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  • I haven't been on this forum for a couple years and I realized my username is past its moment from when I first made it. I sent in a ticket and they said I could change it from here but I don't see the option to do that through Edit Profile. Anyone know how? It's also not related to my Game account name.

  • Quote from WiseOdin: “If you want to retire and a fourth wheel (or uncooperative third wheel) is preventing that, you can come together and ask the one guy to drop out. Next option is to make him leave. This is, of course, a war game. ” Yeah, understood Odin

  • We had an RP game that's been running for 91 days so far. The RP Ended around Day 40 or so, and since then the few people remaining have just been getting points. Before we were going to retire, a person who was knocked out of the game came back and is preventing us from doing this. (I think the "You cannot command your armies" when you get knocked out should lock your ability to move into new territory and come back). But I'm not knowing on if this is how you do it and such. Thanks for taking t…

  • I think it's good making the Mobile layout easier to use, always a bit tricky since you have to rely on your fingers. Not easy to have a browser's worth of layout and HUD on a small screen (some phones have bigger screens but not like a monitor). And without any bias I'd say CoW Mobile was handy. Went on a trip about a week ago and without a computer I was able to keep fair maintenance on my rounds. Good work

  • Quote from MontanaBB: “Quote from ProfessorComunism: “It's not odd at all because it started out on the 22/10 player map. And the Allies vs Axis were the only skins; being America and Germany. ” Yes, sir, I understand how we got here. But if we're going to have German, Japanese, Soviet and American (mostly) skins, it stands to reason if Bytro is going to add a new set of skins (as they themselves have proposed in various player satisfaction surveys, suggestion columns, etc.), then the next skins…

  • Quote from MontanaBB: “Quote from King Draza Mihajlovic: “i'd rather see an custom British/French tech tree than a African one ” We should have a British tech tree that is completely separate from the American one. And this should be the first priority for new skins. The British Empire was one of the five major combatant powers in World War II: Britain, the Soviet Union, the United States, Germany and Japan. It's rather odd that all of the other major powers have their own set of skins, but Brit…

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  • We're all used to our current forms of Terrain. Forest-Hills, Plains, Mountains, Cities, Waters, but if any of you have played Bytro's New World Empires, you know the diverse amount of Terrain; Including Desert, Tundra, Forest and Hills as separate Terrain, Mountains, Coastal Waters, Deep Sea, Normal Sea, and Plains. I am absolutely dying for Bytro to add in at least Jungle, Desert, and Tundra. These were key components of WWII in major areas such as the Jungles of Africa, the Deserts of the Mid…

  • In New World Empires, the Terrain seems much more Advanced and prettier than the Terrain in Call of War. A few Vital things that exist in New World Empires NEEDS to be in Call of War. Mainly speaking of Desert, and Jungle. Africa, Asia, and Oceana all played big roles in WWII. South Asia at the time was mostly Jungle; this is needed in places such as Japan. Jungle is also in Africa, and South America. Desert is also in Asia and a very big portion of Africa as well, including the Western States i…

  • Got it, thanks.

  • Quote from vex03: “Quote from ProfessorComunism: “So are you still doing the Landswapping or is it ready to go? ” we're still doing landswap. Depending on how fast we get it done, it could take a week or more. ” Alright, so the passwords were for the Landswap countries?

  • So are you still doing the Landswapping or is it ready to go?

  • Quote from vex03: “Quote from ProfessorComunism: “Will passwords be sent via Call of War messaging? ” Yep It will be personalized and provide any details specific to your country that are important. 11 hours and 15 minutes until we sent them out ” Wonderful, can't wait to play

  • Will passwords be sent via Call of War messaging?

  • Quote from vex03: “Tech tree is done ! FINALLY ! It can be located here or on the front page. I made a few changes I thought were needed, if you have any questions feel free to ask! (Also note, the whole tech tree will not be changed. If you believe it needs to be altered in some way or fashion, please provide evidence why.)…tVCk2xwYKBqZooyjTC_g0lMZs ” Where's Czech Republic?

  • Player Name: ProfessorComunism Leader: Viden Itzbog Country: Czech Republic "My fellow Czechs, the first half of the twentieth century, was not the best for us. We fought Valiantly in the Great War, helping the Allies in the Eastern Front and the glorious shooting of the Tsar, afterwards gaining Independence as a new Nation, Czechoslovakia. Then a few decades later, the notorious Leader of Germany, Adolf Hitler, rose into power in the 1930's. When Hitler invaded Poland, we stood along side the A…

  • I don't understand why that message pops up when I try sending messages to some people. I'm 2IC in my Alliance and I basically run Admissions Messaging and all that stuff, and I had to post the new Alliance rules to the members, sometimes the message goes through fine, other times it will pop up with This Action is Not Allowed, it's the same message, why does this happen?

  • You know I will be there

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  • It's on Page 1, I thought we'd get a message or something