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  • Quote from ATownGtr: “Don't need to being religion into a freaking web game, people argue enough over CoW without that added into it! ” Like i said... or Governments ... or even Cultures something that could possibly add diversity to the game

  • A few suggestions that could possibly improve this game.. 1. Religions - Regions around the world with different factions of religions would automatically put that certain religion in an alliance with their neighboring / Co-religious area ( or if not religion then type of governments... example .. Dictator, democracy ect) this would be fun as an option when you choose a map to create.. and once conquered you must implement a church/mosque/shrine w.e or for the Types of Governments you must refor…

  • Thank you, these videos has helped me quite a bit

  • Phoenix Federation

    PascalKB - - Alliance Introductions


    Rising up from the Ashes to reclaim our Glory! Highly Organized, Highly Motivated team willing to help assist other members regardless on knowledge about the game, We collaborate on our tactics and equally decide our goals and work in unison to meet the objectives. *We are selective on membership (Application must be requested and submitted)