game Operator. Also, when you submit a ticket you can tell them to assign it to me if you have a concern about the staff response.

  • Follow my directions in your other thread.

  • If you wish to have a role play you need to contact us via a support forum and request one. You need to have at least half the slots filled. Only certain map sizes are allowed and certain maps such as Historical are allowed for RP creation.

  • You can also submit a bug report and maybe a Game Operator can refresh the game and it will work. Or be able to give you further instructions.

  • Frozen screen

    PrinceofHonor - - Bug Reports and Issues


    Have you submitted a bug report? Sometimes it requires a server refresh, and we are only allowed to do those with a ticket.