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  • In CoW1.5 the requirement for solo win is 45%. If more than 1 player has more than 45% of the points, then the player with more points wins at daychange. A solo win is never awarded to more than 1 player.

  • This has always been like that for upgrading units. Current game mechanics do not support healing of the unit. We have it in our backlog already to implement that. Can't say if or when it will be done.

  • If you cancel a unit in production that only has 1% of progress left, you will only receive 1% of the resources back. The time values for converting have been set for balancing reasons, not for realism. No values in the game are final of course, we could still tweak them in the future. Canceling is just not supported feature wise yet, so it would have to be coded in. As usual features that need development time compete against other features, depending how much it brings to the game, the amount …

  • Thank you for the report. From the description I can hardly imagine the bug yet. Can you please make a screenshot of your whole screen when the issue appears and post it here? I think everything will be clear then.

  • Building damage is currently bugged (for a long time). The anti building values in the unit details are not correct, they are in practice ~5% of the displayed value. We are currently working on overhauling the damage calculation for buildings to fix this. This is no small feature since its intertwined with the battle calculation, so it will take a bit still until we can release it.

  • Production levels

    freezy - - General Discussions


    well their only bonuses are the aforementiones production bonus for some days and the additional medium tank and 2 Infs at the start of the game.

  • Production levels

    freezy - - General Discussions


    This is indeed just the "tutorial bonus" for new players. This will wear off after some days.

  • Quote from Edepedable: “When seen like this the armoured car is more like an 'anti infantry' assault unit than the light tank is and the light tank is more like an 'anti-armoured car' assault unit. At the start of the map it really is the only thing it is better at than other units in the early game. It also has less utility because of its lower speed and as was mentioned before, armoured cars defence against air is more than double that of light tanks. ” This was indeed the balancing intention.…

  • Well let me care to respond to this thread then. Usually we don't respond to these threads because there were indeed too many over the years and it becomes tiresome to answer them nearly every week. I will answer both on the suggestion to put in a gold limit as well as the suggestion to change the business model in order to monetize differently (e.g. unit skins or upfront gold costs for entering rounds). - We won't change the business model of Call of War anytime soon. - We know about the advant…

  • We also like the display in HOI4. It is not that easy to do with our path system without looking strange or cluttering the map, but it is on our backlog of ideas. Maybe in the future.

  • A way to heal troops

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    thanks for the suggestion. It is on our backlog of ideas. Maybe in the future.

  • Resource/Unit Balance 1.5

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    The amount of units one can produce in CoW1.0 and CoW1.5 is not that different. It may only appear this way because prodution times are much faster, meaning a player cannot constantly keep all production lines busy anymore without running out of resources. It is up to the player to plan ahead and also improve his economy to be able to build more units. But overall the number of units one can build is nearly the same. Btw. with standard resource production at the beginning of the game and conside…

  • We already tweaked this ship vs. convoy balancing several times, we are quite satisfied with the current balance. Most of the times ships can sink convoys while reaching a 3:1 or 4:1 cost efficiency in doing so (meaning it destroys 3x-4x more resources than you yourself lose). Which is totally enough and acceptable, especially when comparing these values with hard counters on land. In CoW1.0 this was very imbalanced on sea because you were able to sink convoys with an efficiency of 10:1 or so, w…

  • Thanks for the report. The problem is a bit tricky to solve due to how our engine works. Armies know if they can see another army or not on an individual basis. Meaning even if you as a player see the stealth unit an army might not see this unit if it does not have a scout unit in it. This leads to armies not attacking uncovered stealth units automatically, only doing that when receiving an attack command. We documented that problem and are perhaps able to fix it in the future. When you don't wa…

  • Currently canceling is not supported. We want to prevent any fake-outs by people canceling conversions the last second before an enemy arrives and stuff like that. It is also consistent with unit upgrading. And its also logical, because after all the unit is in the process of being assembled/disassembled and can't just change in one second. The tooltip/popup text for converting a unit should state that this cannot be canceled, so there should be no surprise. What would be fair is that if convert…

  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “I don't think this is correct; naval invasions aren't shown in 1.0 either while they are disembarking (unless there is a unit present to spot them). ” Correct, the mechanics work the same in 1.0. Quote from RogodeterSnowl: “My bad - I thought they were visible - I need to check ts out - I am so used to things not being "right" in 1.5 - lol ” Well most of the time people bring up stuff not working in 1.5 it is most of the time exactly the same in 1.0 Please refer to thi…

  • Province list

    freezy - - Questions and Answers


    Hey, can you provide a screenshot and tell me also which screen resolution you use? The list should work unless you use pretty small resolutions. Still have to find a solution for that.

  • New command buttons :(

    freezy - - Bug Reports and Issues


    No, the radial menu won't come back. It was cumbersome controlling armies with that when you wanted to give a command outside of your screen. I think this is just an issue of getting used to something new. This being said we still plan to polish the looks and usability of the army bar a bit.

  • Hello, please also state your concrete hardware and software you are playing on. Normally when enhanced graphics do not appear it is due to the device not being powerful enough or browser & graphics drivers not being up to date.

  • We found out that this is related to user created game rounds. It seems the default inactivity setting for user games is 5 days instead of the 2 days for system games. And this means the next daychange after 5 days, so could in the worst case be nearly 6 days. We will probably rectify this in an upcoming update. If you see the same problem in system generated games as well, please report (with game ID, your user ID, the country it happened to and when it happened). But for now we consider it wor…