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  • In my point of view, the tactical bomber is one of the most effective units in this game. I will justify this opinion by mentioning that: Firstly, the tact. bomber is the most effective Air vs Infantry unit. When strategical bombers are quite poor in maintaining a damage effect on military units, it's important to remember that tactical bombers are quick, relatively cheap and can bombard units that cannot be reached with slow ground units. Secondly, and rather aesthetically, in addition to the f…

  • Booming Economy

  • Hello, I know that many of us want a new map! How about you make a map of all the main Islamic regions, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Xingjiang, Turkestan, Turkey, Caucasus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Persia, Iraq, Syria,Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Yemen and Egypt? Every time I join a 100 player map Turkestan is always taken, for a reason.... It has a cool name, cool history, cool flag, cool colour.

  • Also, you should maker a way of selecting multiple armies at the same time. You should make an army panel.

  • Hello Call Of War team, I really like your game! It's amazing! I would like to help improve the game by raising up few ideas: 1. Make more maps. Wouldn't it be cool if you make a map of World War 3? With all the new countries? Or give personal maps for players who win competitions! 2. Change the looks of units in the game. Yeah I know, you kinda already did that. Anyway, it's kinda weird that all soldiers are white. Why don't you make soldiers look more native? 3. Some military changes. Why can'…