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  • Common sense wouldnt say bias. If i have 5 poss targets and only 1 of em is building industry, thats gonna be my target or high K/D is another way i choose. I much prefer to go against better players from day 1 rather than day 5

  • patrol or attack

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    patrol, is most efficient, allows you to target several areas in one flight and allows you to make that direct attack whenever you want, i tend to run em down and then finish off with an attack. Downside is you do need to manage it. Only AFK players should use direct attack as doesnt need managing.

  • CoW balancing changelog - 2020-07-14

    R4mp4g3 - - News


    shouldnt have been implemented for games already running, alliance game been turned on its head by this..... because im asleep when it dropped they headed straight to my capital. By time i awake my caps been taken n im having to deal with morale issues all over the place... fucking joke... i get starting a game with new rules but changing em halfway through a game is ridiculous... way im setup this has become very detrimental and if id started game with these rules i would have taken a different…

  • Looking for alliance

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    Just started playing again and im looking for an alliance. I currently have k/d of 11.22 but only 101 kills for 9 losses, on my 2nd game won my first game solo winning my 2nd solo but just joined a coalition to give others the win too. Message me in game!!! ign - Ezwins after this game i will be switching to 100 man 1.5 maps mainly.

  • K/D ratio numbers

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    your k/d is very simple to work out its your kills/ losses so u kill 5 lose 1 you have a kd of 5 you kill 10 lose 2 also a kd of 5 its very simple really this thread has complicated it massively. I dunno where your looking but its all on same page. For instance im currently running a k/d of 11.22 thats 101 units kolled for 9 losses 101÷9=11.22

  • most annoying issue i have with mobile is the newspaper. I dont get half information it seems unless im on at midnight i dont get to see the daily stats which i believe on computer are displayed constantly at top of screen, im also unable to read anything that happened maybe 2 or 3 hours previously. The paper is a wealth of information that any decent player should be looking at and using to formulate strategies and i feel handicapped because im unable to make good use of it. Its not like my pho…

  • Quote from BMfox: “It would also be usefull to see the enemies arrival time. The SDBE is something you can't see on the mobile version. ” if you click on unit and then hold your finger on it the arrival time is displayed

  • Troop morale

    R4mp4g3 - - Questions and Answers


    hi ok im getting confuse as to why aircraft in particular loose morale for no apparent reason. Just started a new game sent 2 fighters and a bomber to attack 3 light tanks no issues sent em back again returned doing no damage as unit had moved out of range morale still at 100% on return. Split units send bomber alone notice its now at 90% upon departure checked the fighters they at 95% tanks obviously dont carry anti aircraft guns and ive never known one to shoot a plane out of the sky so can so…