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  • Exiled governments

    K.Rokossovski - - Suggestions / Criticism


    This basically already exists and happens quite frequently. Just ask a player to give you a province and set up shop there. Not to deter you though, it is very rare that these governments have any relevance at all to the game; they tend to go inactive because the player behind them just moves on.

  • Yes, taking the base will give you the province and the planes will turn into trucks, which count as ground units; however, they hardly have any combat power while your AA has anti-ground values too. You'll gradually destroy them.

  • Quote from RogodeterSnowl: “should be immediately apparent to the local community living there and I am sure someone would be able to get a message to HQ! ” At HQ they have a special phone operator for those calls... you know, thousands of them flood the HQ every day and they're usually just paranoid citizens who happened to see a seal... no need to actually investigate... usually...

  • Hey Freezy, first, let me thank you for the response. But I must say, it seems as though you haven't listened to the many suggestion threads which have popped up over the years. I can't recall a SINGLE one that suggested you should try making money on skins; I immediatly agree that the player base is way too small for that and wouldn't justify the associated cost. Instead, most threads have suggested introducing flat-fee games, where ALL players would pay a one-time participation amount, while t…

  • I don't think this is correct; naval invasions aren't shown in 1.0 either while they are disembarking (unless there is a unit present to spot them).

  • You can write a thousand threads about this subject; Bytro will just not change their policy about this. There have been hundreds of ideas and suggestions over the years, often with a keen eye on the income stream for them as well; yet the company doesn't even bother to respond to any of them. Such a pity really; it is the ONE thing that will forever keep this game from being considered "serious" in the broader gaming community.

  • Quote from Edepedable: “My calculation is spot on the way I presented it, but I understand the confusion. The number 200 comes from the assumption a standard unit has 10 power and 10HP which when added makes 20 in total. When comparing 10 units to 10 other units that gives 200 which I named 'combat capability'. Of this 200 there is 100 power and 100HP. So when decreasing 200 with 10% of either power or HP you get 90 + 100 = 190. If you have 100HP and then have 10% less that means you add 90 inst…

  • When I read the doctrine descriptions the first time, I immediatly thought "Wow I want to be panAsian, it sounds almost OP"! Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to actually play it, it is very rare and doesn't seem to occur very much in non-100p maps (I don't play too much anymore, but I didn't see it in any European maps). I won't bore you TOO much with classic military literature, but the great writers all agree (and are supported by historical battlefield proof) that there's more to war tha…

  • Exactly... if they healed during upgrade, there wouldn't be this problem!

  • So as soon as you've done a bit of fighting in 1.5, you end up with a bunch of units at very low health, like 10-20%... what to do with them? They don't merge together anymore like in 1.0, nor do they automatically upgrade... and tech advances soon makes them useless anyway. So what to do with them? It seems a waiste to select them for an EXPENSIVE (!!) upgrade, cause you don't want to get a low health unit as a result anyway... but if you just park them somewhere, the boys will keep eating... w…

  • This is a forum about a WW2 game, not for technical contemporary stuff. I'm sure there are specialized forums for your issue; I suggest you ask over there. Some googling may help as well.

  • The reason for banning Nazi symbols, but not Japanese fascist symbols (who arguably committed similar atrocities in this period) is quite simple: Bytro is a German company and Nazi symbolismm is against the law there now. Japan is very far away and their war crimes are much less known in Europe. As a personal addition, I always think forbidding Nazi symbolism in historical games is a bit strange... I remember playing a WW2 scenario in Civ IV where Germany was led by "Franz von Papen" (a shady po…

  • Probably answered elsewhere already but can't find it in a hurry: When you have Level 1 tech for some unit (but are already researching L2), you start a production for it, and then the tech finishes BEFORE the unit does, will the finished unit be L1 or L2?

  • Light tanks

    K.Rokossovski - - Questions and Answers


    In the WW2 era, most anti-armor attack bombers didn't actually use bombs, but either autocannon (Stuka and Yak versions) or missiles (Typhoon). The reason is that you need high impact velocities to penetrate armor, and the mere pull of gravity of a bomb simply isn't enough. Sure you can make a big boom with a HE bomb, but that will just give the tank crew an ear malfunction or a headache - the armor simply deflects the blast of a "plain" explosion, even when exploding right on top of it. The poi…

  • Light tanks

    K.Rokossovski - - Questions and Answers


    Well it was five years ago, quite some stuff changed since then

  • No need at all. My reaction to seeing an enemy build railroad guns is the same as to one building militia: "Heh, this is going to be an easy win". They are way to immobile to be actually useful: air, missiles, or a determined light tank rush will take them out easily.

  • Yeah, it is seriously irritating. The real fun in the game is, of course, in fighting real live human players; so in the old days, you could just ignore all those pesky AI's and expand only in the direction where the fun fight was. Nowadays, you HAVE to take out the AI's along your route as well (usually, opening up routes to even MORE AI's!), because if you don't, they will hit you later on when your army has moved on and you're not in a position to take them out quickly anymore. This results i…

  • It may be annoying, but still quite logical, right? I mean, if Germany used Italian airbases to attack Greek bases, surely Greece would consider Italy to be an enemy as well?

  • Quote from vyliance: “Quote from K.Rokossovski: “What would this achieve? I mean, storing it and later retrieving it is exactly the same as having it all the time? The only use would be to save these resources from being "taken" by your enemy when they conquer your land, but this works exactly as designed. In fact here already IS a loophole for that, putting it on the market against an improbable market price; the 10% trading fee was (unjustly, unjustly!!) partly introduced to mitigate this effe…