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  • I just watched as my patrolling planes (6 tacs/5 interceptors) patrolled the same single enemy infantry unit four times and they're definitely not doing any damage. Has anyone else experienced this? Direct attacks do work normally it seems.

  • But it's unrealistic. We did in fact have fighters with external fuel tanks to escort bombers in WW2. It makes no sense that our fighters can't escort our bombers all the way to their targets. I'd rather have realism personally.

  • I thought I would throw this out there...I hardly ever see Strategic Bombers, nor do I use them. For me it's because you can't use them to their fullest potential range-wise since interceptors can't keep up with them (if they're of equal level) to provide cover. So, how about adding a new research tree to the interceptors for external fuel tanks to increase their range? I envision maybe two total tiers Extended Range I & II. I can also see this, as a separate tree, for rocket fighters to make th…

  • Maybe max level troops could become airdrop/airborne capable? It would be difficult to get since you'd have to get all the blueprints but once you did you'd have a real reward. Cargo planes can drop any armor or ground force.

  • It would be very helpful to have all the seas and gulfs across the maps labelled so it's easier to identify those areas of the maps when discussing tactical plans with allies. The crazy part is when you lose a plane over water it shows up in the newspaper to tell you what part of the ocean it got destroyed in - so the mechanic is already there. Please add this feature. Something akin to the attached image would be great, with the gulfs labelled too of course.

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    One feature that would be nice is a notification, like when you have an open research slot, to the coalition leader than someone has applied. If this feature is already in place, it is not working.

  • I don't know, but the provinces aren't real world representations either.

  • No...specifically not that as I clearly said there would need to be a span distance limitation. I was thinking more of like Gibraltar to Tangier, Ajaccio to Cagliari, Reggio to Catania, Beni Suef to Suez, etc.

  • I have an idea I'd like to see implemented: bridges. My initial game mechanic thought is that Level 3 infrastructure would be necessary to achieve having a bridge form between two provinces you own that are separated by water. Obviously there would have to be some sort of span distance limitation, but this could save folks a ton of time by not having to embark and disembark across small bodies of water. Damage to infrastructure would "blow" said bridge and repairing infrastructure would fix it. …