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  • Player Name: GoldBRO I hereby agree to follow all of the rulesand guidelines presented within this roleplay as well as any future rules orguidelines that are created. I Agree I agree to be expelled from the Roleplay ifI repeatably break the rules and/or refuse to cooperate with the Roleplay'sStaff. I Agree Faction Name: Dominion of Chicago StartingCountry: Illiniois Faction Leader: Illi Kowalski Faction describtion: Dominionof Chicago was founded together with unity tribials of Route 57 by group…

  • I'd like to reserve Illinois 'cause of I'm still working on application. I hope I'll end tomorrow and sill hava a 'seat'.

  • Hey hey, so I have idea Commandos as special forces should have other purpose than fight in main front I think, commandos should be invisible!! (wo ow) Easy... they wont can take provinces... just NO, but this later Of course we will can see them but only from distance of automatic fight x3 (I don't know how its working) Also they will should have other statistic, here it is: * * Infantry * Tanks * Planes * Atack * 2.0 * 1.3 * * Defend * 1.5 * 1 * 0.7 New commandos will have another application …

  • After the fight with tsar and communism we deserve for safety and peace, and we will defend it to last tear of blood!! GoldBRO - Poland

  • Third World War RP

    GoldBRO - - Roleplaying Threads


    Hey, I want to play with you as Poland but i have one question... whats about map? Borders from 1939 or 2015?

  • In 22 map I want to be Poland

  • Viva la France!! France, who will help Poland in war versus Germany, who will be win this war and keep all of glory for Allies!! For freedom!! Name: GoldBRO Country: France