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Make each nation's province list partly public

0 421

Balanced victory conditions for unbalanced scenarios

2 432


New "My games" tab does not say which games are ranked!

1 337


Managing my coalition, which member to kick out?

2 1,101


List of coalition bugs

3 +3 630

Sir McSquiggles

Manual entry on alliances: Where is it?

0 513

What's the design justification for storing manpower?

6 +1 1,032


Add Target and Attack, but for how long?

2 1,208

I Patton

Game Admin policies and announcements

6 2,295


"My Games" tab: more information on each game

0 292

How can you protect an amphibious assault? (Do land and navy units stack?)

3 1,078


Game 1109929: Unable to create an "Add buy offer" for grain.

2 493


Please bring back the "Pin Army Painter" from Supremacy 1914!

1 587

Casual Player

A "guest login" option to view other games would be nice

1 +2 602

Butter Ball Bill

The effect of barracks on manpower supply is confusing

7 1,147


Fantastic new game, but new players need a manual!

2 1,081