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  • Army Bar Update

    AdrianTheStrategist - - News


    One comment about the new interface - when moving planes, the arrival time is not stated directly on the menu like it had in the past. Instead, the time to the next air base is shown, or the refuel time. It'd be useful to implement the arrival time as well.

  • Quote from freezy: “Uhm Railroad Guns never had the limitation that they can only built in the capital though? Wouldnt want to make an exception, wouldnt feel right if the Railroad Gun is the only unit tied to the capital. Balancing the game in a way that ingame army compositions always match historic army compositions is also not really our goal here, as we want to give players enough freedom to choose their strategies and to use a wide range of units. Every unit should have a counter though. F…

  • Thanks for the reply freezy, I think it's the combination with the Pan-Asian doctrine that makes the rail gun pretty much in invincible. It travels at a speed of 37 on plains, while in COW 1.0, it travelled at about a third of this speed. So firing rockets at the rail guns would often miss, when playing against a very active player. The issue about making troops to rush the rail guns are that the enemy could just simply split a portion of units to block. With the firing rate at every half hour c…

  • Hi all, After playing the 1.5 maps for a while, I've come to realize that the railroad gun in 1.5 is overpowered. They are far too dominant in the early-mid game - especially with the pan-Asian doctrine. They have massive +50% terrain boosts in this case in addition to the massive view range for armored cars (otherwise 25%). Also they move too quickly given this power (moves faster than small artillery pieces). When coupled with stacks of AA and ACs, the user of this strategy may neglect the sta…

  • It is still happening as of May 19th, 2020. This is occuring in an alliance challenge between RussianBears (RB) and United Assault Force (UAF). There have been three instances of this happening, where our interceptors were all lost in one patrol. The bug is definitely still present. I've submitted another bug report. The results of this game have been severely influenced by this bug so does it still count for alliance rankings? This is a gold-free game so effects are detrimental to everyone.

  • Hi, I've noticed that both the mobile app and the browser versions are throwing an uncaught type error, preventing the loading of the main screen.

  • A majority of games are behaving as you have said above. In other cases, it gets to the game loading screen, but then reports that the game cannot be accessed. Also on mobile, any request results in an ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error. This occurs on the mobile app and browser versions. Clearing cookies does not resolve the issue. I suspect the problem is server-based.

  • Seems like the servers are having trouble with the load caused presumably by the 10x. Error 502 Bad Gateway occurs.

  • Definitely can't if you're managing plane patrols lol, (or take your phone with you to the toilet).

  • You get their research if you have not researched that troop at all.

  • Also should remember to cite official Call of War announcements/information, Wikipedia demands reliably sourced information.

  • They probably intend to see how it goes first outside Frontline. But I totally agree, the removal of the ability to trade resources with any player is very restrictive. Moreover, it costs money to put a sell order, not great when your goal is to earn some money selling items that may or may not be sold.

  • You can derive a mathematical framework for the scales of units. The tools you need are a ruler, a reference object (a plane's range, artillery range), unit statistics, and then some mathematical ability. I'm not going to provide a full math lesson here, but use the properties of ratios in order to construct a relevant scale. Addendum: Even for mixed terrain, or places with infrastructure, it shouldn't be too difficult. You just need to add an appropriate scale factor, (which can be found in the…

  • Yeah that game is bugged.

  • The plane range is an ellipse, wider horizontally than vertical. Flight times are the same in all directions, I've tested this myself. The perimeter of the ellipse represents all points that are equidistant (same distances) from the origin (center of the plane range). So a distance in the vertical direction is a longer than it appears, and times are hence also longer than than that of a horizontal movement. Given a constant speed v, distance d is directly proportional, and time t is inversely pr…

  • The change I don't agree with the most is the prevention of the trading of units. What's the purpose of changing it from the 10% of total armies limit? How would this improve the game? Unless it's to remove all the advantages of trading units had. (ie. gaining core defence bonuses in AvA's)

  • Quote from comrade_jeff: “Quote from AdrianTheStrategist: “Enhanced graphics is NOT compulsory for mobile devices. I play on mobile all the time and only use the old renderer. Go to the settings and toggle enhanced graphics off. ” look at it by yourself, i still can’t believe that you guys still think that i’m lying or making it looks bigger than it is, this just make all the situation worse, thanks for not helping me it all. ” Jeff, calm down. Nobody thinks you are lying. A…

  • Enhanced graphics is NOT compulsory for mobile devices. I play on mobile all the time and only use the old renderer. Go to the settings and toggle enhanced graphics off.

  • Units at sea already show to be embarking.

  • I tried researching the next transport level and it didn't fix it