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  • If the device is not able to process all of the enhanced graphics it should reload the game in the plain graphics mode instead. For basic graphics testing can you go to this thread and check the linked pages there please? WebGL Enhanced Graphics troubleshooting Even if it fails to load the enhanced graphics it should load the plain graphics properly. Are you involved in a game with a lot of units or battles currently perhaps?

  • Ah, you wish to combine them. No that is not possible. You can merge multiple units into a single group by moving them to the same location, however, if you have 5 damaged infantry and 3 damaged infantry, you will still have 8 damaged infantry in the group. The resulting hit points will be averaged between all of them. When upgrading the health/condition of the units will not be restored. Units will naturally improve in condition by 15% of the damaged portion every day change as long as they are…

  • AI war

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    Hmm, I thought the penalty for declaring war was waived after war was declared on you. I will have to search for that Ok so I referred to the published list and apparently I remembered the net result, not the steps. Getting war declared on you gives you a positive boost in reputation. This is then cancelled out by declaring war back. See the list by Game Designer Freezy in this thread. Popularity with Elite AI

  • If your screen size and or resolution does not display the entire window you have several options. In some cases simply activating a full screen mode will display what you need to see. Many browsers have zoom settings. Commonly adjusted with Ctrl and plus or minus. Within your computer settings are options for text size which may affect the display like this. Within your computer settings are options for screen resolution

  • Roads and railroads already existed in the world by 1939. The construction of infrastructure simulates improvements to existing roads and railways. It does not indicate carving a new path through unexplored wilderness.

  • Refueling times do not change with aircraft carrier levels. 15 game minutes for cow 1.0 30 game minutes for cow 1.5

  • When you do not give orders for a period of time spanning two day changes you will be declared inactive. This means that the AI will be given control of your country and will react to things.

  • Diplomacy is a large part of the game for some people. Opening conversations with various neighbors who you may have never met before. Part of diplomacy is sharing relations such as a right of way or Share Map. Working together against common enemies or sharing resources is also a part of diplomacy.

  • Two or more accounts

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    Only one account is permitted per person. Please submit a report from that game. Open the menu in the lower right corner and select the bug report button. Select the player report category and provide specific details, such as: country x wrote an article in the newspaper on day x admitting to multiple accounts”

  • In this thread we are collecting the best quick start guides and important information for new players in Call Of War version 1.5 All new players who have joined since early October 2020 are experiencing the 1.5 version of the game. Please note that there are many user created guides and bits of advice floating around that are either specific to the older 1.0 version of the game, or at least may be slightly different in details. Call of War is a game that is constantly undergoing improvements an…

  • The servers are secure and hacking the game is not possible. If you suspect someone is tampering with your account please change your password immediately. We receive a few reports of double disembarking time per year. This has never been duplicated in testing so we assume that the players have aborted the disembark with an unintended order during the process or something similar. Rebellions occur only at day change. The time of day change and possible rebellions is indicated on your screen. Cha…

  • Actually this has been the case for years. It has to do with the rendering of the map “seam” where the joint is. This feature makes it possible to scroll and navigate all the way around the world, but it can leave units trapped in that line that runs north to south. This seam issue is not present in the enhanced graphics, so switching the enhanced graphics on will resolve your issue.

  • Claims such as this are handled on a case by case basis. Yours is a very unique case. Please make your request known to the person handling your ticket.

  • iPhone app won’t load

    VorlonFCW - - Bug Reports and Issues


    This issue is being investigated. I don’t believe this is specific to iOS 14 at this time. Seems to be specific to a very few games.

  • Articles text too big

    VorlonFCW - - Bug Reports and Issues


    I don’t see any change in text size on my iOS app. I expect this may be caused by some text size setting on your device that is not related to the game. There is an iPhone display and brightness setting for dynamic text size. Try adjusting that and see what happens. In a busy game new articles do cause that sort of annoyance with the refreshing. Filtering articles or searching for something specific can help reduce this annoyance.

  • For the best protection against friendly fire accidents we recommend joining a coalition. This will not allow wars between coalition members. With simply shared map there are several actions that can cause war accidentally. When you have a pair of units engaged in combat when peace or higher relation is shared this will NOT end this particular combat. They will return to combat at the next combat cycle and cause war again unless they are separated. In order to separate them you will need to shar…

  • There are several display settings in the menu in the lower right corner. Relation view and morale map view will also change the color scheme used. Since your resource bar shows up I assume the settings hear in the lower right appears also. Try several different display combinations until you find the one you prefer. You likely were using plain graphics before. If none of the settings resolve your display issue send in a bug report also from that menu in the lower right corner and a game operato…

  • There have been a few minor changes to province morale over the past several months. Until I get time to incorporate them into the guide above I will note them here: In 1.5 game rounds morale becomes very important because it influences the production and construction speed of anything in the province. This means when you capture new territory it takes longer to produce units there. 1.5 specific morale adjustments: - Decrease maximum capital distance morale penalty from -60 to -30 - Added Expans…

  • Research limits

    VorlonFCW - - General Discussions


    If your monitor is not large enough to display the entire research pane you need to move around the research pane using the “grab and drag” method

  • Please send in a bug report from the menu in the lower right corner of the game and a game operator can try to troubleshoot this issue with you.