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  • One of the nice things about Supremacy 1914 and Call of War is learning some new geography. However this has its limits. If I'm playing on a world map how am I supposed to find the last 3 Portugese colonies that I need to conquer? Make the province list of each nation partly public, so I can see the names and go to the locations.

  • At least some of the historical scenarios are wildly unbalanced. This leads to players with no hope of victory dropping out. Would it not be better to set victory conditions which any country could meet equally easily? An increase in victory points of, say, 100% of your starting VP could be a fair criterion. This is something that both the Soviet Union and Tibet would find almost equally challenging.

  • The new "My games" tab no longer specifies which of your games are ranked. Please tell me if I am missing something obvious, or get this fixed. Thanks

  • I'm new to managing my own coalition, and could benefit from some advice. How do other players manage the coalitions that they control in such a way as to win their games? Suppose one of the members of your own coalition is winning. Do you kick out the strongest coalition member (in the hope of overwhelming them with the help of the entire coalition), or do you kick out the weakest member (probably giving up on first place)? More generally, which coalition members do you kick out, and when? Than…

  • One good thing about coalitions that you may not have noticed. The "My Coalitions" tab logs the last date that a member of the coalition logs out of CoW. (Logging in alone does not update it, or it needs to reload to refresh that date.) This tells you when a member is about to drop out of the game.

  • 1. Coalition channel messages did not previously generate notifications to member players. I don't think this was ever fixed. 2. Applications to join a coalition do not generate notifications to the player who administers the coalition. 3. A submitted application to join a coalition leaves no visible proof that it has taken place that the applicant can check on. Ideally such a reminder would also be visibly date-stamped. [correction: this already exists under the "my coalition" tab] 4. When you …

  • The English language manual says under "coalitions" that these are like alliances. So where is the entry for alliances, or equivalent guidance on the alliance victory point rules? Thank you in advance for your help. Merry Christmas Lindsay Jackson

  • This bug seems to have been fixed now.

  • This game is great and has many realistic features. However the ability to store surplus manpower for future use is not one of them! Conscripts get older, and may not be as available if not recruited immediately. Can anyone think of a justification for this feature? Thanks in advance. Lindsay Jackson

  • Well that's the first target totally destroyed, so I think I now know the answer!

  • Hi I'm ordering a naval unit to make a series of "Attack" orders using the "Add target" button. But for how long will each attack be pressed home? Will each attack continue until the target unit is destroyed, or will they be broken off at some point to make the next pre-programmed attack? Thanks in advance.

  • New suggestions: * A "Delay" button for each type of air attack. * Espionage which enables you to steal the results of research from other countries. As that would also get you an upgrade to existing units, maybe you should have to pay part of the normal "research" cost to cover the upgrade aspect.

  • Hi Pablo & thanks for your comments. In the past I've done exactly what you did, however this is not in strict accordance with the warning you get when you try to purge inactive players. "Confirm action Warning: you are about to remove [n] player from the game. This should only be done with consent or in extreme cases - misuse will be punished". Consent is rare (although I have granted it to others when I was unable to play for a few days). What is an "extreme" case of inactivity? Here is my fir…

  • ... and in reply to my own first question, the announcement in the World Herald by an ally of mine that started me thinking about this issue was a warning that inactive players would be kicked out in 6 hours, unless any of the active players had any objection. I hope that this prompts some thoughts from you all.

  • In reply to my own third question, I guess the length of time you allow someone to take away from a game before purging inactive players depends on the reason they give you, whether you believe them and how generous you are feeling towards them.

  • As a game admin I am supposed not to use this for personal advantage and use this right responsibly. To achieve these objectives I would like to announce transparently in the World Herald what my consistent and impartial policy on purging inactive players is. That way I am less likely to use the power for my personal advantage! Does anyone have such a policy statement that I might use? How many days do people generally allow inactive players to come back, if they drop out without prior warning? …

  • It would be very nice if the "My Games" tab told you not only: the game number, day number, open slots, game-creator comments and ranking status, but also new details on: "My Nation" (static), "My Points" (changing constantly) and "Number of Active Players" (also changing). "My Nation" would the most useful reminder and the easiest to implement, because it is static. Thanks in advance.

  • Amphibious assaults were easy in Supremacy 1914, because battleships could blast land defences into rubble. This is not so in CoW, where hostile submarines can devastate convoys of land units before you can even detect that they are lurking. Can you protect convoys by stacking land and naval units? How else can you protect your convoys once they pass out of range of your naval bombers? Any other tips for launching my first amphibious assault across the Atlantic in CoW? Thanks in advance.

  • Quote from Mc_Johnsen: “So first, how is the manpower you gain calculated? 1. Some units (for example: artillery or infantery) need as maintenance costs manpower. You can see it by clicking on the unit, just where you can find the other stats of that unit. 2. Barracks increase the man power you gain in the province by 10/ 30/ 50% (depending on the level)! The manpower you usually gain in a province, is viewable in the "provincemanagement"(?). 3. The third factor, and probably most important one,…

  • The problem with grain orders not being recorded has mysteriously vanished.