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  • So my Friends in the coalition are nearing the end of the game and we are trying to sort out some finally details. The game says we need 3.3k VPs to win but I saw else where on the forms we as a coalition need 4.4K. So which is it? and also when you have all the VPs you need does the game end at the new day or some other time? Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.

  • Good to know, so I followed your advice and checked my orders. Some how my orders where changed from supplies to food, and the thing us I check it all before so I'm not sure what happened but it looks like player error. Thank you Vorlon everything is the way it should be.

  • Hello my Friends, I have come across a small problem in game 2,487,609 I have made a trade to the general global trade center (Market) for around 150k worth of Supplies (15k or so) then once i posted it... the money and the deal both disappeared. Once it had that happened I reloaded the page several time closed the tab reopened it, still it was gone, then i put up and order for 60K of supplies, hoping they would return, and the same thing happened, i have no clue what is going on or what to do. …

  • so what where you thinking Mozart?

  • Here is an idea I don't think this has been talked about but encase it has some please tell me. I propose Air Missions so you can set times for your planes and have them go on routes and stuff. It would be a little more complex then just adding a marker or slightly changing where the planes go. When you select a bomber wing or bombardment wing and you click mission you can set the planes to attack a number given number times, or will patrol a given amount of time and then return and change place…

  • I am about to do something one of my game and my air force is not strong enough to stop my enemy's air force so i was planing on build a ton of AA guns and Cruisers to protect my main army and Nukes. but i was also planing to keep the Nukes and main army as far out of range as i could. My question is if i do place AA guns and Cruisers between his Air base and my men (AKA his Target), and his bombers pass over them will they take damage, and if so how many do i need to make this work? Thanks for …

  • SAM

    mrgreeen4567 - - Suggestions / Criticism


    but they should be wildly inaccurate with a long reload and if it does hit more then likely it would only take out on plane so what would be the point. also we already have SPGAA. I like this idea but i think it would be hard to put in the game.

  • Realistic mode

    mrgreeen4567 - - Suggestions / Criticism


    what about simulator mode where almost every thing is like in the real world. Example planes when sent on patrol would patrol til they ran out of fuel of ammo, and you have to make ammo and send fuel ammo and food to your troop and if they get cut of they will surrender if their moral runs to low.

  • super heavy tanks

    mrgreeen4567 - - Suggestions / Criticism


    these tanks should be added but they are insane. i propose that the tank must be build in parts and can not leave the Continent it was build on. so you would need a rail way to move the parts and the could be build in few different parts. Example; turret, hull tracks, extras. and they could be build in different place or just one, but once they were together they would have to be assembled but they would take a long time to build and assemble. i think this would balance cause the stats would be …

  • super heavy tanks

    mrgreeen4567 - - Suggestions / Criticism


    i agree this is a good idea now add more details, cause just saying i don't think the P.1000 would make it in a boat

  • Im fixed thanks guys your the best

  • I have an army of 1,500 plus but when i logged back on to the world map. All of the units that I have are gone i cant see any of my men. However my enemy's troops that i spotted with spies i could see his units but only infantry. So I just started a war and i am blind as a bat. And the first part is very much hinged on me killing his planes. and i can't do that if i can't see my men i can control them. Before you ask i did reload the page. but nothing is working Please Help in need to get this f…

  • So, erm, updates?

    mrgreeen4567 - - General Discussions


    wait what just happened do we have aircraft carriers or what i don't understand

  • Quote from Gen.Jamison: “I should quit at WG and get a job working on call of war ” YOU WORK AT WARGAMING!? no joke right, cause that's really cool

  • I like this idea however if you do it in america then in other parts of the world with major rivers you would have to add them too. Also bridges would play a bigger part in the war so they would needed to be added too. but other wise its a good idea

  • This is what i do. I play the world map and love it. But i have have so many men i don't know that do about it. So when my ally and are are working to something we name things. So as an example i have the South American Corps and the South American Defence team. This is just to keep things in order. I think on top of naming 20+ units some thing we should also allow "Fronts" During WW2 the Russians used "Fronts" this could be tank or infantry or even guns. So an example my South American Corps co…

  • I built 33 Level 6 naval bombers to kill 30 Subs also level 6 and none of the naval bombers lived but there where 5 subs left. i looked at the stats subs do 4.4 defence damage NB do 4.5 to subs and still all of my bomber died.


    mrgreeen4567 - - Questions and Answers


    I am not an admin but i have had this happen to me. You will find people who do this. However be sure they are using gold. Cause i use reinforcements to change the course the battle. What i will do is keep 20+ or even more in the back. Then when the front gets in to a fight and i might lose the fight i will move the reserve in and win the battle. Afterwards i will then wait a few for more troops. And why they do this is the game has no other real income that i know of, (dont quote me on that) ot…

  • don't forget that battleship are not very accurate, and at a long range it's even worse.

  • I agree but what about the people who have accounts, where the name they wanted was taken and they take a name very similar to the on they wanted that was already taken.