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  • Disembarking Units

    Aetios - - Bug Reports and Issues


    One of the better parts of s1914 was that amphibious landings were risky for the enemy to do which is accurate. I remember you needed either a lot of naval presence nearby or try and land somewhere the enemy did not notice. A contested landing would be very bloody for the attacker.

  • Manpower/units

    Aetios - - Suggestions / Criticism


    I agree with the OP. I think manpower needs a major boost. As spain it is day 5 and I am reaching the ceiling of my manpower potential. With only around 21 infantry regiments its getting slower and slower to produce new units that need manpower even with high tier barracks. Not much incentive to produce any more high manpower cost infantry. More manpower everywhere on the map is needed to allow for larger and more varied armies. Manpower should honestly not even be much of an issue unless the pl…